Learn how to plant a garden, build a raised bed garden and find the right tool for your job with the help of our gardening experts.

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    10 Top Types of Peonies for Your Garden

    These 10 winners bring bold colors and dependable blooms to your peony garden, even if you're a beginner picking a...

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    How to Start an Herb Garden

    Whether on a windowsill, in a container or in the ground, herb gardens are fun to grow and the harvest...

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    10 Flowering Groundcovers

    Flowering groundcovers beautify trouble spots, help with erosion and add a blaze of flowers to home landscaping.

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    10 Flower Border Ideas and Designs

    These playful colors, sophisticated greens and pleasing textures make gorgeous designs with eye-catching flower borders.

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    When Should You Start Mowing Your Lawn in the Spring?

    Keep these things in mind before mowing your lawn for the first time this spring.

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    Plant Your Fall and Winter Vegetables Right Now

    As summer's heat begins to wane, it's time to plant cool-season veggies in your garden.

    10 Unusual Landscape Borders

    Draw interest in your garden with these unique landscaping borders. Many are repurposed materials, which means money savings, too!

    Tole Painting a Birdhouse Brings Garden Charm

    Tole painting a birdhouse will ad charm to your garden. Learn how with these step-by-step instructions.

    The Most Insane Pest Control Ideas

    Some of these wacky pest control ideas may not work for you, but others swear by them. If you have...

    10 Tips for Growing Plants From Seed

    You can hit the ground running in the spring with these tips.

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    Top 10 Travel Hotspots to See Hummingbirds

    Pack your bags—and don’t forget your binoculars! If it’s hummingbirds you’re after, you’ll want to head to these must-see hot...

    10 Bee Friendly Plants to Have in Your Yard

    Even if you aren't a beekeeper, there are still plenty of reasons to encourage bees to inhabit your garden or...

    11 Essential Garage Storage Products We’re Buying on Amazon This Month

    It's time to get organized! From systems for storing garden tools and sporting equipment, to organizers for power tools and...

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    9 Best Places to Buy Garden Seeds

    To grow a flourishing garden, start with the best garden seeds. Here are some top companies where you can buy...

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    11 Flower Boxes That Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

    Beautify your front yard with flower boxes. These picks fit below windows, along walkways and more.

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    Tips for Making Your Soil More or Less Acidic

    Soil is only as good as its pH level. If your soil is too acidic or too alkaline, it will...

    Jobsite Etiquette Tips for Subcontractors

    Here are some great tips that will keep you and your subcontractors in your customer’s good graces.

    10 Best Plants for Container Gardening

    Container gardening continues to be hot. Homeowners like that containers are easy to plant and maintain. They also like that...

    11 Awesome Greenhouse Ideas for Spring

    Ah, spring! If you're getting excited about planting season, here are 11 awesome greenhouse ideas to suit every backyard and...

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    How to Keep Cats Out of Plants

    How do you keep cats out of plants? Try these expert-recommended tips to protect your indoor potted plants from curious...

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    12 Types of Grass and Garden Weeds (and How to Remove Them)

    Grab your sprayers or herbicides, or be ready to tackle by hand some of the peskiest and most persistent lawn...

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    10 Tough Flowers That Survive in Harsh Sun

    If your garden is all sun and no shade, these plants will add vibrance to your space.

    49 Colorful Plants to Brighten Up Your Landscape

    Want to add more color to your landscape this season? Start by incorporating one or more of these stunning landscaping...

    24 Clever Repurposed Garden Containers

    Each of these creative garden containers once had a completely different purpose.

    Amazing Cabin Kits You Can Buy On Amazon

    If you've ever dreamed of building your own small cabin, garden shed or tiny home in less than a week,...

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    How to Test And Extend the Shelf Life of Seeds

    Yes, seeds expire. Here are some helpful tips from garden experts on how to test expired vegetable and flower seeds...

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    Natural Ways to Kill Weeds and Get Them Out Of Your Garden

    Use these techniques to help prevent the spread of weeds and learn what they can teach you about your soil.