8 Best Garage Bike Storage Products to Organize Your Space, According to a Triathlete

A triathlete and mountain biker shares 8 of the best garage bike storage solutions.

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8 Garage Bike Storage Products To Organize Your SpaceVIA MERCHANT

With every fun hobby comes a not-so-fun side. Prime example? Bikes.

Riding bikes: Super fun, awesome, makes you feel like a kid. Storing bikes: Boring, frustrating, often ends with three too many holes drilled into your wall.

As boring as the storage side of a cycling hobby may be, it’s important to preserve your bike—not to mention keep your garage looking tidy and minimize potential hazards.

With our guide to the best garage bike storage, long gone are the days of haphazardly leaning bikes against walls or shelving.

The Best Garage Bike Storage Products

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Bike Nook Bicycle Stand
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Best Bike Storage Overall

Bike Nook Bicycle Stand

The Bike Nook Bicycle Stand combines the space-saving element of vertical bike storage with the simplistic nature of free-standing bike racks. It truly is the best of both worlds. It requires limited assembly and according to Bike Nook, can accommodate any bike with a wheel diameter of 18 inches or greater.

Customer reviews indicate that large-frame mountain bikes with 29-inch-diameter wheels fit, but just barely. Based on the product dimensions and as the owner of a medium-frame mountain bike with 29-inch wheels (2.4-inch width), I suspected this as well. Bikes with 27.5-inch wheels or small-to-medium frames should fare fine with the Bike Nook.

The Bike Nook requires minimal assembly that should take no more than 15 minutes, and when you’re done, you simply roll the rear bike wheel into the rack, stand the bike up and close the included velcro strap around the wheel and frame to secure it into place.


  • Vertical storage saves floor space
  • No drilling required
  • Under $100
  • Fits most bike types


  • Large-frame mountain bikes with 29″ wheels just barely fit
  • Not meant for fat-tire bikes

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Steadyrack Classic
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Best Vertical Bike Storage

Steadyrack Classic

The Steadyrack Classic vertical bike storage rack securely holds one bike vertically against the wall, and if you have multiple bikes, you can mount these in whatever fashion makes the most sense for your bike types, sizes and handlebar widths. Even better, the Steadyrack Classic features a pivot arm that moves 160 degrees, making this storage solution an even more impressive space saver.

Unfortunately, most mountain bikes won’t fit, seeing as the maximum tire width accommodated is 2.1 inches. Most mountain bikes have a tire width of 2.3 inches or more. For virtually any other type of bike, the Steadyrack Classic is a shoo-in for vertical bike storage—and there’s a Steadyrack designed specifically for mountain bikes if that’s what you need.


  • Steel and UV-treated durable plastic construction
  • Arm pivots 160 degrees to save even more space
  • Foldable
  • Extremely positive customer reviews


  • Cannot accommodate tire widths greater than 2.1″ (most mountain bikes won’t fit)
  • Requires drilling into walls, not a portable solution

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Park Tool Bike Storage Hook
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Best Bike Storage on a Budget

Park Tool Bike Storage Hook

Industrial hooks are by far the least expensive bike storage solution available. You can pick up an industrial hook at any hardware store, but we recommend the Park Tool Bike Storage Hook, which was designed specifically for this purpose.

These Park Tool hooks are available in several sizes to accommodate different bike types. Choose 450 for road bikes, time trial bikes, hybrids and standard leisure bikes; 470 for mountain bikes or aero bikes with deep rims; or 470XX for fat tire bikes. Additionally, you can choose machine thread or wood thread with or without nuts, based on your needs.

You do need to ensure you have an adequate place to install the hook; ceiling joists are most common. Be sure to choose a location that you know for sure can support the weight of your bike, otherwise, the hook will rip out of the wall or ceiling, and your bike will crash down with it.


  • Inexpensive
  • Coated in silicone to protect bike rim
  • No assembly required


  • Installation into ceiling, joist, stud, or wall required
  • Not the easiest storage solution to rack bikes on

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Birdrock Home 3 Bike Floor Stand
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Easiest Way to Store Bikes

BirdRock Home 3-Bike Floor Stand

It doesn’t get easier than rolling your bike into a designated parking spot. That’s exactly what the BirdRock Home 3-Bike Floor Stand allows you to do, and it also stores helmets, bike shoes and anything else related to your favorite hobby.

