Amazon’s 10 Best Raised Garden Beds to House All Your Plants and Vegetables

Defend your plants from weeds, insects and other pests (and spare your back and knees!) with these Amazon raised garden beds.

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10 Raised Garden Beds On Amazon To Grow Plants And VegetablesVIA MERCHANT

If your garden is plagued by leaf-eating critters or pesky weeds, or you’ve got a small space to cultivate, Amazon raised garden beds might be just the solution. The retailer has an incredible variety of raised gardens and elevated planters in terms of size, materials, features and aesthetics.

Raised garden beds offer gardeners many benefits, including keeping a more orderly garden to deter pests from creeping into the space. It also provides better drainage, which prevents plant roots from sitting in wet soil. We chose the best garden beds based on a combination of features, price and user ratings and reviews. Which one will raise your garden game to the next level?

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King Bird Galvanized Raised Garden Bed
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Two-Pack Galvanized Raised Garden Beds

When it comes to Amazon raised garden beds, we’re sold on the solid construction of these raised garden beds from King Bird. Their extra-deep dimensions are suitable for deep-rooted vegetables, like potatoes or broccoli. They are available in three colors and various sizes, and come with a protective weed guard and a set of gloves.

“These raised beds came in so handy for us,” writes verified purchaser, Dominic. “With the price of wood these days, it’s very simple to slide these together, put the connectors on them, lie the fabric down on the ground and fill them with dirt!”

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Best Choice Products Raised Garden Bed On Wheels
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Raised Garden Bed on Wheels

Take advantage of shifting sunlight with this moveable raised planter with lockable wheels. The elevated 32-inch height is easy on your back, which makes it a wonderful adaptive tool for gardening. If you have a small outdoor area, take advantage of the lower shelf that’s ideal for holding extra tools, gloves and even a watering can.

“At age 74, bending down to a ground-level garden is almost impossible. At 32 inches off the ground, it is easy to tend to your plants. I’m thinking of buying additional planters next year,” writes Louis Richardson in his five-star review. “I’m growing tomatoes, orange carrots, purple carrots, leeks, spinach, beets, peppers and broccoli. The rack underneath is good for storing fertilizers and other gardening tools.”

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Aoodor Raised Garden Bed With Greenhouse
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Raised Garden Bed with Greenhouse

Give your plants extra protection from the elements—and the wildlife—with this small, removable greenhouse raised garden bed. The transparent polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cover lets in all the sun your plants need for Amazon raised garden beds. The roll-up zipper doors add some convenience to this vegetable garden design.

“This came exactly as described and I love it!” writes verified purchaser, Melissa. “I love the top for the protection of the crops! I highly recommend, especially if you have an insect or animal issue! Great little greenhouse!”

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Land Guard Galvanized Raised Garden Bed With Legs
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Galvanized Raised Garden Bed with Legs

We’re sold on the cheerful yellow color of Land Guard’s raised bed, which also comes in green, beige and silver. At 12 inches deep, this galvanized steel bed is sturdy and weather-resistant, and ideal for planting colorful annuals.

Five-star reviewer, Jim, writes, “I purchased two elevated garden beds to plant herbs and vegetables. My yard soil is primarily small gravel and clay and is difficult to work. With the elevated garden beds, I can keep local critters out and manage the soil and plants with ease.”

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Vegepod Self Watering Raised Garden Bed
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Self-Watering Raised Garden Bed

Create your own microclimate with this covered self-watering raised garden bed. The large size provides 20 square feet of growing space, plus 1 foot of soil depth—enough for most vegetables. The mesh cover captures moisture and provides a “self-watering” function, and there’s also a misting tube that can be attached to a garden hose.

“I have had the Vegepod for three years, [and] this is my third season getting ready to grow vegetables,” writes Juan Rivera in his five-star review. “I know folks may have an issue with the price, but if it’s lasting like it is then it’s well worth it. Understand it offers quality material and a watering system with a dome that does a great job protecting the plants. The Vegepod, even with the dome, is able to withstand harsh storms.”

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Fortuno Round Raised Garden Bed
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Round Raised Garden Beds

We like the sort of steampunk look of these round galvanized container beds, which can be set directly on the ground or on a patio with a protective liner. They come in several sizes, but this smaller size (3 feet in diameter) is best for a succulent garden, a seasonal flower garden or berry planting.

“The 12-inch-high round galvanized raised garden bed holds a full load of soil and stands up to the weather,” writes verified purchaser, Marilyn. “The shape holds when full of soil and is very sturdy. I highly recommend this product.”

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Yaheetech Tiered Raised Garden Bed
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Three-Tier Raised Garden Bed

Three cheers for this three-tier wooden planter, which can really transform a dull corner of your yard into a garden feature. The three different-sized boxes are made of rot-resistant fir, and can be stacked to a height of 22 inches or laid side-by-side for a larger Amazon raised garden bed.

“Really good and sturdy planter box!” writes Evie Kantner, a five-star reviewer. “Definitely worth the money I put into it. I’ve had it for about six months now and my plants are thriving. The levels also are very visually appealing!”

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Boldly Growing Cedar Raised Planter Box
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Elevated Cedar Raised Planter Box

Built of rot-resistant yellow cedar, this highly rated raised planter box will be ready for your herbs, flowers or vegetables season after season. It’s suitable for an apartment patio or a backyard, and is a cool starter garden for kids. We’d opt for the largest size, which comes with a bottom shelf.

Verified buyer, Minnie, writes, “Ordered this planter box for my husband’s birthday. He is a chef and loves to grow his own herbs, peppers and tomatoes. We assembled this box in less than 30 minutes—super easy. Everything but the soil and plants came with this box and we LOVE it!”

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Outland Living Vertical Raised Garden Bed
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Five-Tier Raised Garden Bed

When space limitations don’t allow you to spread your garden outward, it’s time to go upward. This Outland Living vertical raised garden bed consists of a metal frame and five sturdy plastic planter boxes. A patio herb garden or starter plants would work perfectly in this garden bed. It’s only 22 inches deep and 25 inches wide, making it a smart landscaping idea for a small backyard.

“I love this vertical garden bed. It’s easy to assemble and easy to move around, allowing me to start herbs in early spring and move them indoors/outdoors depending on the weather,” writes five-star reviewer, Laura H. “It’s sturdy. I move it around a lot and have two big dogs that have run into it and it’s still standing strong!”

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Greenes U Shaped Raised Garden Bed
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U-Shaped Raised Garden Beds

If you need Amazon raised garden beds that keep wildlife from munching on your plants, then it’s time to invest in this fence system, made of sturdy cedar containers and heavy mesh protection. It’s pricey, but so are vegetables at the grocery store! The untreated cedar frame is organic with solid dovetail construction for tool-free frame assembly. Note that you’ll have to add additional mesh on top if you want to keep the deer away.

Five-star reviewer, Walter, writes, “It was hard to find cedar in the amounts we needed to build our own garden boxes, so we looked into pre-fabricated ones like this. What I like about the boxes is that they are so versatile. I wanted larger boxes for larger plants, like zucchini. Overall, we are very happy with our purchase.”

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