10 Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Give Your Space a Fresh Look

Updated: Jul. 25, 2023

Bedroom lighting is often overlooked. These lighting ideas provide the visibility you need from dawn to dusk.

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bedroom pendant lighting
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Bedroom Lighting Ideas for Every Space

Since bedrooms are made for sleeping, lighting is often overlooked. Bedrooms are supposed to be dark! But they also need light for nighttime reading, outfit matching and various daytime activities.

Overhead, task and mood lighting all work together to create the right atmosphere for every minute of the day. You can mix and match lighting types to suit your space and needs. Check out these bedroom lighting ideas to find the perfect design for every circumstance. Then, check out these tips for choosing the best bedroom lighting, too.

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bedroom lighting
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Bedside Table Lamps

This is one of the most common and inexpensive bedroom lighting ideas, but that doesn’t mean it lacks style.

Table lamps come in lots of styles. Couples with matching nightstands may choose matching lamps, like the white lamps in this photo. For a single bedside table, there are tons of cool statement lamps. Pricing depends on what styles and features you prefer, but there are plenty of table lamps for as little as $25.

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Master Bedroom In New Luxury Home With Chandelier And Large Bank Of Windows With View Of Trees
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Bedroom Chandelier

Chandeliers aren’t just for the dining room anymore. People are putting chandeliers in bathrooms, bedrooms and anywhere else that benefits from snazzy lighting.

This chic bedroom lighting idea pairs a crystal chandelier with statement mirrors and metallic table and floor lamps. Warm neutrals and a luxurious upholstered headboard complete the cozy yet glamorous space.

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flush mountain bedroom lighting
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Flush Mount Bedroom Lighting Ideas

For a subtler — and cheaper — ceiling light option, consider flush mount lighting. This style is often used in hallways, entryways and bathrooms.

Despite their small footprints, flush mount lights can have plenty of character. The light shown in this picture is a simple frosted glass bowl with metal accents. Statement flush mount lights are also available.

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Semi-flush-mount Bedroom Lighting
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Semi-Flush Mount Bedroom Lighting Ideas

If you have enough room, a semi-flush mount light might be a better option. These hang lower than flush mounts, allowing more space for design elements, but they’re not suited to low ceilings.

This understated shaded semi-flush mount light easily matches the wall sconce and table lamp, leaving the room looking clean and open. It has an exposed bulb design, but other shaded semi-flush mounts feature a covered bottom.

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Bedroom Vanity Lights
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Bedroom Vanity Lights

Vanity lights are usually used above bathroom sinks, but they’re also a great task lighting option. Why not add one above the headboard?

This geometric vanity light provides just enough illumination for reading and doubles as wall art. It’s a functional piece of décor. Matching geometric sconces are also available.

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Bedroom ceiling fan light
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Ceiling Fan Light

Another common bedroom lighting idea is a ceiling fan and light combo. It’s a practical choice that provides lighting and airflow in one fixture.

Most often these are simple white or wood fans with dome lights, like the one shown here, but many have three individually shaded bulbs. The ceiling fan light shown in this bedroom has a downrod. Flush mount ceiling fan lights are also available for bedrooms with lower ceilings.

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Recessed Lighting in a master bedroom
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Recessed Lighting

Installing recessed lighting is more work than plugging in a table lamp, but it adds lots of light in specific parts of a bedroom. These low-profile lights don’t take up any space or make the room look cluttered.

This room also has bedside lamps for times when overhead lighting isn’t necessary. If you’re unsure of where to place the recessed lights or how to install them, consult an expert before cutting holes in your ceiling.

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Bedroom Wall Sconce
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Bedroom Wall Sconce

You’ll often find wall sconces in hotel rooms. This lighting idea adds a luxurious touch to home bedrooms. They’re used for many reasons, chiefly aesthetics and space-saving.

When placed on either side of a bed, they serve the same purpose as bedside table lamps without taking up half the nightstand. The white finish of the swing-arm wall sconces shown here blend in with the white wall paint. Wall sconces also work well as vanity lights in the bedroom or bathroom.

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Bedroom Pendant Lights
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Bedroom Pendant Lights

Pendant lights can be minimalist task lights or eye-catching works of art. This bedroom lighting idea uses simple dome pendant lights on either side of the bed. These add some visual interest without overwhelming the space. The chevron headboard and drawer fronts are the only statement pieces this bedroom needs.

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bedroom floor lamp
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Bedroom Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are excellent for bedrooms with a seating area or only one nightstand. This style of lamp does take up some floor space, so it’s not the best option for small bedrooms.

The clean lines of this black floor lamp match the magazine holder, throw pillows, picture frames and vases, while the rest of the bedroom décor sticks to soft, soothing shades of blue and white.