This is a great option for people who are looking for something inexpensive but effective, although it’s not ideal for people who lack floor space. If floor space is not a problem for you, a floor stand is my top recommendation purely for ease.

The BirdRock stand, in particular, stores up to three bikes and includes handy hooks and cubbies for all your related gear. As someone who owns three bikes currently, plus multiple helmets, clip-in shoes and an absurd amount of bike bottles, I would buy this in a heartbeat if I had the space. But alas, I live in a small city apartment.


  • Stores up to three bikes (two-bike and four-bike options also available)
  • Includes a cubby/shelf and storage hooks to hold related gear
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight and easy to move


  • Takes up a lot of floor space
  • Some assembly required

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Ultrawall 6 Bike Storage Hanger
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Best Bike Storage for Multiple Bikes

Ultrawall 6-Bike Storage Hanger

If you’ve got an entire family of bikes to store, check out the Ultrawall 6-Bike Storage Hanger. This solution mounts into the wall on an adjustable track and can hold six bikes weighing up to 300 pounds in total. This means that whether you’ve got lightweight aero time trial bikes or six hefty aluminum mountain bikes, this storage unit can handle it.

While drilling into the wall isn’t always ideal, it’s necessary for this rack and, in my opinion, worth the six bike’s worth of floor space you’ll free up. Better yet, the bike hooks are adjustable with a 5-millimeter drill bit, so you can move things around if you get new bikes (without needing a new rack).

The entire unit is powder-coated for durability and resistance to humid weather, so you can rest assured that this bike storage hanger will last for years in your garage or storage shed.


  • Efficiently stores six bikes
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Powder-coated steel frame for longevity


  • Assembly and wall installation required

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Delta Cycle Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand
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Best Hanging Bike Storage

Delta Cycle Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand

This gravity stand from Delta Cycle is a simple, cost-efficient and space-efficient way to store two bicycles of any type. Constructed of powder-coated steel tubing, this genius solution uses gravity to stabilize two bikes against a wall. Just lean the rack against your wall of choice, hang your bikes by the center frame and adjust the arms as needed.

One thing to consider is that the maximum load this rack can support is 100 pounds; however, most bikes weigh far less than 50 pounds, even mountain bikes. Tools for assembly are included, and customer reviews indicate that assembly is quick and easy. Even though this may look like a wall-mounted rack in photos, absolutely no drilling is required.

And if you are worried about scuffing up your wall or floor, don’t: The Gravity Stand comes with rubber bumpers to protect both.


  • Simple but sturdy
  • Holds two bikes
  • No drilling required
  • Easy to move


  • May scuff bike frame if you aren’t careful

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Gootus Horizontal Wall Mount Bike Rack
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Best Wall Storage for Bikes

Gootus Horizontal Wall-Mount Bike Rack

Another way to horizontally store your bike or bikes, the Gootus Horizontal Wall-Mount Bike Rack utilizes smart geometry to support an impressive load of up to 150 pounds. (I’d be interested to know what a 150-pound bike looks like, on that note…)

Each rack comes with three small stainless steel hooks that mount into the wall. One supports the frame via the pedal; one supports the front wheel; and one supports the rear wheel. This triangular fashion structure provides much more support than hanging the bike by the frame alone. The Gootus racks come with two types of screws; you can mount it on a brick or concrete wall, in a stud, or drywall.

Because of the pedal hook (versus a frame hook), this rack is ideal for those who want horizontal wall storage but are concerned about scuffing the frame—it won’t!


  • Small and lightweight
  • Very sturdy
  • Will not cause scuffing to bike frame due to pedal attachment point


  • Drilling required

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Hornit Clug World's Smallest Bike Rack
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Best Bike Storage for Apartments

Hornit CLUG World’s Smallest Bike Rack

For individuals in small spaces such as studio apartments, the Hornit CLUG is a no-brainer. With models available for road bikes and mountain bikes, the World’s Smallest Bike Rack weighs just a hair over an ounce and mounts into the wall, taking up virtually no space.

