Learn how to plant a garden, build a raised bed garden and find the right tool for your job with the help of our gardening experts.

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Make Light Work of Yard Debris with the Sun Joe Chipper

Quickly turn branches and sticks into mulch with this affordable chipper/shredder!

Watch This Woman Upcycle Over-the-Door Closet Hangers Into a Hanging Flower Box

One common home organizing item can add some serious curb appeal!

You Can Prep Your Garden Super Quickly With This Cardboard Gardening Hack

One hour doing this can save you from an entire season of weeding!

5 Best Watering Cans for Healthy Plants

Keep your plants healthy and hydrated with the best watering cans!

This Versatile Tool From Amazon is What Your Garden Craves

The CobraHead Weeder removes weeds with ease—and so much more!

This Attractive Opinel Knife Goes Anywhere You Do

For around $20, you’ll want this trusty folding pocket knife in your car, your toolbox and your pocket.

Amazon’s 5 Best Lawn Sprayer Models Will Give You a Picturesque Yard

These top-rated lawn sprayers make quick work of your gardening chores, thanks to the variety of spray patterns and attachments.

Self-Propelled vs. Push Mower: What’s the Difference?

Finding the right lawn mower for your property and budget can be a bit confusing. When it comes...

Nurture Your Green Thumb with the Lettuce Grow Farmstand

Turn a small balcony or the corner of your kitchen into a fresh, culinary garden with the help...

Kill Your Yard’s Pests with the Wondercide Flea and Tick Spray

Bugs bugging you? Check out the Wondercide Flea and Tick Yard Spray to eradicate your lawn's pesky visitors. 

Reporting for Duty: The Cub Cadet Riding Mower Makes Lawn Care Easy

The Cub Cadet Riding Mower offers long-lasting, quality performance at a budget-friendly price.

8 Best Stand Up Weed Pullers for Removing Roots with Ease

Weeding is back-breaking and time-consuming. A gardening expert gave us advice on the best stand up weed pullers on the...

Dethatcher vs. Lawn Sweeper: What’s the Difference?

Dethatcher vs lawn sweeper: Which one do you need to get your lawn in shape? The answer can save you...

How to Build a Modern Water Fountain

Create a calming and relaxing environment right in your backyard with this modern water curtain.

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How to Build a Vertical Garden

Time to grow up with these plans for a vertical garden.

Edge out the Competition with the Sharpal Knife Sharpener for Lawn Mower Blades (and Much More)

The Sharpal Knife Sharpener makes your life easier—it sharpens lawn mower blades, knives and tools quickly.

What Is Winter Sowing?

Using commonly recycled containers and a few hardy seeds, you can make your own mini greenhouses

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How to Build a Shed: 2011 Garden Shed

Want to build this stellar storage shed? The full project plans are available...

What to Know About a Subcompact Tractor

With long-running diesel engines and chassis made for chores, tractors are workhorses for any landowner. If you measure your property...

How To Grow Beans

Beans are an easy vegetable to grow in a summer garden. They are also fun for kids to grow.

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9 Spring Perennials You Should Divide

Want free spring perennials? Divide perennials in spring so you'll have more to transplant in your garden and share with...

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Garden Cultivator vs Tiller: What’s the Difference?

Don't confuse a cultivator with a tiller; they're different tools for different jobs. Here's how to decide which is right...

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10 Plant Stands You and Your Indoor Plants Will Love

Houseplants are having a moment in a big way, and this collection of must-have indoor plant stands celebrates the best...

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9 Things Master Gardeners Wouldn’t Do in Their Gardens

We asked master gardeners for advice to help the rest of us garden like the pros. Here are the top...

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13 Perennials You Didn’t Know You Could Divide

Dividing perennials is good for them! And you get new plants for your yard and garden, or to give to...

11 Best Trailing Plants

For wall planters, hanging baskets and more, trailing plants add a touch of elegance and tons of eye-catching dimension. Here...

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10 Best Houseplants To Propagate

Plant propagation is a cost-effective way to create more plants. Experts say you're likely to have success with these 10...

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When and How To Repot a Plant

Repotting plants is essential, but how can you tell when a plant has outgrown its container? Experts explain when and...

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Can I Replant Potted Bulbs?

Is the pot of tulips you received this spring worth saving? Find out which types of bulbs are worth your...

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What You Need to Know Before Buying Indoor Plants Online

Ready to buy indoor plants online? Read these tips from an indoor plant expert about what you should know before...