If you love your feline, you’ll be all-in on these DIY cat projects, cat care supplies and products.

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How Can a Feral Cat Shelter Benefit Your Neighborhood?

Cat shelters protect neighborhood cats from harsh weather and foster a healthier community.

We Tested the Bissell Revolution HydroSteam Pet Carpet Cleaner, and It Truly Works

Is the Bissell Revolution HydroSteam worth the hefty price tag? We put this best carpet cleaner for pets to the...

Our Editor Tested the 4 Best Pet Odor Eliminators for Your Home, Yard and Kennel

These pet odor eliminators passed the sniff test with flying colors.

We Tested the Bissell CrossWave HydroSteam Plus Vacuum on a Variety of Pet Messes

The Bissell CrossWave HydroSteam Plus allows you to vacuum, clean and steam your floors, eliminating messes with just one machine.

The Dyson Outsize Plus Eliminates Pet Hair From Every Corner of My House

The Dyson Outsize Plus is the one-stop shop for all your pet hair removal needs in vacuum form.

5 Best Pet Hair Removers for a Fur-Free Home

Our pet expert tested the best pet hair removers to confirm they work and help families win the fur-shedding battle.

Are Christmas Trees Toxic to Cats?

Give your cat the gift of a vet-free holiday season by keeping these Christmas tree hazards well out of their...

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The Hottest Housing Trend? Pet-Friendly Homes

Here's exactly how to find the perfect house for you and your furry friend.

Litter Robot 4 Review: The Ultimate Litter Box of All Litter Boxes (We Tried It!)

Is the Litter Robot 4 truly the answer to every cat owner's prayers?

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How To Build a DIY Cat Wheel

Have a cat who likes (or needs) to run? A cat wheel can work off all that energy, and it's...

These Are the Absolute Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Pets

Shop the best Amazon pet deals and snag editor-loved pet beds and other puppy necessities at bargain prices.

Best Cat Brush of 2024 – Hertzko Self-Cleaning, Shedding & Grooming Slicker Brush for Pets

Over 62,500 Amazon shoppers give five stars and say this is the best dog brush and cat brush money can...

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The EyeVac Home Vacuum Is Our Editor’s Pick for Eliminating Pet Hair and Dirt From Floors

The touchless EyeVac vacuum sucks up any debris you send its way, making dust pans and lingering pet hair a...

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How To Build a Cat Hammock

Everyone likes relaxing in a hammock — even your cats. Here's how to make their dreams come true, DIY style.

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6 Warning Signs Your Pet Has Fleas

Spotting these signs early can stop a small problem from becoming much worse.

Spoil Man’s Best Friend with The 15 Best National Pet Week Deals

Say "thank you" to your pet's unconditional love by spoiling them with wag-worthy National Pet Week Deals. Our Sales Editor...

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19 Pests That Are Dangerous to Your Pets

Is your pet safe from these common pests? Check for these warning signs and see what preventative measures you can...

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8 Ways to Stop Pets From Tracking Mud Into Your House

From cleaning stations to tried and true products, try these solutions to keep your home debris free.

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What Are Barn Cats?

Explore the fascinating life of barn cats and uncover essential tips for their care, well-being and safety.

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8 Hidden Expenses of Pet Ownership

Pets are like family, but the cost of cleaning, repairs, unexpected purchases and more can quickly add up.

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How To Get Rid of Pet Hair in Your Home

If you have furry pets, you have pet hair. It's on your clothes and furniture and in your dryer vent....

This $5 Handy Tool Removes Ticks From Dogs, Cats and Humans

Prevention is the best medicine, but when a tick comes into contact with pet or human skin, you'll be happy...

Wondercide Flea and Tick Review: Is it the Best Tick Spray for Your Yard?

Bugs bugging you? Check out the Wondercide Flea and Tick Yard Spray to eradicate your lawn's pesky visitors. 

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How To Build a DIY Cat Tree and Tower

Cat trees don't have to be boring pet store affairs. Make this rugged tree in a weekend.

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What’s a Catio and Why Would I Want One?

The catio revolution is afoot. Here's what to know about cat patios, which keep kitties and wildlife safe.

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13 Best Tips and Tricks for Pet Owners

Keep your pet happy and well-fed, prevent annoying behaviors and repair common household damage with these tips and tricks.

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5 Simple Ways for Getting Rid of Cat Smell

Cat smells stinking up your home? Here are five DIY ways to get rid of the stink for good.

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10 Pet-Safe Cleaning Products You Can Use Throughout Your Home

Pet owners, do you know what cleaning chemicals to avoid? We rounded up the best pet-safe cleaning products—plus some DIY...

The 7 Best Cat Window Perches, Seats and Beds

The best cat window perch provides relaxation and entertainment for curious kitties.

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9 Best Heated Cat Beds

Heat-seeking felines of all kinds appreciate a cozy heated cat bed. Learn how to choose the right one for your...

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How to Stop Your Cat From Peeing on the Carpet

Take these important steps if you have this issue at home.