Storage and Organization

Keep your entire home well organized and find storage space you didn’t know you had with these organization and storage projects, tips and ideas.

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    Best Places to Find Moving Boxes for Cheap (or Free)

    Need some moving boxes? Here are some places you can get them for little or no money at all.

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    Lessons from Lockdown: Keeping Clutter At Bay

    Spoiler alert: Decluttering isn't the ultimate answer to getting more space in your home.

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    50 Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home Shine

    Tackle the messes around your house with these simple, time-saving cleaning tips to make your rooms shine.

    Bagster Smarts

    You buy the Bagster bag, which costs about $30, and Waste Management will pick it up for a collection fee.

    17 Home Storage Solutions You’ll Thank Us For Later

    These space-saving, clutter-busting home storage projects will inspire you to organize every space in your home. Trust us, you'll thank...

    Family Handyman Reader Projects: Outdoor Spaces

    We asked Family Handyman readers what kinds of projects they tackled during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. The results were...

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    11 Best Under the Sink Organizers for the Bathroom and Kitchen

    Cabinets under the sink can be a trap for clutter, where it's out of sight and out of mind. Get...

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    10 Things You Shouldn’t Be Storing on Your Kitchen Countertop

    If you're like most people, you probably use your kitchen counter as a catch-all for various odds and ends, food-related...

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    Small Garage Storage Ideas You Can DIY

    Organizing a garage isn't a one-size-fits-all project, so we've compiled some of our best garage storage ideas. Check out these...

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    What Goes Into the Perfect Wine Cellar

    Thinking about adding a home wine cellar? First, familiarize yourself with the basics so you can make good choices for...

    15 Office Storage Ideas to Help Productivity

    Whether you work from home or just need a place for the kids to study, we've got 15 of the...

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    The Big Guide to Tiny House Living

    For many, tiny house living is a simple, appealing option in a complicated world. If you're thinking of extreme downsizing,...

    DIY Coffee Pod Organizer

    This is an easy and inexpensive DIY project to store coffee pods out of the way yet still within easy...

    40 Easy Life Hacks for Organizing Your Home

    Simplify your life and make finding things effortless with these 40 easy life hacks for organizing your home.

    Storage Tips for Cutting Clutter

    Need more places to store your stuff? We asked our pro storage gurus for their favorite storage tips and advice.

    50 Organizing Tips You’ll Regret You Didn’t Know Sooner

    Conquer clutter once and for all with these brilliant organizing tricks every homeowner should know.

    41 Genius Small Kitchen Storage and Organization Ideas

    Want some seriously brilliant kitchen organization ideas to maximize space & efficiency? Here are 41 kitchen organization hacks that'll make...

    Plastic Storage Bins You Don’t Have to Hide

    These plastic storage bins are a stylish solution to all of your storage needs.

    30 Helpful Organizing Tips

    Your house will never be more organized after trying these tips.

    Stay Home and Declutter on Black Friday With These 93 Brilliant Tips

    Avoid the masses out shopping this Black Friday and clear the messes out of your house. These tips will help...

    18 Inspiring Inside-Cabinet Door Storage Ideas

    Increase your home's storage space by utilizing every possible nook and cranny, including the backs of cabinet and closet doors....

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    How to Organize and Store Important Documents at Home

    Closing on a home generates mountains of paperwork. Here's how to get organized so you can locate any important document...

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    What to Do Within the First Year After Moving Into Your New Home

    When you move into your new home, there are a number of cleaning tasks, basic projects and upgrades to consider....

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    10 Back To School Products for Your Home That Will Keep Your Family Organized

    When you hear the words "back to school," it's easy to get stressed when you start thinking of all those...

    Entryway Shoe Storage Hacks That Really Work

    These entryway shoe storage ideas will keep clutter at bay while ensuring your most-worn footwear is always easy to find.

    10 Hacks to Try If You’re Always Losing Things Around the House

    It's been estimated that we spend 153 days in our lifetime looking for stuff, according to a study conducted by...

    30 Things You Need to Throw Out Before the Fall

    From summer stuff you never wear to expired sunscreen, here's a list of things to toss or store, and some...

    How to Dispose of (Almost) Everything

    If you're in the process of tidying up and organizing your home, you'll probably come across some items you want...

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    10 Best Bathroom Carts for Maximizing Storage

    A bathroom cart is the small-space storage solution you never knew you needed.