13 DIY Projects Your Whole Family Can Do Together

Updated: Apr. 02, 2024

Getting kids involved in DIY projects at an early age will help them gain confidence and skills they will put to good use later in life.

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Create a Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be, which is great for any age DIYer. Find a spot in your yard to add some whimsical fun and see what you can create.

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Try Marble Art

Create some marble art together! Just grab some old nail polish, scrap paper and some toothpicks or craft sticks. For a how-to tutorial, visit the blog PinkStripeySocks. You can also try these 12 perfect projects to do with kids.

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Build a Bookcase

Teach your young DIYer basic woodworking skills by building a bookshelf together. When you’re done, help them paint it in a fun color to match their bedroom. You can make this simple bookcase in a day.

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Construct a Treehouse

Spend some time in the backyard and construct a treehouse. This is a DIY project you can do together and make it as basic or intricate as you’d like. You may even find you can reuse materials you already have. If not, consider these treehouse kits that have everything you’ll need. These treehouses will knock you out.

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Paint Stones

Here’s a DIY project the little ones will love. Collect some stones (the flatter the better) and paint them. Try painting ladybugs, flowers or get creative! Markers would also work for this project. You can then use them to decorate the garden. Add it to the list of these 14 super fun DIY projects for all ages.

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Build a Cornhole Set

Get ready for your next backyard barbecue by building a cornhole game set. The classic game is easy and inexpensive to make. Learn how to build cornhole boards here.

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Make a Bird Feeder or Birdhouse

All the colorful birds will want to hang out in your yard when you hang a bird feeder or birdhouse. These are great DIY projects to do with kids because you can teach them simple woodworking skills, and the project isn’t too large or overwhelming. Here’s a bird feeder you can build in just two hours, or check out these 14 extravagant birdhouses.

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Create a LEGO Table

Give your child a designated space for LEGO building by creating a LEGO table. You may be able to complete this DIY project with materials you already have at home. You’ll be amazed by the creativity after checking out these 10 LEGO tables.

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Build a Jewelry Box

Is your child running out of room to store all their jewelry or vacation trinkets? Try building a DIY jewelry box or organizer together. There are lots of plans available online to choose from. Get kids started in DIY with these simple tips.

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Make Curtains

Get your little DIYer involved in decorating his or her room. Try making a set of curtains together, which will help them learn basic sewing and measuring skills. Then peruse these awesome ideas for window treatments.

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Try String Art

String art is a fun project for all ages. Your child will get familiar with using a hammer and nails and you can get creative in the process. Pros offer their top tips for getting kids working with tools.

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Construct a Toy Box

For a little bigger DIY project you can do together, build a toy storage system. This is a great project since it can grow with your child, whether for storing small toys or sports equipment. This DIY toy storage bin is perfect for families on the go.

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Make a Terrarium

A terrarium is the perfect project for getting your young DIYer interested in gardening. While they don’t require much upkeep, terrariums are fun and easy to build. Here are 12 tips for making a DIY terrarium.