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    8 Best Entertainment Centers for Any Room

    The epitome of functional furniture, the entertainment center provides a place to enjoy and organize your electronics and media gadgets.

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    9 Ways Pets Can Damage Your Home (And Ways to Fix Them)

    Even well-trained pets sometimes behave badly and leave your home looking scruffy. Can you avoid the cat or dog damage?...

    10 Cool Cookie Jars for Kids and Adults

    Cookie jars preserve a household's special treats, so be sure you have the best option for your needs. From cute...

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    Best Ways to Protect Your Furniture From Your Cat or Dog

    Have a pet? If so, wear and tear on your furniture is inevitable. You can avoid the worst of it...

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    10 Best Kitchen Napkin Holders

    These stylish napkin holders will keep your napkins tidy and easily accessible on the table or kitchen counter.

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    Best Fireplace Decor Ideas

    Uninspired fireplace decor is everywhere. That's why these 10 hearths caught our eye and we wanted to share them with...

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    We Tried Benjamin Moore’s 2021 Paint Color of the Year

    Aegean Teal caught the attention of our team here at Family Handyman. Here's why we love it.

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    Compare all the Paint Colors of the Year for 2021

    Decorating your home can be transformative and inspiring. A splash of color on just one wall can uplift your mood,...

    10 DIY Projects To Make Work-From-Home Life Easier

    Don't be stuck with a lousy workspace. These 10 DIY projects will make your work-from-home experience MUCH easier.

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    Best Container Homes Designs and Decor

    These inspiring container home designs prove that small doesn't have to be boring, cramped, boxy or industrial.

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    10 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious

    A luxurious feel doesn't have to cost a lot. Consider these 10 easy ways to add a little luxury throughout...

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    10 Small Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas

    Your kitchen can be tiny yet still mighty with these small kitchen ideas from some of our favorite designers on...

    Pantone Reveals the 2021 Color(s) of the Year

    Pantone believes 2021 is set to be a big year — so big that Pantone thinks it deserves two Colors...

    11 Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas

    Get your home ready for the long-awaited holiday season with these joyful Christmas decoration ideas for every room in your...

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    10 Small Bathroom Décor Ideas

    Make a small bathroom feel and function bigger with these smart decorating and organizing tips.

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    10 Small Office Décor and Design Ideas

    Use these inspiring decor ideas to transform your small office into a productive, peaceful workplace.

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    The Pros and Cons of LED Christmas Lights

    LED lights are all the rage because of their long lives and energy efficiency. But they're not a perfect solution.

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    16 Things That Make Your Home Harder to Clean

    Your home decor choices impact how easy — or difficult — it is to clean your home. Use this pro-cleaner...

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    10 Played Out Home Trends That Buyers Are Over

    Getting ready to redecorate or sell? Before you swing a hammer or pick up a paintbrush, read 10 on-their-way-out trends,...

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    10 DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

    Tis the season for holiday decorations. Try these DIYs to spruce up your home for Thanksgiving.

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    Family Handyman’s Vintage Projects and Tips From the ’60s

    Family Handyman has always taken great pride in teaching readers to DIY through the use of step-by-step projects. To celebrate...

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    How to Build a 2-in-1 Coffee/Dining Table

    A coffee table that becomes a dining table or a...

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    Tiny House Decor Inspiration from Instagram

    This inspiring tiny house decor helps you get the most out of every square inch!

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    12 Best TV Stands for Small Spaces

    If you're looking for a TV stand for a small space, we've found plenty of high-quality options to choose from.

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    How to Build a Dynamic Accent Wall

    Turn a blank wall into a showpiece that transforms the entire room!

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    10 Best Small Space Nightstands

    If your bedroom is puny, you need a nightstand that won't take up much real estate while providing at least...

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    15 Best Desks for Small Spaces

    Think you don't have room for an office space? Think again. These beautiful desks for small spaces can fit anywhere!