8 Breathtaking DIY Fairy Gardens

Updated: May 25, 2024

These eye-catching fairy gardens will add whimsy and beauty to your home or yard.

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What Is a Fairy Garden?

A whimsical miniature garden that is said to attract fairies. You can create one outside in your yard, or indoors in a container. We spoke to gardening expert Julie Bawden-Davis to learn more.

What are the rules for fairy gardens?

“While there are few hard and fast rules for fairy gardens,” Bawden-Davis says, “there are some guidelines that will lead to eye-catching, captivating miniature gardens.”

  1. Keep the scale consistent: “When choosing plants for fairy gardens, it’s important to consider scale,” Bawden-Davis says. “Use true miniature plants in your fairy garden, rather than small plants that will end up growing large and disrupting the scene and throwing off the scale.”
  2. Less is more: “Be selective in your accessory and plant choice,” says Bawden-Davis. “Avoid putting too much into your fairy garden, because it will look cluttered.”
  3. Consider sun requirements: “Make sure that the plants you are using in the fairy garden are either for full-sun or shade,” Bawden-Davis says. “Trying to mix plant types will lead to failure.”
  4. Have fun: “Creating and growing fairy gardens is a process and takes some practice,” Bawden-Davis says. “If you make a mistake, you can always rectify it. Since the fairy garden is small, the mistakes tend to be small ones, as well!”

What are the basic elements of fairy gardens?

The possibilities are endless.

“The basic elements of a fairy garden are miniature plants, fairies and their friends [like dogs, cats and ducks] and accessories,” says Bawden-Davis. “Accessories run the gamut, from tiny watering pails to little rakes and hoes to birdbaths, benches, gazebos and gazing globes.

“If you’ll be planting the fairy garden in a container, you want one that is large enough for the fairy scene you have planned, and the container should always have drainage holes.”

About the Expert

Julie Bawden-Davis is a bestselling journalist, blogger, speaker and novelist. She is founder and publisher of HealthyHouseplants.com and author of the book Fairy Gardening: Creating Your Own Magical Miniature Garden.

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8 Breathtaking Diy Fairy Gardens Double Tier Fairy Garden Courtesy @momster Nessa
courtesy @momster_nessa_/instagram

Double-Tier Fairy Garden

An indoor fairy garden can be enjoyed year-round, and this one from @momster_nessa_ is double the fun. The two-tier serving tray allows for two complementary gardens.

The lower garden features a bridge crossing over a glass stone river, while the upper garden displays an adorable fairy house. The stick-and-string ladder lets you easily access both levels.

Why we like it

Besides the distinctive container, the design isn’t crammed with too many things. “Choose one item, such as a plant, fairy or accessory, and design the garden around that focal point,” says Bawden-Davis.

In this case, the fairy house made of sticks is the main element.

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8 Breathtaking Diy Fairy Gardens Planter Fairy Gardens Courtesy @tami Omalley
courtesy @tami_omalley/instagram

Planter Fairy Gardens

Terra cotta planters make great fairy garden vessels because they contain the miniature objects and can be moved around your outdoor space as needed.

These gardens from @tami_omalley include succulents, tiny river rocks and fairy accessories from the dollar store. The little ponds were made by painting a Mason jar lid blue, then filling it with clear glue to create a water effect. Clever!

Why we like it

The portability.

“Ensure that the pot is located in the correct light exposure for the type of plants,” Bawden-Davis says. “This will change throughout the year, so you will likely need to move the fairy garden depending on the season and as nearby vegetation grows.”

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8 Breathtaking Diy Fairy Gardens Broken Pot Fairy Garden Courtesy @the Butterfly Medium
courtesy @the_butterfly_medium/instagram

Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Don’t throw away that broken planter β€” turn it into a quirky fairy garden instead!

In this example, @the_butterfly_medium used broken pot pieces to create tiny steps leading up to the top of the garden. Mini gravel rocks spill out of the pot, which helps the garden blend in with the rest of the landscaping. At night, tiny solar lights illuminate the garden and make it look even more magical.

Why we like it

Using a broken pot reduces waste. This creative solution transforms something that would normally end up in a landfill into a beautiful feature for your outdoor space.

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8 Breathtaking Diy Fairy Gardens Fairy Garden Village Courtesy @emmapurtan
courtesy @emmapurtan/instagram

Fairy Garden Village

Here’s another container fairy garden from @emmapurtan. Three different-sized pots placed at different levels, as well as accessories surrounding them, turn this little corner into an entire fairy village.

Why we like it

With store-bought accessories, you can create a fairy garden even if you don’t have a green thumb or an interest in crafting. Dollar stores are a great source for affordable elements like houses, fairies, benches and bridges.

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@marlynnarts I hope you enjoy the process of my first miniature build πŸ€— sc: the lovely @Leah Marlene #minatures #wishingwell #faeriegarden #fairygardendiys #diy #miniaturetiktok ♬ Wisher to the Well – Leah Marlene

DIY Wishing Well

Your fairies need a place in their garden to make a wish! Watch as @marlynnarts makes a miniature wishing well by hot-gluing rocks from her yard onto a plastic cup. Two sticks, also from the yard, hold up the popsicle-stick roof.

Little custom details like this will elevate your garden to something distinctive and special.

Why we like it

Creating custom miniatures, like this wishing well, ensures your garden is one-of-a-kind. And using natural resources from your yard, like the rocks shown here, lets your garden feel more organic.

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@kristyncole Replying to @Ciara Greene Bean So, I got a little crazy with it. #fairygarden #fairy #girlsroom #enchantedforest ♬ original sound – Kristyn Cole

Fairy Garden Wall

You’ve never seen a fairy garden like this. Follow along as @kristyncole creates an indoor vertical garden on the wall of her daughter’s room.

First she attaches faux greenery, then the mushroom-shaped shelves to act as fairy house locations. Fairy accessories, moss and, of course, fairy lights complete the project.

Why we like it

It’s the clear theme: mushrooms! “The best fairy gardens are those that are cohesive, and the best way to create cohesion is to showcase a theme,” says Bawden-Davis.

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@itme_chrissy it’s so cuteπŸ„πŸ₯Ή #fairygarden #minigarden #terrarium #cute #fyp ♬ Choking on Flowers – Fox Academy

Terrarium Fairy Garden

A mini fairy garden in a terrarium makes for playful home decor, and the glass vessel is the perfect humid environment for live moss.

In this example, @itme_chrissy shows how to ensure the moss stays healthy by lightly spritzing it with water when planting. It won’t need to be watered again unless it starts to yellow or look dull.

Why we like it

This is the perfect home accessory when you’re looking to add a touch of whimsy to any room in your home.

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@maryinthefairyland Who knew a few DIY skills could lead to something magical? πŸͺ„βœ¨ Check out this fairy door I crafted! And guess what? It found its perfect home nestled in this beautiful tree! πŸšͺ🌳#DIYMagic #FairyDoorInTree #NatureCraftsβ€œ #fairydoor #diyfairydoor ♬ Lo-fi hip hop – NAO-K

DIY Fairy Door

Attach a miniature door to the bottom of a tree to create the illusion a fairy lives inside. Watch as @maryinthefairyland makes a fairy door using a small tree branch and popsicle sticks.

Alternatively, you can purchase a ready-made fairy door. Surround it with moss for a more realistic look, and make a fairy-sized pathway with tiny steppingstones.

Why we like it

It’s subtle, so you might miss it if you’re not paying attention. Consequently, discovering it will delight kids and adults. “A magical fairy garden shows a story unfolding,” Bawden-Davis says.