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      12 Silent Signs Your House Has Foundation Problems

      Cracks, gaps and more can be serious signs of foundation issues with your home.

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      Yard Safety Tips for Commonly Used Equipment

      Injuries can occur if the right safety precautions aren't adhered to while using lawn and garden equipment. Here are simple...

      Lumber Prices Down Nearly 40 Percent From May Peak

      The price of lumber has been dropping all throughout June. But how long will this trend last?

      19 Crazy Cool Backyard Putting Greens

      Your golf game may not look tour-ready, but you can feel like a pro by stepping out into one of...

      Construction Employment Slips By 20,000 Jobs in May

      The construction industry is spinning its wheels as material shortages continue causing non-residential construction to sputter.

      Construction Training Program for Girl Scouts Launches This Fall

      Only 11 percent of construction workers in 2020 were women. The Home Depot Foundation and the Girl Scouts of the...

      When Will Wood Prices Go Down?

      Lumber is currently historically expensive. But exactly how long will that be case?

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      7 Marketing Resources for Small Construction Companies

      You don't need a substantial marketing budget to increase sales. Learn how these free and low-cost resources can help your...

      OSHA Makes Key Change to COVID-19 Vaccination Reporting

      OSHA is relaxing the record-keeping requirements around vaccination side effects. Here's how the rule change affects employers.

      New Home Sales Dip in April Due to Cost Concerns

      Housing affordability is becoming problematic as construction materials become more and more expensive.

      Construction Production Drops as Material Costs Surge

      Building homes is steadily getting more expensive, complicating matters for homebuilders and home buyers alike.

      The Home Depot Launches $250,000 Trade School Scholarship Program

      Interested in going to school to learn a skilled trade? The Home Depot wants to help you with that.

      Building Material Costs Climb to Record Highs

      The cost of construction materials is up across the board, putting a unique strain on homebuilders across the country.

      How to DIY Laundry Shelves

      Convert your dreary basement laundry into a functional, organized and finished workspace.

      Commerce Secretary Meets With Homebuilding Officials Over Supply Chain Concerns

      The U.S. Commerce Secretary met with senior homebuilding officials last week to decide how best to address the supply chain...

      Department of Labor Withdraws Proposed Independent Contractor Rule

      A controversial new labor rule has been withdrawn from consideration. But what comes next?

      Trade School Students Win Scholarships From The Home Depot

      The Home Depot is giving a helping hand to the next generation of construction workers.

      Remodeling Industry Celebrates National Home Remodeling Month

      As the home improvement craze continues to sweep across the U.S., a leading industry group shares resources and tips all...

      Green Industry Expo to Return In-Person This Fall

      After a year of virtual trade shows, the GIE+EXPO returns to its normal format this October.

      10 Silent Signs Your Air Conditioner Is Failing

      Worried your A/C unit is nearing its final rest? Here are some telltale signs your air conditioner is failing.

      10 Ways to Landscape Without Planting Something

      Don't have a green thumb? Here are some great landscaping options that don't require planting.

      NAHB to Host Webinars on Lumber Alternatives in Home Building

      Faced with an unprecedented leap in lumber prices, home builders may have to turn to alternative building methods to keep...

      New BriqCash Payment and Rewards Platform for Contractors

      BriqCash is a new way for construction workers to manage their finances and earn some industry-specific rewards along the way.

      How Home Builders Are Working Around Record-High Lumber Prices

      Rising lumber prices are forcing home builders to change the way they conduct business.

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      How to Split Hostas

      Splitting hostas will make for a healthier plant and will propagate new plants. Here's when, and how, you split hostas.

      The Benefits of Planting Hostas

      Hostas boast vibrant foliage, are drought tolerant and grow practically anywhere. But those aren't their only benefits.

      Austrian Startup Unveils Multitasking Construction Robot

      A new construction robot is in development that can handle a bunch of jobsite tasks ... and it can climb...

      Lowe’s Revamps In-Store Shopping Experience for Pros

      Lowe's is changing things up in its stores to create a smooth, consistent shopping experience for construction professionals.

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      How to Use and When to Replace Roof Tarps

      Roof tarps are only temporary solutions, so make sure you install them properly and don't leave them on past their...

      Create a Backyard Oasis

      With these DIY projects, it's easy to turn a bland outdoor space into an extension of your home you'll never...