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8 Standout Garden Ornaments to Add a Special Touch to Your Lawn

Lawn and garden ornaments are a quick and easy way to add a pop of character to your property.

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The Spirit Of Nottingham Woods TreeVIA MERCHANT

The Spirit of Nottingham Woods Greenman Tree Sculpture

If you prefer your garden ornaments a bit more whimsical or fantastical, this brooding tree face is a subtle way to add some personality and character to your yard. We personally appreciate the fact that this option accents an existing part of your yard instead of adding extra clutter, which is ideal for those short on lawn space.

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Outdoor Birdbath FountainVIA MERCHANT

August Grove Fountain Bird Bath

If you’re looking for a continuous water feature to add the quaint, peaceful sound of trickling water to your yard, consider this ceramic bird bath. The two-toned glazed finish gives it a hand-crafted, high-end look, and the dual basins provide plenty of room for your feathered friends to wash up. It’s not cheap, but the high-quality look and automatic operation could be worth the investment for those who want an alternative to cheap or tacky garden ornaments.

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Beware Of Cat Italian Wall SculpturesVIA MERCHANT

Beware of Cat Italian Wall Sculpture

If you’re a cat lover, you know better than to cross your furry best friend. Let the world know your feline companion is a force to be reckoned with, thanks to this cat warning garden wall sculpture. Inspired by antique Italian stone plaques, this version is cast in quality designer resin for durability.

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Preening Crane 2 Piece Garden Statue Set VIA MERCHANT

Rosecliff Heights Amersfoort Preening Crane Set

This pair of metal cranes would be a seamless accent to a coastal or tropical property, complete with a cyan and gold finish that shimmers in the sunlight. Each crane has a different neck posture and facial expression, and their height creates a striking silhouette. U-shaped stakes for each crane ensure the display won’t lean or fall over, making these garden ornaments practical for rainy or stormy climates.

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Nacome Garden Statue FigurineVIA MERCHANT

Nacome Solar Garden Turtle

Day or night, this pleasant little turtle and its illuminated succulents add a pop of color to your lawn or side yard. An integrated solar panel charges the LEDs in six to eight hours—ensuring all-night operation—and unlike some one-sided statues, this one can be oriented any way you like. The resin construction is waterproof, as well, so it should have no issues standing up to the elements.

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Ancient Graffiti Eight StoneVIA MERCHANT

Ancient Graffiti Eight-Stone Balancing Cairn

Stone garden ornaments help to add a natural, organic feel to your open spaces. This balancing cairn is a striking example of that effect. Similar to the man-made cairns found in creek beds and beaches, this eight-stone sculpture gives the appearance of a delicate balancing act. Glue and metal pegs keep the cairn connected, so don’t worry about assembly.

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Ulysses Butterfly On A Rock StatueVIA MERCHANT

Papilio Ulysses Butterfly on Rock Statues

Imagine walking through your garden and spotting a beautiful butterfly, then discovering it’s actually a lawn ornament! This cast-iron butterfly is hand-painted with true-to-life colors that make it seem like it just flew into your garden. Each natural stone is hand-selected and unique, adding to the sculpture’s charm and character.

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Meditating Buddah Garden Statue VIA MERCHANT

Eirena Meditating Buddha Garden Statue

Instead of populating your open space with magical fairies or mischievous trolls, consider adding an air of serenity and peacefulness with this meditating buddha statue. Its closed eyes and seated posture encourage you to slow down and join in its quest for enlightenment. This garden sculpture would make a unique gift for anyone who could use a break from the hectic and frantic nature of day-to-day life.

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