9 Handy Tips to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Tidy up your kitchen cabinets with these creative tips and game-changing storage products.

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Create Extra Space With Risers Courtesy @katys Organized Home Via Instagram
Courtesy @katys_organized_home/Instagram

Create Extra Space With Risers

According to home organizer @katys_organized_home, cabinet risers make all the difference when organizing kitchen cabinets. A riser elevates stacks of dishes and creates extra space underneath to slide plates or bowls. It’s a great way to maximize all the vertical space in a cabinet that otherwise would be wasted.

Clear risers like these give your cabinet a professional look and don’t add visual clutter.

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Matching Spice Jars Courtesy @merrill.henderson Via Instagram
Courtesy @merrill.henderson/Instagram

Matching Spice Jars

Transfer all your spices into matching jars and labels to create an organized spice cabinet like @merrill.henderson. A narrow cabinet near your stove top is a great location for spices. Use an adjustable spice riser so you can see everything at a glance. Who knew a spice cabinet could be so beautiful?

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Food Storage Containers

Create a food storage container cabinet like this one from @therealcindyology. Use a basket with dividers to organize lids. These stackable water bottle holders will keep yours tidy and visible.

The most important step to this organized cabinet? Purging! Before you organize, get rid of all the damaged bottles and storage containers with missing lids.

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Appliance Garage Courtesy @ms.cynthiiaa Via Instagram
Courtesy @ms.cynthiiaa/Instagram

Appliance Garage

Some kitchen designs include an appliance garage, a cabinet set aside to store small appliances like toasters and blenders. Often feature a roll-up door and outlets inside.

Even if you don’t have an official appliance garage, you can apply the same idea by organizing all your appliances in one standard cabinet, like this example from @ms.cynthiiaa. This saves lots of valuable counter space.

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Corral Disposable Products Courtesy @cleanandcollected Via Instagram
Courtesy @cleanandcollected/Instagram

Corral Disposable Products

Get rid of those messy bags and boxes holding plastic flatware and paper plates. Instead, keep all your disposable products in one organized cabinet like @cleanandcollected does. This way you can always see when you’re running low on something, and guests or kids can easily find what they need.

These clear narrow containers are the perfect size for plastic forks, knives and spoons.

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Easily adds storage to the door of our sink cabinet ✨ Link in bio. #amazonfinds #kitchenorganizer #cabinetorganizing #thesimplewise

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Utilize the Door

Create extra storage real estate on the back of your cabinet doors. This idea from @thesimplewise shows how to use clear self-adhesive bins to hold things like dishwasher tablets, sponges or rolls of plastic wrap and foil. Unlike over-the-door organizers, no unsightly hooks peek out when the cabinet is closed.

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Glideware Kitchen Organizers Pull Out Drawer Ecomm Wayfair.com
via merchant

Pullout Pots Organizer

Install this Glideware Kitchen Pull Out Organizer inside the top of a kitchen cabinet to hold cookware. Simply hang pots upside down by the handles. You can also organize the lids by threading the lid handle over the pot handle, as shown here. When it’s time to make dinner, pull out the extender and grab the pot you need.

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Pots and Pans Organizer

The pots and pans cabinet organizer seen in this TikTok by @malloryhudsonxo can be used vertically as shown here or horizontally. It keeps all your pans and lids readily accessible so you don’t have to rearrange stacks to grab what you need. It’s also adjustable. You can change the width or height of each section, customizing it for your pan collection.

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Home Bar Cabinet Courtesy @davonport Interiors Via Instagram
Courtesy @davonport_interiors/Instagram

Home Bar Cabinet

Store all your home bar supplies together in one cabinet. This keeps all your fancy glassware and drinks dust-free and everything you need for cocktail hour in one convenient spot.

Notice in this bar cabinet by @davonport_interiors the glasses are all lined up in tidy rows, and the bottles kept on the bottom shelf for easy access. Bonus points for the LED lighting that gives the whole cabinet a high-end look and soft glow.

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