9 Inspiring Garden Décor Ideas

Updated: Jul. 14, 2023

Garden design goes beyond the plants. Try some of these garden décor ideas for an original outdoor space.

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Backyard Art Gettyimages 1143351947
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Statement Outdoor Artwork

This backyard patio is part of the garden. Trees, shrubs and potted plants immerse the seating area in nature. The garden décor sticks to a color scheme inspired by the gorgeous floral art piece. The green and blue shades in the décor help to tie the garden and outdoor seating area together into one cohesive space.

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seat in flower garden
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Prioritize Seating

If you’re going to spend the summer working in the garden, it’s important to have a way to enjoy it. Prioritizing seating in your garden décor is one way. It could be a swing, hammock or outdoor dining area, just as long as there’s somewhere to lounge and enjoy the garden view.

The wooden garden swing pictured here is perfect to sit and enjoy the blooming summer flowers. An outdoor cushion would add comfort and color.

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Archway Gettyimages 561128897
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Classic Garden Arch or Arbor

Is there a more timeless garden décor idea? Garden arches and arbors are easy ways to create a focal point in the garden. They’re a favorite for climbing plants like honeysuckle, climbing roses and hops.

Some garden arbors are placed over a path or entryway, as shown here, while others may incorporate seating or planters. They can be made of wood, vinyl or metal.

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Bird Bath Gettyimages 458150207
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Garden Décor Ideas to Attract Wildlife

Many popular garden décor ideas attract wildlife. Birdbaths, bird feeders and bug hotels are a few examples. Many are quite decorative.

The birdbath in this garden features floral details and a weathered, antique finish. You can find a similar floral birdbath. If your garden has a more modern style, metal birdbaths are another good choice.

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Reindeer Gold Hose Holder Ecomm Via Gardenglory.com
via gardenglory.com

Luxury Hose Reel

A garden hose is essential for any grower, but most hose reels are eyesores. That’s why Garden Glory created these luxury hose reels. Silver talons, gold deer antlers and hoses to match turn everyday garden tool into something to admire.

It’s certainly a splurge, but you’ll have the best-dressed hose on the block. Even a traditional green garden hose looks trendy when hung from these modern gold antlers.

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Countryside Tranquility
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Garden Décor Ideas to Please the Senses

Some garden décor ideas add more than visual interest; they can be audible too. Water features and wind chimes add relaxing sounds to a garden already blooming with sights and scents. Small, metal wind chimes like the ones in this garden create a twinkling effect, while larger wooden wind chimes create a deeper sound.

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Old Style Wooden Green Table. Cottage Outdoor Garden Rustic Country Style Decoration.
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Functional Garden Décor Ideas

The best garden décor ideas make gardening easier. Think of a stylish work station or a glass self-watering stake.

This one is totally rustic and perfect for a whimsical garden. It uses a reclaimed desk with worn green paint, decorated with candles and watering cans. This is a great place to fill flower pots or mix fertilizer, and it adds plenty of personality to the garden space. You can also build your own potting bench to really round out the space.

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Flower Pot
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Garden Pedestals for Height and Dimension

Take your garden to new heights — literally — with a pedestal. It’s a timeless piece of garden décor on its own, but it works wonders when combined with a garden container or sculpture.

Planting tall plants is one way to add dimension to the garden, but pedestals elevate your favorite short plants to show off your proud container design. This natural pedestal lets a gorgeous red geranium sit above the other container plants.

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Gazing Orb Gettyimages 92571265
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Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments are the last and possibly most broad idea on this list. These include things like garden gnomes, ceramic frogs, gazing spheres and even those festive flamingoes.

This garden uses a large gazing sphere on a pedestal. The smooth sphere adds height and texture, and it captures the light for a dazzling, sparkling effect. Some gazing spheres are meant for pedestals like this. Others use minimalist metal stands or rest directly on the ground. You can even find gazing spheres with built-in lights!