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Upholstery Repair: How to Sew a Ripped Seam

How to fix a ripped couch seam the right way.

Upholstery Repair: How to Fix a Hole

This simple upholstery repair can have your furniture looking like new in no time.

9 Home Theater Lighting Ideas

Home theater lighting illuminates the space without distracting from the screen. Find out what combination of fixtures will work best...

How to Get Rid of Houseplant Gnats

These annoying hitchhikers commonly find their way from nursery greenhouses into your home. Here's what to know to get rid...

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How to Hang a Plant From the Ceiling

Hanging a plant from the ceiling is an easy DIY task. Here are the steps.

8 Inspiring Ideas for Decorating Your Kitchen Island

Here's how to turn your kitchen island into a chic focal point with these simple yet big-impact ideas.

Ruggable Review: We Tried the Internet’s Most Popular Rug System

On the fence when it comes to this trendy online rug retailer? Read our Ruggable review before you click add...

8 Cozy Cottagecore Bedroom Ideas

These cottagecore bedrooms are full of color, pattern and antiques—get inspired to create your own cozy haven!

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7 Signs You’re Over-Decorating

Yes, you can have too much of a good thing. If you're guilty of any of these mistakes, it might...

Joanna Gaines’ Garden Cottage Looks So Incredibly Cozy

Cozy up in a small cottage with a book and a cup of tea? Yep, count us in!

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Essential Tips for Jade Plant Care

Explore the world of jade plants. Learn about types, growing conditions, care and propagation. Your guide to thriving jade plants...

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How To Decorate a Small Living Room

Check out these expert-approved decorating ideas so you can live large in your limited space.

9 Popular Bathroom Styles for Your Home

Need a new style point of view on the loo? Here are nine top trending ideas for when it's time...

8 Stylish DIY Loft Bedroom Ideas

Maximize space and style with these designs adults and kids will love.

10 Shower Niche Ideas for Your Bathroom

Get inspired by these recessed designs that provide convenient storage without intruding on the shower space.

8 Most Popular Interior Design Styles You Should Know

Looking to find your new home style? Check out this list of today's hottest trends.

The 13 Best Sectional Sofas, According to Months of Testing

Our shopping editors tested the best sectional sofas on the market to bring you their favorites with all...

Eclectic Interior Design: Understanding the Key Elements

Master the cool and collected eclectic style with these easy tips from the experts.

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Farmhouse Interior Design: Understanding the Key Elements

With these designer tips, you'll have your interior looking like Joanna Gaines designed it herself.

Bohemian Interior Design: Understanding the Key Elements

Do like the poets, writers and rock stars do and embrace the eclecticism of boho style with these designer secrets.

Industrial Interior Design: Understanding the Key Elements

Fresh from the factory: All about industrial interior design and easy ways to bring it home.

The Top 11 Bathroom Trends of 2024, According to Interior Designers

Redoing your bathroom but don't know where to start? Check out the top bathroom trends of 2024.

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Maximalist Interior Design: Understanding the Key Elements

Move over, Marie Kondo: Make way for the more is more of maximalist style.

We Tried a 7th Avenue Sectional, and It’s a RH Cloud Couch Dupe for Less

This 7th Avenue sectional claims to be water-repellent and stain-resistant. But how does this modular sofa compare to its Cloud...

What Is a Powder Room?

Did people really powder their wigs or noses in these small rooms? Two interior designers walk us through the facts...

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9 Half-Wall Paneling Ideas To Enhance Your Home

Install half-wall paneling, aka wainscoting, to add architectural detail and a layer of protection to any room. Check out some...

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Do You Need a Living Moss Rug?

Imagine stepping out into a misty, mossy forest each day to greet the dawn. That's not going to happen, but...

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How Do You Get a Rug Under the Bed?

Discover how to properly position your bedroom rug with minimal frustration by following these pro tips, tricks and techniques.

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8 Black-and-White Bathroom Decor Ideas

A classic black-and-white color scheme will ensure your bathroom never goes out of style!

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The Hottest Houseplant Trends To Watch in 2024

Three houseplant hotshots give their picks for the top trends and most popular indoor plants sprouting up this...

How To Hang a Wreath From a Window

Want to take your decorating to the next level this holiday season? Learn how to hang a wreath from a...