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    A Day in the Life: Jessie Cannizzaro

    A master plumber who owns her own business, Cannizzaro talks to Family Handyman about her journey and career.

    The 5 Best Biscuit Joiners, Tested and Reviewed by a Professional Woodworker

    Ready to "take the plunge" and buy a biscuit joiner? We put five leading brands to the test to find...

    The National Association of Realtors Lost an Antitrust Case. Here’s What It Means

    A federal court ordered the NAR to pay $1.8 billion in damages for questionable commission practices. What does this mean...

    Our Turf Expert Put a John Deere Lawn Tractor to the Test

    I'm a turf professional, and I've sold a lot of heavy-duty commercial turf equipment over the years—so I know a...

    Which Exterior Home Colors Were Most Popular in 2023?

    Exterior colors define your home's curb appeal. Here are the year's most popular colors, according to a survey.

    What To Expect When Starting Trade School

    Career and technical education is on the rise. Is it for you?

    Ever Thought About Starting Your Own Christmas Tree Farm? Here’s What to Know

    Want to keep the holiday spirit alive by growing Christmas trees? It's tough work, and it will be many years...

    Young People’s Attitudes Toward the Skilled Trades Are Changing. Here’s Why

    More young people are finding the flexibility and opportunities offered by the skilled trades enticing. Find out why here.

    We Tried the Hedgehog Featherboard for Straight (and Safe) Cuts on the Table Saw

    Get the precision and control you need to saw through your next woodworking project with ease!

    The UN Wants Construction to Decarbonize. Here’s How.

    The UN has a plan to reduce carbon emissions and reach net zero by 2030. Here's what it involves.

    Why It’s Important to Learn a Trade, According to a Pro Painter

    Mark Kobriger didn't plan to be a professional painter, but he's made a successful business out of it. Here's how...

    What You Absolutely Need to Know Before Renting a Port-a-Potty

    From backyard parties to formal job sites, here's how to rent and successfully use port-a-potties without raising a stink.

    How Construction Drones Can Benefit a Project

    If you're wondering how construction drones are taking the industry to new heights, be sure to check out this guide.

    Why You Need to Check Out Zillow Gone Wild’s Social Account

    Zillow Gone Wild is an internet phenomenon. Because if there's one thing we all love, it's wacky real estate.

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    8 Projects Realtors Recommend Before Showing a House

    Discover the essential home improvement projects endorsed by Realtors for maximizing your property's value and appeal before selling.

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    How To Spot Asbestos — And What To Do Next

    Asbestos is lurking everywhere in your workplace. Do you know what to look for?

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    How the Building Industry Can Move On From Concrete

    As the awareness of concrete's contribution to greenhouse gases grows, the industry is looking for solutions. Here's what the industry...

    The Eleven Percent: Faye Hadley, ASE Certified Master Technician

    A Harvard grad and former therapist who now wrenches on cars shares her wild journey, her new favorite auto tool,...

    7 Concrete Alternatives

    From iron waste to mushrooms, the world of concrete alternatives is exploding with innovation. Here's what's out there now, and...

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    Guide to Renting a Construction Dumpster

    Searching for an easy, time- and cost-effective solution for getting rid of that construction debris? This guide will help.

    Sustainability Techniques for Modern Home Builds

    Find out how the construction industry champions sustainability with these cutting-edge building techniques.

    The Eleven Percent: Meet Gretchen Avilés Piñeiro, Traffic Engineer

    Just-right lighting creates a safe, comfortable city culture. It's the philosophy at the heart of this dedicated civil engineer's job.

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    How an Industry Leader in Sustainable Building Got His Start

    Richard Flatau is one of the country's foremost experts on cordwood homes and a leader in sustainable building techniques.

    12 Types of Construction Vehicles

    Construction sites are full of hustle and bustle. Learn more about the different types of construction vehicles that make these...

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    What’s the Difference Between a Contractor and a Handyman?

    Are you wondering whether to start a contracting or handyman business? Read this guide to learn the skills and licensing...

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    Why Is It So Hard to Make Affordable Tools in America?

    Searching for and finding American-made tools can be a challenge. Here's why.

    Texas Workers Protest New Water Break Law

    Working construction is inherently challenging. Add in triple-digit heat, and it can be deadly. So why did Texas take away...

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    13 Tips to Make Painting and Wallpapering Work Go Faster

    These tips will make your painting and wallpapering projects go faster and smoother and give you a professional-quality finish you'll...

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    6 Tips to Getting Started with Sustainable Building Techniques

    Learn sustainable building tips from a life-long expert in self-sufficiency.

    Expect Another Rise In Lumber Prices — Here’s Why

    Lumber prices are about to get smoking hot. Check out this guide to learn what's behind it.

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    8 Most Popular Green Building Certifications

    Interested in sustainable living? Gain insight into popular green building certifications for single-family homes in the U.S.