When it comes to home improvement, there ARE not many things that can transform the entire mood of a room like a good paint job.

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    Homeowner’s Guide to Paint Strippers and Removers

    Get the answers to your questions about paint strippers — what they are, how they work, and which are best...

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    8 Best Paint Buckets for Any Job

    Discover what professional housepainters have known for years: Paint buckets can save you time and effort on your next painting...

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    Homeowner’s Guide to Paint Rollers

    They're the fuzziest tools in your DIY stash! We'll help you choose the right paint rollers and covers for all...

    How to Finish and Protect your Chalk Paint Projects

    With the ease and versatility of all the chalk and refinishing paints on the market, it can be an easy...

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    20 Tips on How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

    If you want to upgrade your kitchen without spending a lot of money, knowing how to paint kitchen cabinets is...

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    Best Paint Colors for Your Home’s Hangout Room

    If you're looking to create an at-home hangout room, choose the right color to set the desired vibe. Here's advice...

    11 Painting Shortcuts That Do More Harm Than Good

    All painting projects, large or small, require diligent preparation and attention to detail. Taking shortcuts leads to a disappointing paint...

    10-Minute House Repair and Home Maintenance Tips

    Simple fixes to household headaches that take 10 minutes or less — these home repairs are quick and easy.

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    We Tried Benjamin Moore’s 2021 Paint Color of the Year

    Aegean Teal caught the attention of our team here at Family Handyman. Here's why we love it.

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    Compare all the Paint Colors of the Year for 2021

    Decorating your home can be transformative and inspiring. A splash of color on just one wall can uplift your mood,...

    Living Room Paint Ideas Guaranteed to Transform Your Space

    Trade out the old for something new and modern. These living room paint ideas are guaranteed to transform your space.

    The Best Colors for Small Bathrooms

    These are the top paint color choices for making a small bathroom look bigger.

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    Vintage Family Handyman Project from 1988: How to Make a Small Room Seem Larger

    Family Handyman has helped DIYers improve their homes since 1951. As we celebrate our 70th anniversary, here are some vintage...

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    9 New Paint Colors and Trends in 2021

    Is it time to repaint your house? Here are the top up-and-coming trends recommended by industry pros.

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    How to Choose and Use Primer

    Solve common paint coverage problems with these expert tips for choosing and using primer

    Family Handyman’s Vintage Handy Hints from the ’80s

    In celebration of Family Handyman's 70th Anniversary, we're taking a scroll through the archives and sharing some of the hints,...

    Pantone Reveals the 2021 Color(s) of the Year

    Pantone believes 2021 is set to be a big year — so big that Pantone thinks it deserves two Colors...

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    Best Paint Colors for Reducing Stress and Anxiety

    Maximize your best moods with our eight uplifting paint picks.

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    How to Build a Dynamic Accent Wall

    Turn a blank wall into a showpiece that transforms the entire room!

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    5 Best Places to Buy Paint Online

    Now you can repaint your home without going to the hardware store. These retailers make buying paint online easy.

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    Extreme Temps Can Damage Paint. Here’s How to Prevent It

    Ever thought about winterizing your paint? You probably should and here's why.

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    Paint Ideas That Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

    Whether it's a reflection of light or trick of the eye, these paint colors and ideas can help cramped quarters...

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    29 Painting Tool Hacks To Get Your Projects Rolling

    Whether you’re changing the color of your walls, polishing jewelry or ripping a long board, these painting tool hacks will...

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    7 Tips for Choosing the Right White Paint

    White paint is white hot, but it can also be really hard to nail the right one. Use these seven...

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    House Painting Mistakes Everyone Makes (and How to Avoid Them)

    To help you avoid mistakes on your next paint job, we put together this list gathered from painting experts. Pick up...

    6 Paint Brands’ Color of the Year for 2020

    Homebuilders and remodelers: Plan to paint a LOT of blue this year. Many paint brands have revealed their color of...

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    14 Things Home Depot Employees Won’t Tell You

    The Home Depot offers a wealth of materials, resources and a customer-friendly return policy. But there are a few secrets...