How Collov Can Help You Design the Interior of Your Home

Updated: Sep. 08, 2023

Affordable virtual interior design service Collov uses AI as an asset, not an adversary, to turn your house into a home.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for decades. However, it’s really hitting mainstream consciousness now with the advent of personal assistants like Siri and Alexa, and game-changing generative AI like ChatGPT. And interior design professionals are increasingly using AI technology in their work.

One tool attracting a lot of attention is Collov. This online 3D interior design and shopping platform uses AI-assisted design alongside tailored input from real, creative professionals.

Not sure whether using Collov for your next living room remodel is the way to go? We’ve summarized the service to help you make up your mind.

What Is Collov?

Collov offers a virtual interior design service that lets you easily plan out room makeovers from the comfort of your home, even if you’re on a limited budget.

Two Stanford graduates, Nicole Wang and Xiao Zhang, launched the pay-per-project platform in 2020. Unlike some virtual services, you don’t just get AI-generated mood boards and 3D renderings of your space. You also consult with an interior designer to tweak ideas and adapt your design so it’s the perfect fit for you, functionally and aesthetically.

Collov works with more than 200 popular furniture brands, allowing you to see their pieces in your 3D rendering before purchasing them via the platform.

How Does Collov Work?

Before starting, you’re asked to select a design package that works best for your budget and the amount of support you want. From there, you’ll take a quiz so Collov can better understand your desired design aesthetic and send your “before” room photos and measurements.

You’ll receive a series of mood boards to choose from. Once you select your favorite, you’ll be connected with an interior designer. Your virtual consultation will allow them to tweak the design to fit your preferences.

How many adjustments you can make depends on the package you select. Once revisions are complete and approved, a 3D rendering and virtual 360-degree design tour come next, to give you a feel for the space and layout.

The platform also allows you to drop your favorite existing items of furniture into the design, and then shop for new pieces that fit the design directly from the platform. If you find the product sold elsewhere for less, Collov will match the price to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

From start to finish, the process shouldn’t take more than a few weeks.

How Much Does Collov Cost?

If an interior designer visiting your home feels too intrusive, impractical or expensive (the average cost is approximately $8,000 per project, according to HomeAdvisor), opting for one of Collov’s pay-per-design packages could appeal. The Classic is $199 per room, and Luxe is $299 per room, although discount deals are sometimes available.

Both packages give you access to mood boards, a one-on-one call with a professional interior designer, a 3D rendering, a 360-degree tour of the design and personal shopping options. The designer will also make suggestions for your floor and window treatments and paint.

The Classic package permits up to three mood board revisions, which must be completed within 30 days. If you opt for the Luxe package, you get access to senior designers and unlimited redesigns. Want to include existing furniture items in your design? Budget an extra $18 per item for this service.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to kickstart your DIY redesign, Collov offers free access to basic AI-generated mood boards. It also has customizable 3D mock-ups from pre-selected design styles via CollovGPT. You just won’t get the bespoke professional input.

Currently, the service is only available in the U.S. And Collov requests you have a minimum budget of $1,000 to purchase pieces from their brand partners.

Collov’s Competition

Collov isn’t the only online interior design service out there. To compare the competition, other popular platforms include:


Decorilla offers different packages based on the designer’s experience and project size; a hallway design costs less than an open-plan living space.

Discounts rather than price-matching are available on furniture from brand partners. However, their prices are much higher than Collov, and their turnaround times aren’t as fast. Packages range from $549 to $1,849, and you can choose between two designer’s concepts.


If you love to touch and see paint, fabric and wallpaper samples, then roomLift might be for you. And because you aren’t tied into the products from partner brands, you won’t experience sales pressure on furniture selection.

However, it’s a pricey service, given you don’t get standard revision opportunities. For $1,500, you receive a box containing a floor plan design, samples and furniture suggestions.


Like Collov, Havenly offers three affordable online interior design packages and quick turnaround. But the service isn’t as customizable as some of the more pricey platforms. Prices start at $129 for a basic online package without 3D rendering, rising to $699 for an in-person service.


Stuccco is predominantly a virtual staging service targeted at real estate agents. But they do have a personal interior design service  as well.

While the price-per-room rate is much higher than Collov’s, you get a lot for your money. This customizable service offers unlimited revisions of your chosen design and quick turnarounds. Plus, you aren’t limited to affiliated brands when integrating furniture pieces.