Learn everything about building and maintaining a greenhouse, with tips and ideas on the best plants to grow and nurture.

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8 Best Grow Lights for a Greenhouse

Whether you're setting up a traditional greenhouse or something customized for your specific needs, grow lights may be your key to success.

Guide To Choosing the Best Indoor Greenhouse

Ready to take your gardening game indoors? An indoor greenhouse might be exactly what you need to reach your indoor...

9 DIY Mini Greenhouse Ideas

These creative DIY mini greenhouse ideas keep your plants happy while adding beautiful decor to your indoor or outdoor space.

6 Best Greenhouse Heaters

You've given your plants shelter from the winter by building a greenhouse. Now you need a heater to take away...

8 Best Portable Greenhouses

Harvest plump tomatoes in winter and enjoy beets all summer long. Portable greenhouses create moveable microclimates that stretch the growing...

10 Best Plants To Grow in a Greenhouse

If your growing season is short, try growing these warm-weather plants in your greenhouse.

What Is the Optimal Temperature for a Greenhouse?

A greenhouse extends your garden fun all year long, but what's the right temperature to keep your plants happy?

What Is a Cold Frame Greenhouse?

Gardening pros don't consider a cold frame a greenhouse, but they agree cold frames are highly useful. Learn more and...

Greenhouses & Acreage

The projects and features in our greenhouse and acreage package are a modernized take on living on and with the...

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The Best Cold Frame Greenhouses

Extend the growing season with a cold frame greenhouse. It's more of a box than a house, perfect for protecting...

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How to Build a Greenhouse

Extend your growing season with this greenhouse you can build yourself.

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15 Things to Look for When Buying Land

Owning a piece of land and getting away from it all sounds great, but you have some homework to do...

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10 Best Greenhouse Kits

Purchasing a greenhouse kit is an easy alternative to building one from scratch. From large to small, portable to permanent,...

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9 Types of Greenhouses

In a greenhouse, you can use your green thumb all year. Choose the type of greenhouse that suits your yard,...

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How to Build a Simple Gardening Bench

Build this lovely and functional garden bench in half a day. Here's how.

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How to Buy Land: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you're ready to make your dream of owning land a reality, start the journey with this road map.

11 Greenhouse Ideas for Gardening

Ah, spring! If you're getting excited about planting season, here are 11 awesome greenhouse ideas to suit every backyard and...

How to Install an Irrigation System in 11 Easy Steps

Expert advice about irrigation installation from the job site.

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Build a Mini Greenhouse with an Old Window

Give an old window new life by turning it into a mini greenhouse.

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7 Greenhouses For Your Backyard

A little retreat for the botanist, these greenhouse hideaways will make you and your plants happy.