7 Greenhouses For Your Backyard

Updated: Aug. 01, 2023

A little retreat for the botanist, these greenhouse hideaways will make you and your plants happy.

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Canopia Oasis Greenhouse

This greenhouse hideaway resembles a mini house. It features a heavy-duty, powder-coated and rust-resistant aluminum frame, a galvanized steel base, an integrated gutter system for effective water drainage and collection, and a wide double-hinged door with a lockable door handle. Plus it can be used all year long!

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greenhouse portable
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Portable Walk-In Greenhouse

This greenhouse might not be quite as permanent as others on this list, but don’t let that keep you away. If you’re looking for a convenient and inexpensive way to keep plants in a controlled and covered environment, this greenhouse provides UV protection and is waterproof.

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Chalet Greenhouse

If your idea of a greenhouse hideaway resembles a spacious chalet, then purchase the kit for this 10- x 12-foot greenhouse online. It features vaulted ceilings, has two adjustable roof vents and double swinging doors provide plenty of room for tall growing plants and climbing vines.

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Garden Sunbubble

This instant greenhouse is the ideal nature hideaway on a budget. Made from UV-stabilized PVC and flexible fiberglass rods, the Sunbubble is affordable, quick and easy to assemble. It’s also easy to store away thanks to its patented one-piece folding design. The whole thing fits in a sturdy storage bag!

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Colonial Gable Cottage Greenhouse

This 8×16-ft. greenhouse is a quaint retreat for the garden lover. Crafted from wood, it’s both a beautiful addition to your backyard and 128 square feet of space in which to enjoy your flowers, greenery and favorite fruits and vegetables.

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Greenhouse Add-On

Ever wanted a sunroom and greenhouse all in one? Now’s your chance. This product is an easy way to turn your existing patio into your own sunroom and greenhouse hideaway. It features a UV-protected 100% resin frame in a white finish, two covering types that are virtually unbreakable in even the harshest weather, roof panels crafted of 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate, and a hinged door that makes entrances and exits easy. When you’re feeling a little warm, open the roof vent! Get to know the difference between a sunroom versus screened porch.

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Cedar Storage Shed/Greenhouse

If you want the privacy of a shed with the natural light of a greenhouse, then this greenhouse is for you. Ideal for your backyard hideaway, it features angled window panels made of high-performance thermoplastic that transmits up to 90% of visible light, while filtering out harmful UV light. This makes it possible for your plants to grow and thrive while you enjoy the quaintness of this diminutive but cozy space.