Best Garden Gnome Inspiration to Transform Your Outdoor Space: Traditional Gnomes & More

Updated: Apr. 15, 2024

A garden gnome adds fun and whimsy to any yard or garden. Here are some of the best ones to consider.

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Garden gnomes
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All About Garden Gnomes

Fairy gardens and gnomes are a popular way to add a little fun and whimsy to your garden décor.

German sculptor Phillip Griebel debuted small gnomes topped with pointy hats for the garden in 1884. They proved popular and eventually spawned a prank called gnome-napping. Someone steals a garden gnome, takes it on adventures and sends photographic evidence of the exploits to the owner. The 2001 French film “Amélie” prominently featured a pilfered garden gnome.

You won’t need to gnome-nap when you have your own. Here are 10 of our favorite garden gnomes.

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Best Classic Garden Gnome

If a traditional garden gnome is what you’re after, then check out THE Garden Gnome. No doubt you’ve seen this guy countless times in people’s yards and landscaping. Made of weather-resistant resin, he’s available in six-inch and 10-inch options. “So darn cute!” writes one reviewer. “Colors are bright, good quality for the price.”

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Best Mini Garden Gnomes

The Safari Limited Gnome Family is the perfect addition to your fairy garden supplies and other small-scale projects. You get six tiny gnomes that measure between 1-1/2 in. to 2-1/2 in. tall. The set includes mama and papa gnomes, along with gnomes in a watering can and on a toadstool, an accordionist gnome and a banjoist gnome. Each piece is plastic and hand-painted.

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Best Large Garden Gnome

If you’re looking for a large, statement making gnome, look no further than the Design Toscano Gottfried Gigantic Garden Gnome statue. This one stands nearly four feet tall! It’s made of resin and hand-painted by a company that specializes in statues and other replicas.

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Best Bird Feeder Garden Gnome

Design Toscano Wheelbarrow Willie Garden Gnome doubles as a bird feeder. He stands a foot tall and is ready to attract feathered friends when you fill his wheelbarrow with bird seed. He’s made of resin and hand-painted.

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Best Zen Garden Gnome

Design Toscano Zen Garden Gnome makes a perfect addition to a zen garden. This blissed-out gnome sits with his eyes closed in the lotus position. A little bluebird nests in his long, white beard. This chill guy, eight inches tall, is made of resin and covered in UV-resistant paint. You’ll have him around for years to come.

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Funniest Garden Gnome

You’re sure to bring smiles with this Biker Gnome statue in your garden. This polyresin garden gnome sports a leather jacket, gloves, a biker helmet and sunglasses. And yes, he’s also giving the peace sign. He stands 10 inches tall and weighs in at a sturdy three pounds.

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Best Solar-Powered Garden Gnome

For a garden gnome that does double duty as an outdoor light, check out the Gnome Solar-Powered LED Outdoor Decor Garden Light. An embedded panel collects solar energy during the day and powers a little can in the gnome’s hands when the sun goes down. Made of polyresin, this garden gnome stands 13 inches tall and comes with a rechargeable battery.

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Best Garden Gnome Set

If you’re after more than one, this set of six Garden Gnomes is a strong choice. These classic red hat-wearing garden gnome push a cart of flowers, carry buckets of water, enjoy a snack and more. They’re made of weather-resistant cast resin and stand 3-1/2 in. tall.

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Best Garden Gnome for Trees

Enliven a tree with the Design Toscano Knothole Welcome Tree Door. A classic garden gnome peeks out from behind a wooden door. Use the keyhole slot in the back to hang it from a tree or anywhere else. It’s nine inches tall and made from durable-crushed stone bonded with resin.

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Best Female Garden Gnome

A great option for a lady gnome is the Gnomes of Toad Hollow Zelda the female garden statue. An old European design includes the all-important pointy red hat. She stands a respectable 20 inches tall, and at four pounds is sure to stay put. Her special UV coating lets her easily handle intense sun.

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