9 DIY Indoor Greenhouses

No outdoor space for growing plants? No problem! Create the perfect environment inside your home with these DIY indoor greenhouse ideas.

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Coffee Table Greenhouse Courtesy @whoputalltheseplantshere Via Instagram
Courtesy @whoputalltheseplantshere/Instagram

Coffee Table Greenhouse

If there’s not much space in your home for a greenhouse, something like this coffee table greenhouse by @whoputalltheseplantshere is a perfect solution. This piece functions as a coffee table, greenhouse and piece of living art — all in one!

She made it by lining the bottom tier of her coffee table (here’s a similar table) with cardboard and plastic to make a watertight tray. Then she added soil and plants. It’s not a traditional closed greenhouse, but the glass top traps in some warmth and humidity to help the plants thrive.

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Picture Frame Greenhouse Courtesy @tsteffes Via Instagram
Courtesy @tsteffes/Instagram

Picture Frame Greenhouse

A mini greenhouse is a good size for two or three plants while doubling as unique decor for a table or bookshelf. This cute tabletop greenhouse by @tsteffes was made with photo frames from the dollar store!

Remove the backs of the frames, leaving only the glass and wood or plastic. Then use a hot glue gun or another heavy-duty adhesive to attach the frames together into a greenhouse shape.

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Repurposed Pastry Display Greenhouse Courtesy @tinygreenuniverse Via Instagram
Courtesy @tinygreenuniverse/Instagram

Repurposed Pastry Display Greenhouse

This greenhouse by @tinygreenuniverse was once a pastry display case, proving that almost any clear container can be turned into a greenhouse by adding some grow lights. Of course, not many people own a pastry case. But consider other plastic or acrylic containers like these storage bins.

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Plant Room Greenhouse Courtesy @unplantparenthood Via Instagram
Courtesy @unplantparenthood/Instagram

Plant Room Greenhouse

Have a spare bedroom? Turn it into an indoor greenhouse! It’s not glass, but with the right setup you can create an ideal warm and humid greenhouse atmosphere for your precious plants.

This room by @unplantparenthood has everything her plants need to thrive, including multiple cabinets and shelves, grow lights and a humidifier. Look for a humidifier with a long run time, at least 12 to 24 hours, so you don’t have to constantly worry about refilling it. Looking for more ideas? Check out our favorite greenhouse shelving ideas.

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Mini Lantern Greenhouse Courtesy @abosmadesign Via Instagram
Courtesy @abosmadesign/Instagram

Mini Lantern Greenhouse

Here’s another miniature greenhouse that couldn’t be easier to DIY. Purchase a glass lantern meant to hold a candle. Even better, get one in need of a makeover at a thrift store.

With this version, @abosmadesign removed the ornate pieces of her wood lantern to make it more streamlined and gave it a fresh coat of paint. Then simply add your plants!

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Ikea Hack Greenhouse Courtesy @themodernmonstera Via Instagram
Courtesy @themodernmonstera/Instagram

IKEA Hack Greenhouse

Many indoor garden enthusiasts use the popular Fabrikor glass-door cabinet from IKEA to create their indoor greenhouse. That’s just what @themodernmonstera did by adding grow lights and a fan to help with air circulation and prevent mold.

The slim cabinet fits nicely, tucked into a corner of your home. It features glass on all four sides, ideal for viewing all your beautiful greenery.

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Jar Greenhouse Ecomm Etsy.com
via merchant

Mason Jar Greenhouse

Use a glass jar to create your own upcycled greenhouse with this distinctive base from Etsy seller @Rex3DStore.

The 3D-printed hexagonal base fits the mouth of a standard Ball Mason jar. It also includes a water reservoir and a lip that collects condensation that cycles back into the reservoir to keep the soil moist.

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Mcombo Portable Outdoor:indoor Polished Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse With Polycarbonate Panels Ecomm Target.com
via merchant

Indoor Polished Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse

This indoor cold frame greenhouse elevates your plants off the ground and includes a storage shelf for holding gardening tools and a watering can. Here are some of our best cold frame greenhouses.

Though it’s a store-bought cold frame greenhouse, you’ll still need some DIY skills for assembly. Plus, the fir wood frame is made to be painted or stained, so you can give the greenhouse a custom look to fit your decor.

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Small Seed Starting Mini Greenhouse Ecomm Etsy.com
via merchant

Mini Windowsill Greenhouse

Start a full organic garden directly on your windowsill! This mini greenhouse kit from Etsy seller @GardenOutsideTheBox includes a high-domed greenhouse that’s small enough to fit on a windowsill, where it will get all the sunshine it needs.

You’ll also receive 12 peat pellets (small soil discs that are great for starting seeds) and kelp meal (organic plant food made from seaweed). Just add water and watch your garden grow! P.S. We also recommend this organic seed starter kit.

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