Whether you have a car, motorcycle or truck, keep your vehicle running smooth and looking good with these helpful auto repair and paint job tips, projects and products.

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    How to Change the Oil in Your Car

    One of the most critical maintenance chores for cars is changing the oil regularly. Learn how to change oil quickly and without getting too dirty.

    Here’s Why You Should Always Open Your Car Door with Your Right Hand

    Opening the door with your right hand can save a biker's life.

    Last Chance to Save Big on Amazon Prime Day Deals

    Today is the final day to save on the best deals for DIYers

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    Car Detailing Costs: Is It Cheaper To DIY?

    Wishing your car had that like-new look? Detailing can give you what you're looking for, but you'll have to decide...

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    DIY Car Paint Touch-Up Tips

    Got some ugly paint chips or scratches on your vehicle you'd like to fix? Learn the exact tools, materials and...

    Best Pop-Up Campers

    Fulfill all your camping needs with these pop-up campers, perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

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    A Guide To Interior Car Detailing Like a Pro

    Does your car's interior need a tune-up? Restore its luster with a pro-level interior car detailing you can do yourself.

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    How To Choose the Right-Sized Windshield Wipers

    The sound of wipers cleaning your windshield of rain and snow is reassuring. Here's how to choose the right windshield...

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    Best Rust Remover Products for Your Car

    Have some ugly rust on your vehicle? With the right product, you can tackle that fix yourself.

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    6 Luxury Campers Best for Glamping

    With no detail overlooked and no expense spared, these high-end campers put the glam in glamping.

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    How Often Should You Replace Your Timing Belt?

    Have you ever wondered if it's time to replace a timing belt? For the answer, listen to your engine and...

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    Different Types of Car Tires

    With so many types of tires, how do you choose? Here's the info you need to get beyond the sales...

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    Fact or Fiction: Can I Pump Gas With My Car Running?

    We answer the age-old question if running your car engine while refueling is safe, and review the potential dangers.

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    What To Know About Car Tires

    A lot happens where the rubber meets the road. Get up to speed on the basics of tires and how...

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    7 Car Fluids To Check In the Spring

    Harsh winter conditions are tough on your vehicle's fluids. Spring is a great time to check the fluids to keep...

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    Tips for Renting an RV

    RV trips can be memorable. But do your research before climbing behind the wheel of what's probably the largest vehicle...

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    Best Camper Vans

    Combining the comfort of RVing with the catharsis of off-roading, the best camper vans have something for everyone. Discover 10...

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    Car Maintenance Checklist for Spring

    Winter weather is behind us, so use this car maintenance checklist to prepare your vehicle for dependable spring and summer...

    12 Silent Signs Your Car Is Failing

    Those warning signs you might think aren't a big deal actually could indicate a major problem. Here are some silent...

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    Car Problems? Don’t Ignore the Signs

    Not every car problem is serious, but none should be ignored. A little knowledge can prevent a minor issue from...

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    12 Best Cleaning Products for Your Car

    Here are 12 of the best cleaning products for your car, according to both experts and product reviewers. These products...

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    10 Vintage Trucks That Never Went Out of Style

    These classic trucks are still seen on the road today. Their old age and storied pasts make them all the...

    What to Do if Your Catalytic Converter Is Stolen

    Catalytic converters are an increasingly popular target for thieves looking to make a quick chunk of change. Here's what you...

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    8 Best Car Maintenance Apps Available

    Do you hate keeping track of your vehicle's maintenance schedule? These apps can track service, repairs and fuel economy with...

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    How Do Motorcycle Brakes Work?

    Knowing how your motorcycle brakes work helps you become a better driver. Here's what happens on your bike when you...

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    13 Ways You’re Shortening the Life of Your Car

    Put the brakes on these all-too-common mistakes to help keep your car on the road and out of the shop.

    10 Hands-Free Driving Devices You Need in Your Car Now

    Many states have implemented the hands-free law that prohibits drivers from handling their cell phone while driving. And even if...

    Cool Auto Shop Tools You Need

    A garage mechanic's wish list: all the tools you could ever need (and want) in your shop for car maintenance.

    34 Secret Car-Buying Tips Your Dealer Won’t Tell You

    Find out how to get the most value out of your purchase by side-stepping these common car dealer practices.

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    How to Clean Inside Car Windows

    Follow these steps to clean glass on the inside and get rid of fingerprints, smudges and the dust generated by...