10 Tips for Organizing Your Garage and Keeping It Organized

Updated: Mar. 12, 2024

Do you have those nagging garage organization problems that never seem to go away? Whether it's finding a place for a handful screws, making space for your bikes, or storing yard tools without going crazy, there's probably an issue that plagues you. Check out our permanent solutions for these problems, and start organizing your garage today.

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dfh1_toolbar small tool storage

Storing Small Tools

From magnetic strips to tool pincushions, The Family Handyman has many great projects for storing those smaller tools and bits that are difficult to find keep organized. Check out some of our more innovative DIY solutions for tiny tools. If you’d rather purchase a magnetic tool holder, check out this one from Pro Slat.

Photo: Courtesy of ProSlat

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APR_2004_005_T_01 pvc pipe tool storage

PVC Pipe Hacks

Another great way to organize small tools in your garage workshop is this holder made with PVC pipe. Check out our entire collection of PVC pipe storage hacks for more help with organizing your garage.

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fh09sep_501_51_126 ball sports equipment storage
Family Handyman

Bungee Cord Ball Holder

Sports balls can be difficult to store. They roll around and take up a lot of space. Fortunately, there’s a simple and very effective solution for this—a bungee cord holder that you can quickly build to hold all your sports balls with no trouble. This holder is part of a complete garage organizing system you can build in one weekend.

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pegboard accessories

Pegboard and Bin

In just two hours you can Install pegboard on a garage wall to create versatile up-and-out-of-the-way storage. Add a bin underneath and you’ll have a spot for all the odds and ends that make organizing your garage a chore. P.S. The right pegboard accessories are handy for an extra-organized workspace, too.

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fh03apr_02953_001-1200x1200 pipe clamps clamp
Family Handyman

Nailed PVC for Quick Access

Do you have a lot of clamps for various hobbies and work projects? Then check out our guide on how to build a storage rack for them that ensures your clamps will always stay in order and be accessible when you need them.

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paper towel holder tape storage

Multi-Use Paper Towel Holder

Mount several paper towel holders in your garage to organize tape, a roll of garbage bags and even paper towels!

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FH05SEP_461_58_129_HSP garage over the head organization system storage
Family Handyman

Overhead Storage

Most of your garage floor space is taken up with your vehicle(s), so look up! There’s a lot of unused storage space overhead. Our collection of overhead garage storage solutions includes this kayak sling and 13 other great products. Another useful option is this overhead storage system for plastic tubs.

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FH08SEP_GARSTO_01-4 garage storage
Family Handyman

Wall-to-Wall Storage

If organizing your garage entails a complete makeover, this flexible weekend garage wall project may be just what you’re looking for.

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Storing Bikes

It can be difficult to store bikes both out of the way and yet readily available. From this simple hook to more elaborate double-bike racks, make organizing your garage with one of these solutions.

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FH14SEP_DRAWRS_01-2 garage drawers
Family Handyman

For the Classy Garage

If you want your garage to be an extension of your home, with everything in its place and attractive amenities, this DIY garage storage unit is for you. This super big, super tough, super easy project was modeled after an old filing cabinet.