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A house is much more than just a collection of rooms. Here’s everything that goes into making your house a home.

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    11 Tips on How to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling Faster and Easier

    Popcorn ceilings were all the rage back in the '60s and '70s. Applying the texture to drywall and plaster ceilings was a quick and easy way to hide imperfections and didn't require any painting afterward. But the rough texture catches lots of dust and cobwebs and it can be difficult to know how to remove popcorn ceiling. It can be a real pain to match if you have cracks or holes in need of patching.
    Figuring out how to remove a popcorn ceiling texture from a ceiling is a messy chore but worth the effort if the substrate underneath...

    How to Replace an Exterior Door

    DIY techniques for a weathertight exterior door installation

    Breaker Box Safety: How to Connect a New Circuit

    Add a new circuit to your home's wiring

    What To Know About Bathroom Exhaust Fans

    A bathroom exhaust fan keeps the bathroom dry and odor-free. Models are available that mount in the ceiling, a wall...

    25 Hints for Fixing Roof and Gutter Issues

    A solid, leak-free roof with good gutters defends your home against the elements. Arm yourself with the knowledge to understand...

    How to Form and Pour a Concrete Slab

    A pro shows you how to build strong concrete forms, place a solid slab and trowel a smooth finish

    8 Best Peel and Stick Wood Wallpapers

    You'll never be "board" with these top wood-look peel-and-stick wallpapers. But, if you get bored, don't worry because all are...

    How To Wire a 240V Outlet for Appliances

    Your home's big power draws can't be plugged into a standard outlet. This project shows you how to safely wire...

    How to Use Laundry Pods the Right Way

    Trust us, learning how to use detergent pods will take your laundry game up a level.

    The Headlamp I Never Knew I Needed

    This top-notch Fenix HM65r headlamp showed me the light when I thought my old headlamp was fine.

    Popular Wallpaper Trends for 2022

    Wallpaper is back. Here are some bright ideas for incorporating trending wallpaper in your home.

    9 Affordable Peel and Stick Wallpapers That Look Expensive

    Transform a room temporarily or permanently with these top cheap peel-and-stick wallpaper picks. All but one less than $2 per...

    Want an Air Conditioner Covered in Moss?

    A moss air conditioner? Is this a prank? Nope, just a good-looking AC that's better for the environment than most.

    6 Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Options

    Outdoor kitchen countertops get a lot of use. Let's narrow down the options and determine which type is best for...

    What Is an Incinerating Toilet and How Does It Work?

    When you don't know how to handle your waste, why not burn it? Incinerating toilets are designed to do just...

    How To Make a Simple DIY Plant Shelf

    You don't need pricey tools to build this attractive outdoor plant shelf. Create a display for your potted plants with...

    How To Estimate Home Siding Costs

    Picking your material and factoring in labor are the biggest pieces of determining house siding costs, but those aren't the...

    How to Build an Infrared Sauna

    Get all the benefits of a sauna without the expensive health club membership.

    How To Fix a Circuit Breaker That Keeps Tripping

    Circuit breaker keeps tripping? Don't just reset and forget. Circuit breakers protect your home and family, so fix that situation...

    5 Signs a Home Has “Good Bones” According To Real Estate Pros

    Your real estate agent says a house you looked at has "good bones," but what does that even mean? We...

    8 Best Places To Buy Budget-Friendly Wallpapers

    Transform a room with cheap wallpaper that's downright gorgeous. All are around or below $2 per square foot, with many...

    9 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

    Bring fresh pattern and color to your bathroom with these chic wallpaper ideas from Instagram.

    What Is the Shower Curtain Effect and How Do I Stop It?

    Eight ways to say, "Back off, shower curtain!"

    How Long Does a Toilet Wax Ring Last?

    A toilet wax ring prevents leaks from the bottom of the toilet. They're durable and relatively simple to install.

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    How to Recess Hinges on a Door

    Learn how to mortise door hinges using a router.

    How To Splice Wires

    Doing some DIY electrical work? Electrical circuits are only as safe as the splices you make. Learn how to splice...

    A Tushy Bidet Is the Bathroom Essential You’re Missing Out On

    This tush-cleaning toilet accessory works better than typical toilet paper.

    12 Best Peel and Stick Wallpapers

    Curious about wallpaper, but traumatized by hanging or removing old wallpaper? Never fear, great options for peel-and-stick wallpaper are here!

    What Is an Agrihood and Is It Right for You?

    An agrihood is a community with a central farm or garden. Established intentionally or spontaneously, it offers easy access to...

    Can This TikTok Hack Clean a Burnt Glass Stove Top?

    This cleaning technique uses two common products you probably have in your pantry. Can it really be this easy?