11 Vegetable Garden Ideas

Updated: Dec. 13, 2023

From raised beds to balcony planters, these simple vegetable garden ideas will inspire you to turn your outdoor space into a bountiful harvest!

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Rooftop Vegetable Garden Courtesy @chapman Collection Via Instagram
Courtesy @chapman_collection/Instagram

Rooftop Vegetable Garden

We never knew how much we needed a rooftop garden until we saw this jaw-dropping space from @chapman_collection. Imagine tending to your garden while viewing a city skyline view like this. Plus, there’s no shortage of sunlight on a roof, so these vegetables are sure to be healthy and happy.

You can build them from a kit. By the way: A rooftop garden is not the same as a green roof.

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In Ground Vegetable Garden Courtesy @thewiedmeyerhomestead Via Instagram
Courtesy @thewiedmeyerhomestead/Instagram

In-Ground Vegetable Garden

Although planters keep vegetables contained and tidy, there’s something to be said for an old-fashioned vegetable garden planted directly in the ground, like this one from @thewiedmeyerhomestead.

Wheatgrass covers the pathways between the tidy rows of veggies, and a fence surrounds the whole thing to keep out critters. A layer of small rocks around the fence prevents hungry rabbits from burrowing underneath.

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Redwood Vegetable Garden Courtesy @drabtofab Via Instagram
Courtesy @drabtofab/Instagram

Redwood Vegetable Garden

This garden space by @drabtofab makes a huge visual impact. The raised beds and planter wall are made from naturally durable redwood, which has gorgeous coloring and resists warping and splitting. Plus, the position of the wall allows for morning sun and afternoon shade — ideal conditions for thriving veggie plants.

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Balcony Container Vegetable Garden Courtesy @bendi.kangkong Via Instagram
Courtesy @bendi.kangkong/Instagram

Balcony Container Vegetable Garden

If you don’t have a large yard, you don’t have to give up your vegetable garden dreams. A container garden, like this one from @bendi.kangkong, takes up less space and can be placed anywhere, including a patio or balcony. This is a great option for renters because you can take your precious plants with you when you move.

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Unique Shape Vegetable Garden Courtesy @thebackyardfarmco Via Instagram
Courtesy @thebackyardfarmco/Instagram

Unique Shape Vegetable Garden

Raised garden beds come in all shapes and sizes, but you’ve probably never seen a vegetable garden like this one from @thebackyardfarmco. Rather than individual beds, the wood-framed garden bed wraps around the whole perimeter of the fence. The creative layout maximizes growing space while keeping all the plants within easy reach.

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Octagon Vegetable Garden Courtesy @woodblocx Via Instagram
Courtesy @woodblocx/Instagram

Octagon Vegetable Garden

You can DIY this octagon-shaped garden from @woodblocx available in the United Kingdom, made of modular building blocks held together with plastic dowels — no power tools or cutting required!

The unexpected octagon shape brings chic style to an outdoor space, and the three heights fit more vegetables in a small space. Here’s another octagon garden bed available in the U.S.

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Courtyard Vegetable Garden Courtesy @potager Urban Garden Design Via Instagram
Courtesy @potager_urban_garden_design/Instagram

Courtyard Vegetable Garden

These cedar box garden beds from @potager_urban_garden_design turn this small courtyard into a living pantry. The beds contain mostly herbs, with blueberries and granadilla (AKA sugar fruit) planted to climb the trellises. With the kitchen nearby, it’s just a few steps to snip off fresh ingredients for dinner.

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Stack And Grow Vegetable Garden Courtesy @elho.world Via Instagram
Courtesy @elho.world/Instagram

Stack-and-Grow Vegetable Garden

Take advantage of your available vertical space for vegetable growing with these stack and grow planters from @elho.world (available in the United Kingdom). They stack horizontally or vertically (up to three boxes tall) to create a custom vegetable wall. They also come with drainage holes that allow excess water to drip down to the lower plants.

Here’s a stackable planter kit available in the U.S.

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Farmstand Tower Vegetable Garden Ecomm Via Lettucegrow.com
via merchant

Tower Vegetable Garden

Grow leafy vegetables and herbs in this Farmstand tower garden in as little as three weeks. Choose your seedlings, add the included nutrients and let the self-watering and self-fertilizing hydroponic system do all the work. And the best part? No dirt means no digging or weeding, and little mess!

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Rain Gutter Vegetable Garden Courtesy @rootsandknuckles Via Instagram
Courtesy @rootsandknuckles/Instagram

Rain Gutter Vegetable Garden

Not a lot of ground space? Grow vegetables directly on a wall or fence with a rain gutter garden like this one from @rootsandknuckles. Vinyl rain gutters are affordable, lightweight for easy hanging, and can be easily cut with a hand saw. Be sure to drill small holes along the bottom of the gutter for proper drainage.

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Wall Vegetable Garden Courtesy @flowerstreetaz Via Instagram
Courtesy @flowerstreetaz/Instagram

Wall Vegetable Garden

Short on yard, deck or even balcony space? With this option, all you need is a blank wall!

Transform your wall into a living garden with this vertical garden unit from @flowerstreetaz. The three tiers are made of naturally rot-resistant cedar. The fitted drip line makes watering easier. Check out these other inspirational vertical gardens and planters.