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    9 Ways to Repurpose Natural Materials in Home Design

    Repurposed natural materials add interest and texture, as shown in these examples of homeowner- and designer-inspired sustainable décor.

    The Overstock Spring Black Friday Sale Is Here

    Black Friday is early this year. Get your hands on the newest spring trends for your home with this major...

    The Getaway

    The Family Handyman Getaway is an ambitious project that redefines what it means to build a cabin. Our team of...

    10 Best Cabin Bunk Bed Ideas

    A cabin is a great gathering place for family and friends, which means lots of beds! Get the maximum sleep...

    What to Do Within the First Year After Moving Into Your New Home

    When you move into your new home, there are a number of cleaning tasks, basic projects and upgrades to consider....

    How to Paint Concrete Floors

    Transform your concrete basement or garage floor with a fresh coat of paint.

    Save Hundreds on Our Favorite Modern Furniture and Couches

    The Apt2B Lucky Break sale ends March 29th. You have until then to save 17 percent off their entire site,...

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    What to Know About Virtual Interior Designers

    If you need a little help redecorating your home, online design companies can lend a hand — without breaking your...

    15 Easy Ways to Get That Modern House Feel

    Have a traditional home but love modern? No problem! There are plenty of options for creating that modern house vibe...

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    Target’s Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Expands on Sunday

    The product expansion will add almost twice as many products to Target stores nationwide.

    What Houses Used to Look Like 100 Years Ago

    Fashion is cyclical, but some things in homes never go out of style.

    The Reason Why People Despise Open-Concept Homes

    Maybe it doesn't feel as homey after all...

    15 IKEA Add-Ons You’ve Never Heard Of

    Everyone loves IKEA for their streamlined design, price point and functionality—but it can be difficult to customize these pieces in...

    15 Vintage Home Trends That are Making a Comeback

    These vintage staples have made a comeback, and they're better than ever!

    You Should Ditch the Top Sheet For Good: Here’s Why

    Some people are for and against the top sheet—and feel very strongly about it. Here's one writer's opinion on the...

    40 Projects You Can Get Done Over a Long Weekend

    For DIYers, long weekends are for getting stuff done at home. Make the most of the upcoming extra time by...

    34 Important Things to do When Planning to Sell Your Home

    Prepare your house and your family by knowing the things to do when selling a house. It'll help sell your...

    A Simple Way to Hide Hanging Cords

    Hide those TV wires with a smart-looking chase. The best part, it's super easy to set-up!

    Why You Should Use Toothpaste to Hang a Picture

    Hanging picture frames exactly where you want them can be frustrating. To get them spot-on the first time, put a...

    12 Ways to Fake High-End Looks in Your Home

    Make your home look more expensive on the cheap. These small touches, smart decisions and simple DIY projects will help...

    20 DIY Outdoor Wedding Decorations

    The beauty of an outdoor wedding is the beauty of nature. Backyards, farms, tree-covered areas and gardens provide a scenic...

    12 Incredible DIY End Tables

    This collection of DIY end tables proves you don't have to settle for whatever they have on sale at the...

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    10 Inviting Door Mats That Will Jazz Up Your Entryway

    Wipe off shoes and dress up the entryway with one of these front door mat ideas.

    Holiday Bathroom Decor You Have to See to Believe

    Holiday decorations don't need to be confined to the living room and the outdoors. There are holiday decorations for just...

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    Flip Out Over These 10 Awesome Sports-Themed Chairs

    Add one of these incredible sports chairs to your collection

    Last-Minute Halloween Home and Yard Décor

    Though the spooky holiday is quickly approaching, you'll still have plenty of time to create these Halloween decorations.

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    Best DIY Cabin Décor Ideas

    Dreaming of a cozy getaway in the woods? Let us help you beautify your rustic or modern cabin with these...

    11 Beautiful Mid Century Modern Furniture Pieces You Can Buy on Amazon

    Mid-century modern furniture has been a beloved aesthetic for decades and we understand why. With this furniture's clean lines, elegant...

    13 Workshop Items to Incorporate into Your Interior Decor

    Decor styles are constantly changing. If you're looking for a way to bring a rustic-chic look into your home, consider...

    12 Splurgy Home Upgrades from Walmart’s Labor Day Sale

    Save big at Walmart this Labor Day. Enjoy major price drops on home decor, cleaning products, tool sets, tech gadgets...