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    We Tried the AccuBrush MX Paint Edger That Makes Cutting In a Breeze

    One of the many weekend projects on your to-do list happens to be painting a room, but it's so time-consuming you can’t get motivated to start. We tried the AccuBrush MX Paint Edger to see if it could speed up the process.

    7 Best Organic Weed Killers That Are Safe for the Yard

    Ready to make the switch to an organic weed killer that's safe for the environment, your family and your pets?...

    12 Best Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas

    A cozy fire pit is useless without the right seating. Create a relaxing outdoor oasis with help from these creative...

    Lowe’s vs. The Home Depot: Where Should You Shop?

    Can't decide whether to shop at Lowe's or The Home Depot? We broke down the differences between the two home...

    We Tried It: Thermacell Mosquito Repellent

    If you're looking to keep mosquitoes away from your campsite or a backyard gathering, the Thermacell has you covered.

    Bundle Up: Best Clothes for Working Outside in Winter Weather

    Trying to find ways to stave off the shivers? With the best clothes for working outside in winter, you'll stay...

    How to Install an Egress Window

    Adding a code compliant egress window makes a brighter, safer basement.

    The Eleven Percent: Meet Kelly Gannon, Contractor

    Kelly Gannon talks about the joy of working with her hands, the pitfalls of unequal pay and what it's like...

    The Eleven Percent: Soph Davenberry, Sheet Metal Worker

    Davenberry talks about building for a just future and the need for creative collaboration among trades.

    The Eleven Percent: Meet Kat Christie, Residential Handyperson

    Pro Handyperson Kat Christie talks about the joy of breathing new life into old things and how women are changing...

    If You See a ‘Tooth’ on Your Hammer, This Is What It’s For

    Ever come across this type of hammer and wonder what it's for? Here's the scoop.

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    Rewiring a House: How To Hire a Pro

    Rewiring a house is a major undertaking. An electrical inspector offers tips on hiring the right pro for the...

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    The Eleven Percent: Meet Renee Wilson, Insulation Contractor/Owner

    A lifetime insulation enthusiast talks about today's trade challenges, including making an industry hidden behind walls sexy to the next...

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    Honda To Stop Manufacturing All Gas Powered Lawn Mowers

    Those red walk-behinds are going the way of the brontosaurus. What does that mean for your lawn care routine?

    The Eleven Percent: Meet Jessie Cannizzaro, Plumbing Contractor

    Her dream is to one day have woman plumbers on her team. Learn how Cannizzaro is trying to achieve that...

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    The Eleven Percent: Meet Becca Haggard, Roofing Contractor

    A reader told us about a fantastic roofer who's "changing the entire landscape" in Kentucky. Learn how @AGirlOnTheRoof got into...

    12 Winter Safety Tips for Outdoor Workers

    For many, the job can't stop when the snow starts falling. Prepare for winter weather now so you can work...

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    The Eleven Percent: Meet Belick Pha, Senior Construction Supervisor

    Action films inspired Belick Pha toward a dream career in construction, where she's gone from engineer to supervisor.

    What Is SPC Flooring and Should You Get It?

    SPC is a type of luxury vinyl flooring with a stone composite core. It's more stable and durable than a...

    10 Kitchen Color Trends That Are Hot Right Now

    Need a shot of color inspiration to fire up your kitchen? Here are our top picks.

    The Eleven Percent: Meet Lydia Crowder, Drywall Contractor

    Lydia Crowder has no regrets about choosing drywall over college. Here, @DrywallShorty discusses social media, the tradesworker shortage and more.

    5 Bluetti Power Stations and Solar Generators To Consider

    Bluetti is one of the top solar generator manufacturers around. Their innovative products meet the needs of campers, RVers, pros...

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    The Eleven Percent: Meet Thea Alvin, Stonemason

    Thea Alvin talks about being an imperfectionist, today's shifting workforce expectations and what's in her tool bag.

    The Best Work Socks for Heavy-Duty Use

    Steel-toed shoes and work boots can do a number on socks! We've rounded up the toughest, most comfortable work socks.

    You Can Really Nail Trim Work and More with This Cordless Pin Nailer

    Easily the best battery-operated pin nailer I've ever used, this Family Handyman Approved tool will meet all your needs.

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    The Eleven Percent: Meet Ally Childress, Journeyworker Electrician

    Electrician Ally Childress talks about working on a stadium, how to be inclusive and what's in her tool bag.

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    The Eleven Percent: Meet Brenda Hay, Welding Authorized Inspector-in-Training

    Brenda Hay talks about earning a good salary, switching careers later in life and what's in her tool bag.

    An Accurate, Affordable Laser Distance Measurer That Fits in Your Pocket

    See how this Family Handyman Approved laser measurer measured up.

    Construction Summer Camps Introduce Girls To The Trades

    Learning how to use tools empowers girls and sets them up for career success.

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    Unclog Drains with Ease Using This Power Drum Auger

    Don't waste your money on a plumber. Instead try this inexpensive, easy-to-use Family Handyman Approved power drum auger.

    What’s In My Toolbox? A Pro Electrician’s Essential Tools

    An apprentice electrician shares a look at some of her favorite tools.