10 Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas for a Truly Calming Oasis

Updated: Dec. 11, 2023

Learn more about the principles of minimalist bedroom design and how you can use them to create a relaxing oasis.

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Minimalist bedroom design is all about doing more with less, which is why it’s so appealing to people that want to make their bedroom a calming oasis. Whether you have a small bedroom you want to make the most of or a large space you’d like to curate meaningfully, minimalist bedroom design can help you achieve your goal.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and implementing minimalist bedroom design principles in your room can help you elevate it to that level. You can also explore the answer to: What size rug to place in your bedroom? Here are a few ideas you can try to get started as you remodel your bedroom to feel like the escape you deserve.

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Bedroom Interior With Messy Bed, Side Table And Cactus Plant
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Lean into mixing and matching textures

One of the best ways to add visual interest to your space without making it appear too busy is by using an assortment of textures. Be sure that you keep them within the same color palette, and you’re well on your way to making your bedroom a calming space. For minimalist bedroom design, many people prefer using neutrals, but earth tones are another excellent option.

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Add a pop of nature

One of our favorite ways to bring minimalist bedroom design to life is by adding a plant or two. Whether you prefer flowers, houseplants or even a small potted tree if space allows, you’ll add color to your space while bringing the outdoors into your oasis.

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Rustic Home Design With Ethnic Boho Decoration and wooden furniture
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Use wood

Similarly, don’t be afraid to use other elements of the natural world when curating your minimalist bedroom. We love using wood because it’s not too busy but adds some texture to your space. Plus, wood is available in various shades, so you can experiment to find which works best with other elements in your room.

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Wooden Bed In Loft Apartment Design

Don’t be afraid to incorporate patterns (sparingly)

One misconception of minimalist bedroom design is that there isn’t a place for patterns. The good news? This couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead of completely eliminating patterns, be mindful to use patterns sparingly. Consider, for instance, a patterned headboard or one patterned throw blanket.

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Bedroom Interior With Green Blanket On The Bed, Pendant Lights, Parquet Floor And Gray Color Wall Background

Use lighting as decor

If you haven’t already been using lighting as decor in your home, now’s a great time to start. Why? Because it offers serene mood lighting in your space while adding visual interest. Think about adding lighting in a unique shape; for instance, add a mushroom lamp. Or, you can add a statement lighting fixture on your ceiling for a can’t-miss touch.

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Light Bedroom In Apartment With Retro Interior Design
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Abstract shapes are your friend

When it comes to minimalist bedroom design, abstract shapes are your friend. Whether you look for furniture items with a funky shape or want to spice things up with a piece of abstract art, these elements will add a touch of personality to your room.

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Minimal Bedroom Design, Interior Wall Mockup With Brown Leather Bed On Green Wall Background
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Remember that minimalism doesn’t mean not having any color

While perusing minimalist bedroom design inspiration, you probably noticed that many of the spaces you see are neutral. However, you can absolutely still create a minimalist oasis with colorful walls or elements.

Minimalism is all about being intentional with what you’re putting in your space—and if color feels right for your sanctuary, go for it. Similar to patterns, use color sparingly so it’s more impactful. And if you need help choosing a color combination for your bedroom, we’ve got you covered there, too.

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Keep it warm

When selecting your bedroom color, we suggest opting for a hue with a warm undertone to bring a sense of brightness and levity to your space. Another option that’s appealing for those creating a minimalist bedroom design is to use limewash paint. This adds a vintage touch to your room.

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Scandinavian Bedroom In A Luxurious Cottage House
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Use the building’s architecture to your advantage

Got exposed beams? What about a brick wall? If you’re lucky enough to have visually attractive architectural elements in your bedroom, use them to your advantage. They add character to a space and because of their neutral color, aren’t too overwhelming.

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Comfortable Apartment With Bright And Cozy Interior Design
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Add elements to keep it cozy

Remember: Minimalist doesn’t mean cold! Without blankets, throw pillows or a rug, your space could feel uninviting. Minimalist bedroom design is all about creating a cozy place without clutter—not without personality or warmth.

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