8 Best Golf Bag Garage Storage Ideas to Keep Your Clubs Organized

If golf is your game, you've likely got a lot of gear. Find your ultimate solution with our list of the best golf bag garage storage.

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If golf is your game of choice, you already know that it can be an expensive hobby. And besides the costs of golf clubs, golf shoes, club memberships and greens fees, there’s also the issue of storage—golf club sets take up a lot of space, most likely in your garage. A golf club garage storage system can achieve a few objectives, including keeping your garage neat and orderly, maximizing garage space, keeping clubs off the ground and keeping all of your golf gear easily accessible.

Lifelong golfer, Reid Colson, who runs Yardstick Golf and an active Reddit forum for golf enthusiasts, advises that you take your time researching different options for golf bag garage storage. He went with a wall-based unit, but says he wishes he’d considered some other factors, “like providing shelving for my shoes, balls, hats and other accessories.”

Here’s a look at the system Colson chose, as well as multiple other best golf bag garage storage ideas.

The Best Golf Bag Garage Storage

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Suncast Rack Golf Equipment Organizer Storage
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Best Overall Golf Bag Garage Storage

Suncast Rack Golf Equipment Organizer Storage

There’s a lot to like about this highly functional golf gear storage rack from Suncast. First and foremost is that it keeps all your golf gear in one place—we’re talking space for two bags, plus shelves for golf shoes, golf balls, tees and other gear. It keeps bags off the floor, yet doesn’t require wall mounting. This versatile unit is made of sturdy metal, and has adjustable feet so you can properly level is with your garage’s floor.


  • Freestanding system with adjustable feet
  • No wall screws or anchors required
  • Quick assembly
  • Reasonably priced


  • May be a tight squeeze for two bags

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Jef World Of Golf Bag Holder
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Best Budget Golf Bag Garage Storage

Jef World of Golf Bag Holder

If you’re on a budget but still want to tidy up your garage, this golf bag holder from Jef World is a smart option. Available in either single or double bag sizes, this rack conveniently fits in corners and comes with an adjustable strap to keep bags in place. We like the durable metal construction, but do want to note that the holder requires some assembly. Luckily, the assembly process is reportedly not too difficult, and many customers were able to tackle the task without another set of hands.


  • Won’t break the bank
  • Available in single and double bag sizes
  • Metal construction
  • Removable shoe tray


  • Could be sturdier

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Gladiator Geartrack 12 Piece System
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Best Rail System Golf Bag Garage Storage

Gladiator GearTrack 12-Piece System

If your objective is straightforward—aka to get your golf clubs off the ground—this simple rail system from Gladiator is a sure bet. The kit is composed of two rails and comes with eight hooks for holding golf clubs and any other garage essentials that you’d like to keep off the ground. Colson bought a similar Gladiator system and says he likes it because “I can modify the hooks easily to hang either a golf bag or a push cart, and I can hang four bags at once.”


  • Holds multiple golf bags at once
  • Comes with a range of hooks
  • Suitable for all sorts of garage gear
  • Affordable


  • 75-pound weight limit per rail

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Gladiator Golf Geartrack Pack Golf Bag Storage Rail System
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Best Splurge Golf Bag Garage Storage

Gladiator GearTrack Golf Bag Storage Rail System

Gladiator GearTrack systems are a consistently solid choice for anyone who wants a well-organized garage. This golf bag shelving unit mounts on two rails, so it does double duty—it keeps bags off the ground and keeps the garage floor free of a bulky shelf. The good news is that the kit comes with everything you need, including the wall brackets, screws and more, to get started.


  • Kit includes all needed parts
  • Compact system
  • Holds two standard golf bags and accessories
  • Has a limited lifetime warranty


  • 75-pound weight limit

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17 Stories Freestanding Sports Rack
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Best Rolling Golf Bag Garage Storage

17 Stories Freestanding Sports Rack

If you want to keep your garage storage game flexible, consider this rolling sports rack available on Wayfair. It holds two standard golf bags and includes shelves for shoes and other golf gear. Plus, it’s on casters, so you can move it around when it’s time for that big garage makeover. This unit is adjustable and made of anti-rust carbon steel, so it’ll look good for years to come.


