10 Backyard Swings Every Family Member Will Enjoy This Season

Updated: May 02, 2024

Whether for relaxation or fun, a porch or backyard swing creates lasting memories.

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Sofa Swing via merchant

Cushioned Sofa Swing

This sofa-style swing was made for relaxation with its soft cushions, slightly curved arms and mission-style pickets. This porch swing holds up to 600 pounds, allowing you to snuggle up with your favorite person.

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Cozy Swing via merchant

Wicker Cozy Swing

Perch yourself in a cozy wicker swing chair that will change the way you relax. Featuring a playful, yet elegant, basket shape, this charming accessory not only gives your patio or living room a refreshing transitional look, but also offers incredible comfort with its foam-filled cushions.

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Tire Swing via merchant

Tire Swing

This tire swing, which supports up to 150 pounds, makes a fantastic addition to any house with kids. As the name suggests, it’s made from a tire and plastic, which are durable and reliable. Here are a few tips for making a tire swing.

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Platform Swing via merchant

Platform Swing

Your family will get hours of entertainment out of this platform swing from Royal Oak. The 40-inch by 30-inch platform is weather-resistant and can hold up to 700 pounds. This one is an entertaining backyard swing idea for kids and adults alike!

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Standing Surfboard Swing via merchant

Standing Surfboard Swing

Surf’s up! This standing surfboard-style swing has a curved design that mimics surfing and will propel swingers through the air—no current required. It features adjustable handles so your little surfer can get the hang of the motion.

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Slackline via merchant


A slackline isn’t exactly a swing, but it’s just as much fun. Run it between two trees, and the entire family will have a blast bonding over hours of trying to balance their way across. What’s great about this complete slackline kit by ZenMonkey is that it’s super-easy to take down and set up, and it comes with an overhead hand line to make it easy to learn.

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Glider Swing via merchant

Glider Swing

Multi-child glider swings are ideal for collaborative play time, and this one accommodates up to 150 pounds. Invite friends over to soar on the backyard swing set, knowing the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)-compliant construction and pinch-free swing chains ensure a safe experience. It includes a glider swing seat, swing chains and installation directions.

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Porch Swing via merchant

via merchant

There’s something especially charming about a quintessential porch swing, and this wooden option fits the bill. Designed to hold up to 800 pounds, you can add the cushions or outdoor pillows of your choice to create a little oasis. Here are a few tips to hang a porch swing.

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Rope Swing via merchant

Rope Swing

You don’t need much for a backyard swing. A thick, heavy rope with some large knots on the end can entertain kids of all ages for hours. This thick, twisted rope can also be used for hanging hammocks and swings and other DIY playsets for kids.

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Disc Swing via merchant

Disc Swing

Here’s a variation of the traditional backyard swing which uses a disc for the seat. This cool disc swing uses a disc for the seat, and encourages kids to use their core to build agility, strength, coordination and balance.