When it comes to home improvement, there ARE not many things that can transform the entire mood of a room like a good paint job.

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What To Know About Painting in the Winter

Cold weather painting isn't ideal, but sometimes you just have to get a project done. Here's how to make it a success.

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What Is Paint Correction and How Does It Work?

Paint correction restores your car's finish. It involves cleaning, paint touch-ups and polishing, and it's a job you can't hurry.

8 Refreshing Green Exterior Paint Colors

Give your home a facelift with these fresh, modern green exterior colors.

When Should You Add Sand To Paint?

Adding sand to paint provides traction on slippy surfaces and creates texture on walls or ceilings. Here's how to do...

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Pro Tips for Interior Painting with a Sprayer

Interior painting with a sprayer isn't all that difficult. With modern spray equipment and proper prep, a DIYer can do...

8 Exterior Brick Paint Color Ideas To Transform Your Home

Give your dated brick home a makeover with these go-to ideas from an expert.

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Is There a Way To Paint Something So It Looks Like Wood?

Create a wood-like appearance on any surface with the art of faux finishing.

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The Right Way To Paint a Metal Roof

Transform your roof with confidence using these expert tips for great results and a long-lasting finish.

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Energize Your Home With Garden Media’s Color of the Year: Cyber Lime

Connect with nature and technology while invigorating your body and mind by embracing Cyber Lime.

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Why Painting Interior Doors Black Is Suddenly Chic

You see a red door and you want it painted black? You're not alone! Here's what to know about painting...

8 Best Ways To Remove Spray Paint

You don't necessarily have to repaint. Try these pro-approved methods first.

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Your Guide To Painted Wood Waterproofing

Exterior-grade paints are already waterproof. But if you go with interior paint outdoors, you'll need to waterproof it if you...

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How To Spray Paint Safely

Spray painting is fun and effective, but it releases toxic, flammable fumes into the air. A respirator for paint can...

9 Tips for Spraying Varnish on Wood

Get flawless results with aerosol spray polyurethane cans.

6 Tips for Painting Interior Woodwork

Get a silky smooth finish on your woodwork.

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Exterior Paint Calculator Options and Use

With the right paint calculator, you can plan your exterior painting project efficiently and buy your paint with confidence.

8 Tips for Painting With a Textured Roller

Get that perfectly imperfect paint finish that hides a multitude of flaws with the help of a textured roller.

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Can You Paint Over Stained Wood?

When it comes to painting, stained wood is virtually the same as bare wood, as long as you prime first...

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Do Paints Dry Darker or Lighter?

Experts explain why paint looks lighter or darker than it did when you fell in love with the paint swatch.

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How Long Does Spray Paint Really Take to Dry?

Do you relate to the phrase, "it's like watching paint dry?" Well, spray paint generally dries faster than brushable paint....

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8 Tips for Making Your Paint Brushes and Rollers Last Longer

Old paint and paint brushes don't do well together. Follow these secrets from the pros to make painting easier and...

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Can You Spray Paint Wood?

Spray-painting wood almost always produces a better finish than brushing or rolling, but it involves extra work and equipment you...

Tackle Your Toughest Projects with the Graco Airless Paint Sprayer

If you’re looking for a way to make those old cabinets look new, the Graco Airless Paint Sprayer will get...

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How Long Does Wood Stain Take To Dry?

Stains take time to dry, but usually not as long as manufacturers recommend. Simple visual and tactile tests can tell...

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11 Tips for Exterior Painting

Paint faster and better using these brushing, rolling and cutting-in techniques.

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Painting Tips: How to Paint Faster

Professional secrets for a speedy, great-looking job.

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5 Pro Tips for Avoiding Painting Mistakes

Here are a few time-tested tips for fixing painting mistakes.

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What Is Paint Made Of?

Each can of paint represents almost 200 years of product development, which is why modern paints adhere well, look vibrant...

How To Paint the Exterior of a House

Anyone can paint the exterior of a house. Here's how.

Painting Your Garage Floor? Reach for the 5 Best Garage Floor Paints

When painting the garage floor, these products will come in handy.

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10 Surprising Alternatives to Painting Walls

Tired of the same old wall paint? Want to make a new space feel like your own? Take a look...