9 Garden Tool Bags to Keep Planting Essentials Organized and Ready to Use

Updated: Mar. 18, 2024

Store your supplies and keep them in order for the next gardening session with a garden tool bag

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10 Garden Tool Bags To Keep Planting Essentials Close At HandVIA MERCHANT

Whether you have a small flower bed or a full-fledged vegetable garden, you’ve probably amassed a collection of hand tools, such as a shovel, a trowel and various tillers and pruners, to help get the job done. As you survey your shed or garage for your garden tools, you might realize a little organization could make your green-thumb chores go even smoother. That’s where a garden tool bag can help.

“A garden tool bag provides a convenient and organized way to carry and store essential gardening tools, preventing loss and damage. Additionally, a tool bag ensures easy accessibility during gardening tasks, saving time and effort,” says Laura Walsh, certified floral designer. “A tool bag can help keep your tools in good condition, extend their lifespan, and promote efficient gardening by having everything you need at hand.”

To help narrow down your search, we’ve gathered some options that are durable, water-resistant and spacious—just the thing to keep gardening hand tools close at, well, hand. “If you have a large collection of tools that needs to be organized, opt for a bag with a variety of pockets and compartments,” says Walsh. “Select a bag big enough for the essentials without becoming too heavy. Choose a bag made from a durable material such as canvas, nylon or polyester. Also, consider the water resistance of your tool bag to protect your tools and enhance the longevity of your bag.”

If you think a little tool organization is just what you need to make gardening even more enjoyable, here are some of the best garden tool bags.

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A Solid Starter Set via merchant

10-Piece Starter Set

Glaric Gardening Tool Set 10 Pcs

This 10-piece bag-and-tool set comes with everything a gardening newbie needs to start tilling, planting and harvesting. Tools include a transplanter, trowel, pruner, rake, weeder, weeding fork, sprayer and gardening gloves—all within a heavy-duty tote. Plus, the bag is designed to be longer than it is wide to take up less storage space, but still offer plenty of room to carry anything else you need within its central cavity.

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Basic Garden Tool Bag via merchant

Basic Garden Tool Bag

WORKPRO Garden Tool Bag

For those who have a handful of tools but no good way to keep them together, this sturdy Oxford canvas tote won’t fail. It features eight tall pockets around the perimeter of its a compact 12-inch-by-6-inch footprint, and the reinforced bottom prevents it from from tipping if you place it down with an uneven load. As a bonus, it comes in two solid colors, pink and green, and two floral prints. Here are a few tips to keep your tools secure.

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Martha Stewart Organizer Bag via merchant

Extra-Organized Garden Bag

Martha Stewart Heavy-Duty Canvas Garden Bag

Organization is the name of the game with this Martha Stewart gardening bag. With 11 total compartments, including six 6-inch-tall exterior pockets and two 11-inch-tall interior pockets, all your tools for cultivating a garden will have a dedicated storage spot—would you expect anything less? The long, detachable, padded shoulder strap offers an alternative to the short grab handles, and makes it more comfortable to carry with a heavy load. Bonus: These are the best garden tool organizers to keep things tidy in your garage or shed.

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Combo Tool Bag And Stool via merchant

Garden Tool Bag and Stool Combo

GardenHOME Garden Tool Set

If you need both a place for all your gardening supplies and a place to sit while using them, check out this all-in-one garden bag and stool. The polyester bag comes with five garden hand tools and an integrated frame that folds out into a comfortable seat. The bag fully detaches, too, so you can use either the tote or seat on its own when needed.

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Heavy Duty Tote via merchant

Heavy-Duty Garden Tool Bag

Roylvan 14″ Garden Tool Bag

This 14-inch-wide garden tool bag gets its sturdy structure from the 900-denier canvas fabric and a base fortified with a plastic board. The bungee straps across each of the eight exterior tool pockets offer extra security. You may also choose between carrying it by the padded handles or using the detachable shoulder strap.

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Garden Tool Belt via merchant

Garden Tool Belt

Case4Life Handy Organizer Garden Tool Pouch

If you find yourself filling your pockets to keep your garden tools close at hand, this belted garden tool pouch should be your pick. The five tool pockets and one large zippered pocket let you stash your most frequently used gear, and the adjustable strap fits waists up to 46 inches. Heavy-duty canvas and reinforced seams ensure the product lasts a long time.

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Giftable Garden Tool Bag via merchant

Eight-Piece Garden Tool Bag

Hutchcraft 4.5″ Garden Tool Bag

Want a useful gift for a budding gardener? This petite garden tool bag offers a starter set of tools, including a rake, a trowel, a shovel, two pruners and a spray bottle. It’s a nice package for a child or adult who’s just learning to exercise their green thumb.

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Metal Framed Garden Tool Bag via merchant

Metal-Framed Garden Tool Bag

MKYRLX Garden Tool Bag

This Hawaiian-themed floral garden tote isn’t just a pretty pick. The smart design has a metal frame to keep the bag standing upright and open when set down on the ground. The large 14-inch-wide bag features 10 front, back and side pockets with plenty of storage space for yard tools.

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Garden Tools Bucket Bag via merchant

Garden Tool Bucket Bag

Gerymu Garden Tool Tote Bag

Talk about a clever design! This hybrid garden tool bag slips around a standard 5-gallon bucket, so you can carry your tools, along with water, soil or fertilizer at the same time. Or you can skip the bucket and use that large central space to tote flower pots or vegetables from your garden. The bucket bag is made of heavy canvas with reinforced stitching around the eight exterior pockets to ensure durability as you remove and replace your tools.

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