Pets are an extension of any family, so show them some love with these care tips, cleaning advice, pet products and supplies, and DIY projects.

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    5 Best Dog Gates for the Outdoors

    Before you buy an outdoor gate for your dog, read this!

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    7 Outdoor Dog Kennel Ideas and Designs

    Any structure that shelters your dog can be considered a kennel. And it doesn't have to be an eyesore. These...

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    How To Choose a Leash for Your Cat

    Walking a cat is not like walking a dog. But with the right cat leash system, your feline friend can...

    The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Every State

    Yes, we know you love your Labrador retrievers—it is, after all, the most popular dog breed in the United States...

    14 Adorable DIY Dog Beds

    Help your dog relax and get a good night's sleep with a comfortable custom dog bed. Here are 14 DIY...

    12 Incredible Dog Houses for Your Best Friend

    For millions of people across the globe, dogs aren't just pets, they're part of the family. And a beloved member...

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    Should You Get a Collar for Your Cat?

    A collar is more than just a cute accessory for your cat. It's a tool that provides safety and security...

    The Best Carpet Cleaners for Pet Stains

    Accidents happen, but the right pet carpet cleaner will keep your floors looking immaculate — even if you have multiple...

    30 Funny Dog Photos You Need to See

    We asked readers to send in their favorite animal photos. We were so entertained, we couldn't help but share.

    The Most Bizarre Pets of Presidents

    Which president kept an alligator?

    19 Cleaning Tips Every Dog or Cat Owner Should Know

    These tips for pet owners offer practical solutions for everything from cleaning up fur to keeping pets off the furniture.

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    How To Get Dog Poop Out of Carpet, Wood & More

    Whether you have a new puppy or a longtime companion, pet owners understand accidents happen. Here's how to tackle any...

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    8 Ways To Make Your Cabin Pet Friendly

    Taking pets along to your cabin this summer? Keep them safe by creating an environment that steers them out of...

    Essential Tools for DIY Dog Grooming

    DIY dog grooming is something that anyone can tackle with a little practice, as long as they've got the right...

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    3 DIY Games You Can Play at Home With Your Dog

    There are many benefits to playing games with your dog. Here are some easy and inexpensive DIY games you can...

    5 DIY Pool Floaties Your Dog Will Love

    If your dog is always whining to join you in the water, why not make them a DIY pool floatie...

    18 Things You Think Are Illegal but Aren’t

    It may come as a surprise, but all of these things are legal in the U.S., at least in some...

    Ready to Raise Chickens? These Are Our Favorite Coops!

    Give your feathered friends a home they'll love with our favorite chicken coops available on Amazon.

    12 Unusual Things Postal Carriers See Every Day

    There's nothing ever routine about a postal carrier's route from day-to-day. Here are some of the unusual things postal carriers...

    13 Rules of Etiquette All Good Neighbors Need to Follow

    Because civilization is built on neighbors being civilized to each other.

    15 Things Your Neighbors Want You to Stop Doing

    It's not big deal to you, but your neighbors are rolling their eyes!

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    Why Does My Dog Follow Me Into the Bathroom?

    Why Does My Dog Follow Me Into the Bathroom?

    21 Cat Adoption Photos That Will Melt Your Heart

    These cats were in dire straights until their rescuers came along and gave them a second chance at life. Get...

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    10 Earth Friendly Lawn Care Products to Buy

    Grow and maintain a beautiful lawn without harming humans, pets or the environment.

    10 Naturally Derived Tick Repellents That Actually Work

    If you're worried that certain insecticides may be harmful to your health, your pets, or nature, read on for natural...

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    Decode Your Cat’s Behavior: 17 Things Your Cat Would Love to Tell You

    Wish you had a secret decoder guide to cat language and behavior? Here's a primer to things your cat wishes...

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    How to Keep Cats Out of Plants

    How do you keep cats out of plants? Try these expert-recommended tips to protect your indoor potted plants from curious...

    The Strangest Things Caught By Ring Doorbells

    From men in masks to bandit dogs, we've rounded up some truly peculiar sightings captured by the Ring doorbell.

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    8 Great Dog Bowl Alternatives (And Why Your Dog Might Love One)

    Why are there so many alternative dog bowls, and exactly what are they used for? Our expert breaks down the...