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10 Zen Water Feature Ideas for Outdoors

If you want a chill vibe in your outdoor space, take inspiration from these peaceful water features.

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Cascading Fountain Water Feature

This small outdoor water feature can be tucked between bushes or near the front entrance of your home to add a Zen vibe to your landscape. These stone-looking bowls are situated on pillars in a stacked formation, with water cascading from basin to basin. Lights in the bowls make it suitable for evening gatherings as well.

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Koi Pond

Take in the vitamin D while enjoying this soothing water feature. This Los Angeles home features a pond that’s 5 feet deep with interconnecting underwater tunnels, ensuring the fish are able to seek cover from predators and also shade in the summer months.

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Bamboo Water Feature

This simple and elegant Japanese bamboo water feature is an easy-to-build design that you can add to your backyard. Bamboo is used for a water spout and sluices, ending up in a small pond.

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pondvia eenevski/Shutterstock

Backyard Pond

This serene little garden pond features a fountain in the middle that creates the soothing, gentle sound of water drops. Potted succulents and cacti add a to the overall peaceful scene.

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Backyard Waterfall and Pond

Transform your backyard by DIYing this small pond with a waterfall. This water feature may be small, at less than 6 feet long and just over 4 feet across, but the sensational stonework and sparkling waterfall will make an impact. You can build it in as little as one weekend!

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Stone Fountain

Bring the splash and sparkle of falling water to your yard in just one weekend by DIYing this stone fountain. The fountain shown here is about 4 ft. in diameter, but you could make yours half or twice as big, to suite your yard.

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cast concrete fountainFamily Handyman

Concrete Fountain

If you’re looking for a DIY water feature project that’s freestanding, consider this fountain. It doesn’t require any special skill and requires very little maintenance once constructed. Place this beautiful concrete fountain among plants, situated on a deck or patio or perhaps build a pair to flank a gateway path.

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Spillway Wall Water Feature

This eye-catching water feature looks and ages like real stone! The kit comes complete with a water pump and sub-surface reservoir, and you can add the relaxing sights and sounds of water to your front or back yard. The natural look fits in with other water features, such as a small DIY waterfall.

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Fountain with Fire

As if a beautiful fountain at the center of a circular driveway weren’t enough of a gorgeous statement, this water feature also incorporates small fire pits. This fountain adorns an amazing English Tudor estate and garden in Dallas.

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Family Handyman

Simple Backyard Waterfall

Build this attractive backyard waterfall in less than a day. Along with bringing some Zen to your space, it’s super simple to construct! Essentially, you dig a hole in the ground, line it with rubber membrane and cover it with a stack of rocks! Voila!

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