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You’ll be weeping (OK, probably not actually weeping) over how much you love these garage cabinets.

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I love organization. To me, nothing is more satisfying than when everything has a place. So to absolutely no one’s shock, my cluttered and disorganized garage drove me bonkers. Dumbbells, golf clubs and way too many power tools clogged up every nook and cranny of my boyfriend and I’s two-car garage (which zero cars were in, I may add).

Enter the NewAge garage cabinets. These customizable storage solutions weren’t new to me. In fact, my boyfriend’s brother, Wil Myers, has the 14-piece storage system in his second garage, which he has aptly dubbed “The Clubhouse.” I figured if it was good enough for a tenured MLB player, it was probably good enough for me (on a smaller scale).

What are NewAge garage cabinets?

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The NewAge garage cabinets are customizable storage solutions for your garage (or basement, we’re not policing where you put it). You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, configurations and dimensions. And if you decide you want more storage space in the future, you can simply purchase additional NewAge cabinets, as they can be added with compatible connector pieces.

Choosing the Right Set Up for You

I recommend measuring your garage or space prior to choosing a NewAge garage cabinet online. You’ll need to take into account the height of your ceiling, the length of your garage and any protruding, immovable garage items (for me, this was our hot water heater and hose bibb).

Armed with these measurements (and an idea of what you want to store), choose a configuration that best fits your space. For reference, we chose the six-piece set, which measures 108 inches by 77 ¼ inches.

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NewAge Garage Cabinet Features

The NewAge garage cabinets are particularly appealing because much like a new car, you can pick and choose the extras/add-ons you’re willing to pay for. Some of the configurations have worktops made of bamboo while others have a more expensive stainless steel finish. Need extra light in your garage? Some of the cabinets have built-in LED lighting, ideal for late-night projects. And if you have tons of tools to store, consider adding on the slatwall, rollable tool drawer or the pull out cabinets to your set.

In our particular set, we picked the rollable tool drawer, removable metal clothing rod and multiple removable shelves (which can hold up to 100 pounds a piece!).

How I Tested It

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As you’d expect, the NewAge cabinets arrived by freight, which means a giant truck came and dropped it off at my house. Pro tip: Make sure someone is home to sign for it (besides the dog), as it is a requirement for delivery.

The delivery driver wheeled his pallet jack into the garage and plopped the tightly wrapped cabinets down in the corner. Don’t be alarmed if your cabinets initially look like one giant refrigerator box. NewAge packages their products so incredibly well that they somehow made a cabinet set look small.

You know what isn’t small? The amount of cardboard, styrofoam and plastic I had in my garage after unboxing the cabinets. Did I mention NewAge is REALLY freaking serious about your items arriving unscathed? There wasn’t a single dent, scratch or nick on any of the components (which is almost unheard of for a package of this size).


After making a trip to the recycling center near my house, it was time to begin assembling. For reference, it took my boyfriend and I (two able-bodied adults) around four hours to unbox and put everything together. I highly recommend roping a friend, family member or your partner into helping, because there are times when assembly (and unboxing) isn’t possible with just one person.

The actual directions themselves were easy to follow. NewAge provides a QR code to scan to view the directions (or watch assembly videos if you’re a visual learner). Most of the process is self-explanatory: You’ll screw on wheels and leveling feet, then attach the connector pieces on the side, which hold the worktop and keep the two smaller cabinets together.

In the set we chose, there are also two floating cabinets, which can be mounted to the wall or connected to the top of the large cabinets with connector pieces. We opted to use the connector pieces in case we want to move the set in the future.

None of the process is groundbreaking or extremely hard to do, but it is a time-consuming project—I won’t lie about that. However, with a little elbow grease (and a trusty ratchet), you’ll have your own set assembled in a couple hours.

Warranty and Construction

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You may feel hesitant to spend a few thousand bucks on garage cabinets, but there’s one big reason why I think it’s worth it: NewAge provides a limited lifetime warranty. Additionally, all of their cabinets are made with 18- or 24-gauge steel, which are heavy-duty materials that resist corrosion. Translation? You’ll have these cabinets for years to come without the threat of rust.

I was also impressed with the weight capacity of the lockers that flank either side. The particular set I chose holds up to 800 pounds, but options in the Pro collection can handle up to 1,000 pounds. This means you can easily store your battery-powered string trimmer, every drill bit known to mankind and even your golf clubs you spent too much money on in just one locker.


  • Customizable shelves, hangers and cabinet pulls
  • More pieces can be purchased to expand the cabinets
  • Constructed of 18- or 24-gauge steel
  • Financing is available
  • Cabinets lock
  • Lockers can hold up to 800 pounds
  • Tool cabinet has wheels for easy mobility
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Well-packaged—arrived without any dents or scratches


  • Expensive due to quality construction
  • Installation requires two able-bodied people
  • Time-consuming to put together


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What is the difference between kitchen cabinets and garage cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets are made to hold lighter items, and may not be as durable as their high-quality garage counterparts. Using kitchen cabinets in a garage isn’t recommended, due to potential issues with moisture and varying temperatures.

What type of cabinet is best for a garage?

You’ll want to choose cabinets made of durable materials, especially if you plan to store weighty items like power tools. I recommend cabinets made of steel or aluminum, as they’ll have the most longevity. Plastic cabinets work in a pinch, but they aren’t going to last for eons.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for high-quality garage cabinets you’ll likely have for the rest of your life, you can’t beat the ones from NewAge. I love the customizable aspect of these cabinets, as they can be configured to suit almost any setup or preference.

Where to Buy NewAge Garage Cabinets

Newage Garage Cabinets Ecomm Via Wayfairvia merchant

Finally, there’s space to park my car in the garage (yay!). If you, too, would like to use your garage for its intended purpose, it’s time to get serious about organization. The NewAge garage cabinets are available at your favorite retailers, including Wayfair, Walmart, Amazon and The Home Depot.

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