Learn how to plant a garden, build a raised bed garden and find the right tool for your job with the help of our gardening experts.

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    Affordable Garden Path Ideas

    Beautiful (and affordable) DIY garden paths that you can build in a weekend, without breaking the bank or your back, to spruce up your yard. Here are our favorite walkway ideas for your landscape.

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    What Should I Put In the Bottom of My Planter?

    Learn what to add to the bottom of your planter to promote aeration without adding weight or expense — plus...

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    What Is Wild Garlic and How Do I Get Rid of It?

    In the kitchen, the aroma of garlic is a pleasure. In your yard, not so much. Here's what to do...

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    How To Plant Produce To Combat Food Insecurity

    Donate your freshly grown produce directly to those in need through an innovative program called Plant a Row for the...

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    Best Perennials for Sunny Spots

    Have a sunny spot where you could use a bright splash of color? Start with these 10 popular sun-loving perennials.

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    Yard Safety Tips for Commonly Used Equipment

    Injuries can occur if the right safety precautions aren't adhered to while using lawn and garden equipment. Here are simple...

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    Best Landscaping Plants for Around a Pool

    Add ambiance, color and fragrance to your pool surroundings. These plants help make any poolscape attractive and inviting.

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    Today is the final day to save on the best deals for DIYers

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    What’s the Difference Between Potting Soil and Potting Mix?

    The two popular garden products are similar, but not the same. Here's when to buy one over the other.

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    What Are Wild Violets and How Do I Get Rid of Them?

    These delicate blooming plants can be a challenge to banish from your yard. Here's how to rid your lawn of...

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    How To Choose the Right Garden Hoe

    Choosing the right garden hoe can take some of the backbreaking work out of gardening. Here's a helpful roundup of...

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    10 Best Plants for Rock Gardens

    These 10 plants work well in rock gardens in just about any climate and can add beauty and interest to...

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    What Are Air Plants and How Do They Grow?

    Hardy, soil-less air plants double as home décor. Discover air plant facts, good options to start with, how to care...

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    7 Best Garden Rakes for Cleaning Up Around Plants

    Treat your plants and flowers with loving care by using the right garden tools. This collection of rakes includes something...

    10 Dwarf Trees for Your Backyard

    Dwarf trees offer beauty and edible fruit without taking up much yard space. Learn what dwarf trees are and discover...

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    10 Perennials That Bloom the Longest

    Tired of perennials that bloom just a few weeks every year? Exchange them for these 10 perennials that bloom for...

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    These 8 Houseplants Are Worth a Lot of Money!

    If you have one or more of these houseplants, you might be sitting on some extra cash, as cuttings and...

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    Essential Indoor Gardening Tools

    Whether you have just a few pots or a house plant jungle, you'll need some essential indoor gardening tools to...

    30 Low-Light Indoor Plants That Thrive in Near Darkness

    These low-light houseplants thrive without direct sunlight, so now you can have a touch of Mother Nature in every corner...

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    What Regions and Zones are Best for Growing Hostas?

    Hostas can grow in a wide range of U.S. regions and zones. Here are the areas where they absolutely thrive.

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    20 Best Perennials That Bloom Year After Year

    How do you choose the best perennials from so many gorgeous options? We picked these 20 for their remarkable flower...

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    10 Best Plants for Hydroponic Gardens

    How does your garden grow? To its max potential, if you choose the easiest and best plants for hydroponics.

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    New Homeowner’s Guide To Soil

    We don't give it much thought, but the soil beneath our feet is critical to the success of our gardens....

    How to Keep Deer and Other Pests Away from Your Hostas

    Deer, rabbits and other animals love hostas just as much as gardeners. Here are some easy ways to keep these...

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    What to Know About Hay Bale Gardening

    First things first: Hay bale gardening bales are most often made of straw. They're a smart, economical version of container...

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    Tips for Fertilizing Flowers With Bone Meal

    What do flower blossoms have in common with buffalo? Bone meal.

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    The Best Hydroponic Garden Kits

    Have you decided to try out next-generation hydroponic gardening? Here are the top kits to get your garden up and...