  • Has four movable wheels
  • Freestanding and portable
  • Made of anti-rust carbon steel
  • Mesh metal shelves let air circulate


  • Items may fall off the back of the shelves

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Mythinglogic Golf Storage Garage Organizer
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Most Versatile Golf Bag Garage Storage

Mythinglogic Golf Storage Garage Organizer

“Comprehensive” is the word that comes to mind with this multitasking golf and sports gear organizer that’s ideal for a family of athletes. The wall-mounted system holds two golf bags, with ample shelves for shoes, balls and other gear. Other racks and components hold baseball bats, hockey sticks, skates, rackets and other sports equipment, and there’s a big bin for balls. Basically, if you’re looking for a large unit that’ll give you room to grow into your favorite sport, this is it.


  • Has many shelves, hooks and storage components
  • Accommodates multiple sports equipment
  • Additional shelves and racks can be added
  • Reasonably priced


  • May require two-person assembly
  • Needs to be anchored to the wall

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Gosports Premium Wooden Golf Bag Organizer And Storage Rack
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Best Wooden Golf Bag Garage Storage

GoSports Premium Wooden Golf Bag Organizer and Storage Rack

If you’d like a more sophisticated look for your golf bag garage storage, or you just don’t like the looks of metal racks, this wooden rack is an attractive option. It holds two golf bags in separate bins, and has center shelves made to hold shoes, balls, golf towels and more. The wooden construction means it’s a good choice for indoor use, such as in a rec room, mudroom or study.


  • Attractive alternative to metal
  • Also available in black and white painted wood
  • Suitable for garage or indoor use
  • Holds two golf bags


  • Wood material not suitable for damp areas

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Fhxzh Golf Bag Storage Rack
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Best Golf Bag Garage Storage for One

Fhxzh Golf Bag Storage Rack

This compact and portable golf bag storage rack is handy for a golfer who hasn’t accumulated a ton of gear, but still wants to keep things neat and orderly. And for a small rack, it outpunches its weight—there’s a shelf for a pair of shoes, a bin for golf balls, hooks for hats, rooms for tees and even a rack for freestanding clubs and a golf towel. Built with casters, the rack is portable, so you don’t have to commit to mounting it in one place.


  • Holds one golf bag
  • Compact storage rack
  • Easy assembly and no drilling required
  • Has four wheels


  • Top-heavy with a full bag of clubs

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What to Look for When Buying Garage Golf Bag Storage

Golf expert Colson, who settled on a Gladiator GearTrack system, says that “knowing what I know now, I would suggest looking for the following in a golf storage system”:

  • Enough space for the number of golf bags you want to store
  • Shelves or baskets for shoes, hats, balls and other golf gear
  • Something that keeps your gear off the ground to keep clubs from getting damaged
  • Sturdy enough to handle the weight of a few loaded golf bags
  • Easy to mount securely so it won’t fall

Be sure to consider how much space in your garage you can dedicate to golf gear, and whether you want this to be the permanent home for your clubs. If you’re inclined to rearrange your garage often, you may want a rolling or freestanding system rather than a wall-mounted one.

How We Found the Best Garage Golf Bag Storage

We heard from a golfing pro, and researched dozens of different garage golf bag storage options before settling on the seven best for this shopping guide. We looked at features and benefits of each system, pored over user comments and reviews, and considered price to quality ratio when making our picks.


How do I organize my golf equipment in my garage?

How you organize your golf gear depends largely on your existing garage storage situation. If you already have shelving units or a storage wall where you can stash balls, tees, golf shoes and other equipment, then you may just be interested in getting your golf clubs off the ground. If that’s the case, then a simple rail storage system for hanging clubs may suffice. If you want to keep all of your golf gear in a single place in the garage, then a golf storage system with shelves, hooks for hats and towels, as well as compartments for clubs is a better option.

How do you organize an overwhelming garage?

Organizing a cluttered garage will probably start with a big clean-up and clean out. Donate, sell or dump items that you no longer use or that are broken beyond repair. Separate remaining items into categories, for example, hand tools and hardware, power tools, automotive gear and sports equipment. Then consult our DIY guides and ideas for garage storage and organization.


  • Reid Colson, a lifelong golfer who runs Yardstick Golf and an active Reddit forum for golf enthusiasts

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