Go Green with this Organic Seed Starter Kit

Updated: Jun. 07, 2023

Are you dreaming of starting an organic garden, but don't know how to start? A Spade to Fork Organic Seed Starter Kit provides everything you need to grow organic vegetables and herbs.

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There are a lot of ways to start seeds on the market, but not all of them are certified organic. That’s why over 4,000 Amazon customers started gardening with the Spade to Fork Organic Home Garden Seed Starter Kit.

These all-in-one seed starter kits feature certified organic, non-GMO seeds, soil and pots. Everything you need is included to start growing immediately.

With a kit for every taste, you can grow an organic salsa garden, edible flowers, herbs, vegetables, or lettuce and greens. 

Whether you’re a salad lover, a salsa maker or you want affordable organic vegetables, you’ll love the ease of these complete grow kits.

Beginner gardeners will marvel at how simple it is to grow organic vegetables with these all-in-one kits. Experienced gardeners will appreciate having new high-quality organic peat pots, seeds, and peat soil to start the seedlings. 

Growing organic food at home is easy and rewarding, not to mention tasty! A Spade to Fork Organic seed starter kit is perfect for anyone who enjoys fresh food, a fun project with the kids, or fresh herbs growing in the kitchen.

Before you know it, you’ll be growing delicious organic produce like a pro.

What is the Spade to Fork seed starter kit?

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Spade to Fork has created several kits to start garden seeds indoors or in a backyard greenhouse.  Everything in the kit is USDA organic certified.

Each kit includes organic seeds for five different plants, five organic compostable peat pots, and organic potting soil discs to grow the garden of your choice. For instance, the Salsa Garden Kit includes seeds for San Marzano and early cherry tomatoes, plus green onions, cilantro, and jalapeno seeds. 

The kits also contain pre-marked wooden plant markers and extensive directions for sowing, including a planting and care guide for every plant in the kit. Did you know Spade to Fork has an online gardening library and videos with helpful tips and instructions? Not just that, some seed libraries offer community resources to those interested.

Gardeners appreciate Spade to Forks’ friendly customer service and holistic approach to teaching people to become successful gardeners. This farm-family small business is committed to using earth-friendly packaging and providing certified organic products.


  • Certified organic seeds, pots and soil
  • All-in-one kit
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Variety of gardens to choose from
  • Great customer service
  • 30-day return policy
  • Made in USA


  • Some plants will need to be repotted or planted in the ground
  • Basic garden kits do not include fertilizer (But the gift package does)

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How to Use the Spade to Fork Organic Seed Starter Kit

The beauty of the Spade to Fork kits is that they are ready to grow (oops, we mean go). All you need to provide is light, a sunny window or grow light to help them thrive.

It takes just minutes to set up your garden. The organic soil discs included in the kit are compressed. First, they’ll need to be hydrated and fluffed up in order to plant the seed. 

Once your soil is ready, plant the seed, and then place the pot in strong light and watch it grow. 

All-in-one kits are popular because it takes the guesswork out of the process. When everything is included, you can get started without having to find additional supplies. The 26-page enclosed instruction guide makes it easy for inexperienced gardeners to follow and learn how to garden—from seed to harvest. 

Use a saucer under the plants (a yogurt container lid works great) to protect surfaces from moisture. Once the weather cooperates and the plants are strong enough to go outside, the user guide will teach you how to harden plants off to be planted outdoors or repotted if needed.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

Spade to Fork is a Climate-Pledge Friendly company with over 4,000 glowing reviews from Amazon customers on the herb garden alone.

“I have to say as someone who has had varying degrees of disappointment trying to grow things before- I have found their step-by-step detailed instructions for each plant to be extremely helpful. I am learning a lot! Also as you can see I am having a lot of success with growing every plant!” YachtBae goes on to say, “Also, every seed so far has sprouted which I have had issues with before purchasing from other seed vendors. I think their approach to helping you learn how to grow, transplant, and harvest is a holistic approach rather than just sending you seeds.”

Punz is feeling the love, saying, “I hardly ever write reviews, but I just had to after seeing my little jalapeño sprout this morning. I got the salsa version as well as the herb garden plants. They give you simple step-by-step instructions for every step of the way.It even comes with a little instructional video for visual learners (like myself). It’s been almost a month now and my plants are growing like weeds! I can’t recommend this company enough. So excited to start the transfer process!”

“Great Starter Kit,” says Gayle Morell. “Today we took a break from TVs, tablets, laptops, and phones. We spent an hour learning about growing food and starting our own small food garden. We’re starting small with the ingredients to make salsa.”

“Incredible,” says Christine E. Fedor. “Perfect in every way!” 

Where to Buy the Spade to Fork Seed Starter Kit

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Enjoy your choice of edible garden within weeks! Choose from the popular organic Lettuce and Greens Seed Starter Kit or the Salsa Seed Starter kit. The Herb Garden, the Vegetable and Edible Flower Seed Starter kits are also available as a gift package, which also includes organic fertilizer.

Spade to Fork organic garden seed starter kits and gifts are available at Amazon, Walmart and Grove Collaborative.

Supply your family with high-quality food and support a farm family with a certified organic seed starter kit, hand-packed with care, from Oregon.

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