CobraHead vs. Grampa’s Weeder: Which Gardening Tool Is Right for You?

To see which is the best weeding tool, we put the long-handle CobraHead weeder and cultivator and Grampa's Weeder against each other in the garden.

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While weeding can be back-breaking work, a stand-up weeder helps avoid the pain from bending and kneeling. I tried the CobraHead long-handle weeder and Grampa’s Weeder to help you find the best weeding tool, both of which eliminate weeds without chemicals while being gentle on your joints.

What’s the difference between the CobraHead and Grampa’s Weeder?

Both weeders are spin-offs of vintage garden tools with simple, yet effective, designs. Each weeder is used in a standing position to relieve the strain of bending over while gardening. Experienced gardeners rave about both of these American-made weeders, thanks to their quality construction.

The CobraHead weeder is a single-tined tool shaped like a cobra, and weighs just 2.5 pounds. The sharp edge digs under the root and lifts the weed like a hoe. On the other hand, Grampa’s Weeder, which I thoroughly tested in this review, is an articulating claw designed to grab the weed from the top, and has a step-on lever that pulls the weed out when you tilt the handle. It’s also super lightweight at 2.3 pounds.

With Grampa’s Weeder, the weed and root stay in the claw to be manually removed while standing, whereas the CobraHead doesn’t completely eliminate the need to bend over to pick up the uprooted weed. However, CobraHead has multiple uses beyond removing weeds, but Grampa’s Weeder only pulls weeds that fit between its claws.

All About CobraHead Weeder

CobraHead Long Handle Weeder and CultivatorSheri Kaz/Family Handyman

CobraHead is more than just a stand-up weeder. It’s also a multi-purpose tool for furrowing rows, cultivating soil, arranging straw and chopping down dead ornamental grasses in the spring. It’s sharp enough to cut through clay soil and dig weeds with little effort. It scrapes, scalps and plows, and is an excellent precision digging tool. The thin tine breaks up the soil, so you can easily remove trailing roots. It’s handy for eliminating grass and weeds from crowded flowerbeds without disturbing surrounding plants and digging in tight spaces.

CobraHead is suitable for novice and pro gardeners, and is available in 48-, 54- and 60-inch handle lengths. The handle is made from strong ash wood, and the tool head is manufactured with tempered alloy steel. As a result, it’s built for a lifetime of use. The brand also makes a hand tool using the same single-tine concept.

All About Grampa’s Weeder

Img 5714 Grampas WeederSheri Kaz/Family Handyman

Grampa’s Weeder is a clever step-on weeder with a lever. Stepping on it uses your body weight to sink the claws into the ground to surround the weed. From there, tilt the long handle so the claw clamps onto the root and you can pull the weed out. I can easily lift the tool to remove the weed from its clutches without bending down to pick it up.

This gardening tool has a 45-inch bamboo handle and a forged steel mechanism. It’s excellent at pulling taproot weeds, like young thistles and dandelions. However, it didn’t get all the roots out of some larger weeds growing in my grass. I also learned that soil moisture is key to removing the entire root system. Still, it was faster at extracting cherry bush saplings than a single-tine tool.

The Bottom Line

I love both of these tools for different reasons and weeds. The CobraHead weeder and cultivator is better for weeds with trailing root systems, such as prickly lettuce, grasses and bindweed. The precision blade makes it ideal for weeding in tight places without disturbing nearby plants. On the other hand, Grampa’s Weeder is a fuss-free, no-bending-required way to quickly eliminate weeds. However, it may not get the entire root system of some weeds.

Both weeders do an excellent job at what they do best. CobraHead is precise but takes more dexterity and effort on your part. I like that you can be thorough and follow a trailing root. I also love that it was designed for multiple uses when planting or cleaning up for the season. Grampa’s Weeder reigned king on the thistles and dandelions in my lawn without using chemicals. I love that it’s easy to carry around and that I don’t have to bend over to use it. It made pulling weeds effortless, especially compared to kneeling and squatting while using hand tools.

The bottom line is that I’m grateful for both tools in my shed, and both save my knees and back with their stand-up designs. (And for those with limited mobility, having a stand-up weed puller and adaptive gardening tools is paramount.) If I had to choose between the two, I would pick Grampa’s Weeder for its no-bend design and effortlessness, but that’s only because I already have the handheld CobraHead Mini for precision weeding.

So, if you’re tired of crawling on your knees to pull those pesky weeds, you’ll be happy to know that both products make gardening easier.

Where to Buy the CobraHead Weeder

Cobrahead Weeder Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

You may have seen the CobraHead weeder at a rare local nursery, and now you can get it on Amazon for $75. Trade in that old hoe for this sleek, new weeding tool and be impressed by its versatility—without the back pain.

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Where to Buy Grampa’s Weeder

Grampa’s Weeder Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Grampa’s Weeder is the pain-free way to remove those pesky weeds, and doesn’t require bending, pulling, twisting or squatting. Pick up this lightweight helper for $40 at Walmart, Amazon, Ace Hardware and Garrett Wade.

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