When it comes to home improvement, there ARE not many things that can transform the entire mood of a room like a good paint job.

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    5 Best Places to Buy Paint Online

    Now you can repaint your home without going to the hardware store. These retailers make buying paint online easy.

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    Extreme Temps Can Damage Paint. Here’s How to Prevent It

    Ever thought about winterizing your paint? You probably should and here's why.

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    Paint Ideas That Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

    Whether it's a reflection of light or trick of the eye, these paint colors and ideas can help cramped quarters...

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    29 Painting Tool Hacks To Get Your Projects Rolling

    Whether you’re changing the color of your walls, polishing jewelry or ripping a long board, these painting tool hacks will...

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    7 Tips for Choosing the Right White Paint

    White paint is white hot, but it can also be really hard to nail the right one. Use these seven...

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    House Painting Mistakes Everyone Makes (and How to Avoid Them)

    To help you avoid mistakes on your next paint job, we put together this list gathered from painting experts. Pick up...

    6 Paint Brands’ Color of the Year for 2020

    Homebuilders and remodelers: Plan to paint a LOT of blue this year. Many paint brands have revealed their color of...

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    14 Things Home Depot Employees Won’t Tell You

    The Home Depot offers a wealth of materials, resources and a customer-friendly return policy. But there are a few secrets...

    How to Use Paint Primer to Tackle the Toughest Problems

    From stink and stains to less-than-perfect walls

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    Best Paint-Matching Apps

    Paint match apps run the gamut, but here are six picks that can help you find a more precise paint...

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    What Is the New Gooseneck Paint Brush?

    Banish the idea of "unreachable" places to paint with a gooseneck paintbrush.

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    7 New Painting Tools to Try in 2020

    These innovative painting tools are the future of DIY. Get your hands on them before your next project.

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    How Heat and Humidity Impact Exterior Paint

    High temperatures and humidity present unique challenges when painting, but they can both be overcome with a little research and...

    A Primer on Paint Primers

    What do primers do? It turns out a lot.

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    DIY Chalk Paint: How to Make Colored Chalk Paint

    DIY Chalk paint is so versatile it makes refinishing projects a breeze.

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    How to Use Chalk Paint

    You've heard of chalk paint, but do you really know what it is? We've got the answers on chalk paint...

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    Gray or Passé: The End of a Popular Paint Trend?

    Gray has long been the go-to neutral for stylish interior palettes and staging success. So we asked the experts: Is...

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    Best Deck Paints and Stains for 2021

    Whether you're looking to protect your new deck or restore an old one, here are some deck paints and stains...

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    Best Paint to Use on Plastic

    We've gathered some of the best paints to meet the challenges of adhesion, coverage and durability for a range of...

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    Stuff We Love: Painting Tools

    These essential accessories will make your next painting projects easier to tackle

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    How to Paint Wood Paneling

    Yes, you can paint wood paneling. And, it can look terrific or it can look terrible. Use this step-by-step guide...

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    10 Ideas for Painting a Boy’s Bedroom

    Traditional to modern, action-packed to Zen. Check out these 10 boy's bedroom paint ideas and choose the one that best...

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    10 Super-Cool Ideas for Painting a Girl’s Bedroom

    Color, pattern, details and more. Check out these easy girl's room paint ideas to make your child's room as unique...

    How to Remove Paint from Clothes

    Find out how to remove paint from clothes with these tried and true methods.

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    Stuff We Love: Restore Coat Flex Paint

    This unique paint brings new life to old leather and more

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    Family Handyman’s One-Coat Paint Test: Does it Work?

    Do one-coat paint and primer brands really work? We put them to test in our homeLAB to find out how...

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    14 Ideas for Painting Furniture

    Are you tired of some of your old furniture pieces? It's easy to give them new life with paint. Check...