12 DIY Backyard Games and Sport Courts

Let the backyard games begin!

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Lawn Dominoes

Take your love of dominoes to the great outdoors by whipping up a super-size set that will get you on your feet in the sweet sunshine. This tutorial shows you everything you need to add this to your repertoire of backyard games.

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Jumbo Puzzle

What’s better than gathering around an intimate table after dinner and playing a game like Jenga? Now, you can make a backyard puzzle with just a few boards and a saw. You may have noticed some restaurants and parks have added an interactive space to their patios and open areas with this game, among others. Now it’s your turn to build the game yourself.

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Giant Connect Four

If you loved Connect Four as a kid, you’re going to love it even more as an adult in XL size! It makes a great game both for the kids, as a family or for those late-night backyard parties. Home Depot has everything you need to DIY.

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Backyard Bowling

Bowling isn’t just meant for a rainy day. Take the game outdoors by building a lane in your backyard! The game is sure to keep the kids in the fresh air too! Here’s some inspiration for building your own private lane.

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Life-size Chess Board

Ready to take your game of chess to the next level? Make it an active event by creating your own life-size chess board that will wow your guests. Just be sure you can beat them! Check out this tutorial.

Here’s how to build a chessboard for your home, too.

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Horseshoes is a classic summer fun game that’s perfect for entertaining guests at a party, or just passing the time with your family. Strike up some friendly competition by installing a court yourself. Here’s a great tutorial to check out that’s fun to look at, too!

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Lawn Yahtzee

Are you up for a game of lawn Yahtzee? Why not! Get the family together to play this exciting game outdoors on the grass. This tutorial shows you how to whip the game in no time. (Or you can buy the dice here.)

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Lawn Scrabble

Wordsmiths rejoice! You can take your love of Scrabble to the backyard and when you play this version of the game, you exercise your body and your brain. Here are the easy peasy instructions. (No time to DIY? You can buy the game here.)

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Ladder Golf

Ladder Golf

Ladder golf is the kind of game that’s fun for all ages. You’ll need a little hand-eye coordination, but pretty much anyone can play. Here’s how to make your own DIY ladder golf game.

If regular golf is more your speed, work on your golf game at home by sectioning off a piece of your yard for a putting green.

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Life-size Fooseball

If you’re planning on having some big parties this summer, or even if you just have a big family, life-size Foosball is almost a must for your backyard games. It’s interactive, entertaining and makes for a lot of laughter! Check out this tutorial to make it yourself.

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Cornhole Set

Cornhole, or bean bag toss, is a fun game that’s great for buddying up with a friend and playing against another duo. And while you can find the game online or at many stores, it’s also really easy to make. In fact, you can likely make a much better one than you can purchase! Here’s how to build a set that will last you for many backyard games to come.

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Lawn Twister

Twister is always fun but you may not want to get your indoor game dirty by using it outside. So, keep your store-bought set indoors and try out this super easy project!

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