You simply click the front wheel of your bike into the rack, and it stands vertically, freeing up floor space previously taken by the bike. According to customer reviews, installation takes a half hour or less and is super simple: Just determine the appropriate height by measuring your bike’s length and drill into a stud.

Make sure you buy the right size: Hornit has specialized CLUGs for road, mountain, hybrid, extra-large mountain and fat tire (plus) bikes.


  • Multiple sizes available to accommodate different bikes
  • Takes up only a few inches of wall space
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Frees up floor space


  • Requires drilling into studs

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What to Look for When Buying Bike Storage

There are a lot of different ways you can choose to store your bikes, from floor “parking” to wall-mounted racks. The best solution for you will ultimately depend on your available space, the type and number of bikes you have and what you’re comfortable with in terms of drilling holes into your walls.

Here are some major factors that can (and should) influence your buying decision.

Number of Bikes

I’m going to state the obvious here. If you have more than one bike, you’ll need a storage solution that accommodates more than one bike. Be sure to double-check the specs of any multi-bike products and, if you choose a single-bike solution, make sure to add the correct quantity to your cart.

Type of Bike(s)

Storing a mountain bike comes with unique considerations compared to storing a road bike or e-bike; likewise with e-bikes, beach cruisers, kids’ bikes and other styles. Frame shapes and sizes vary drastically, as do the wheel diameter, tire width and wheel depth. All of this impacts the ideal storage solution for you. The specs on a product listing should tell you which type of bike it is suited for.

Bike Weight

You must know the weight of your bike if you intend to hang it from the wall or ceiling in any form or fashion. Andy Tesch, owner of VeloDock says, “I would make sure it’s at least rated for the weight of the bike. Paying a little extra for more capacity could also future proof your bike rack if you decide to get a different bike.”

Specifically, “Electric bikes tend to be very heavy, so make sure the bike rack can accommodate the weight of the bike rack,” he says. “Also make sure any bike rack is correctly anchored to the wall with fasteners that are also rated for the weight of the bike and bike rack.”

(P.S. Make sure you know these bike theft prevention tips.)

Wall Construction

If you plan to hang your bikes from the wall, triple-check the product specs to ensure the rack can be mounted in your wall. For instance, I once bought a wall-mounted rack without following this advice and later learned that it didn’t come with any of the hardware I needed to mount it in my concrete wall.

Floor Space

“Storing your bike vertically is a very efficient way to free up valuable floor space,” says Andy Tesch, owner of VeloDock. “You can alternate the heights of the racks to accommodate various bikes in a smaller space.”
On the flip side, horizontal storage is typically easier since it often doesn’t require drilling and mounting a unit into the wall—but you’ll pay the price in floor space.

Triathlete and Mountain Biker At Your Service

Like many people, I’ve been riding bikes since I was a kid, and all the neighborhood moms would say, “Just come home when the street lights come on!” But in recent years, I’ve taken up cycling as a more serious hobby in the forms of triathlon and local mountain biking.

I own three bikes myself—one mountain bike, a road bike and a time trial bike—and I’ve owned many before these three. In addition to my own experience with bikes and cycling, I spent hours researching available bike storage solutions for this guide and talking to experts in the field.

I spoke with bike mechanics to understand what makes a good bike storage solution, and I heavily researched more than 30 products before narrowing my choices down to the 8 you see on this list. When shortlisting, I looked at customer reviews and product specs including weight ratings, warranties, shipping and return policies, assembly and more.

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What is the most space-efficient way to store bikes in the garage?

Vertical storage solutions that bolt into the wall tend to be the most space-efficient way to store bikes because they free up a ton of floor space compared to freestanding racks and floor stands. Another space-efficient option is a ceiling-mounted solution, but it can be very tricky to get your bikes into a ceiling rack.

Is it OK to hang a bike by one wheel?

Andy Tesch, owner of VeloDock says, “Yes, it is safe to store your bike by one wheel. For ease of loading, and not hanging wheels from a hook, a rack that your bike can easily roll on to is best.”

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