10 Raised Bed Garden Ideas

From DIY projects to store-bought kits, use these raised bed garden ideas to take your garden to a new height!

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Copper Raised Garden Bed Courtesy Thekiwihome Instagram
Courtesy @thekiwihome/Instagram

Copper Raised Garden Bed

A copper raised garden bed would be elegant, but copper is prohibitively expensive. Instead, try this trick from @thekiwihome. She purchased a galvanized steel tub, then gave it a makeover with copper spray paint. Now it looks the part without the steep price tag! She also added drainage holes and casters so the bed can be moved as needed.

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Wood Raised Garden Bed Courtesy Tohavetohost Instagram
Courtesy @tohavetohost/Instagram

Wood Raised Garden Bed

A professional woodworker crated these raised beds from @tohavetohost. But you can build a wood raised garden bed yourself. Cedar or redwood work best because both are naturally rot resistant. Or purchase a wood raised garden bed kit to make it even easier—like this cedar VegTrug Planter.

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Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed Courtesy Myfirstbackyard Instagram
Courtesy @myfirstbackyard/Instagram

Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed

Make a raised bed garden like this one from @myfirstbackyard with concrete cinder blocks. Cheap, easy and no digging required — just build it on top of the ground. This is a great choice if you’ve got hard soil you don’t want to dig up. Decorate the blocks with outdoor paint to give your raised garden bed an artistic finish!

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Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Bed Courtesy Metalgardenbeds Instagram
Courtesy @metalgardenbeds/Instagram

Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Bed

Galvanized steel works because it’s resistant to rust and extremely durable. The steel also reflects heat, making your soil the ideal temperature for growing. These garden beds from @metalgardenbeds come with 26-gauge steel walls, corners and all the hardware you need to put them together.

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Wooden Three Tier Self Contained Raised Bed Garden Planter Ecomm Plowhearth.com
via merchant

Tiered Raised Garden Bed

A raised garden on different levels, like this one from Plow & Hearth, lets you separate your plants for visual interest and easy identification. The tiers offer three planting depths to accommodate different root needs. And if your flowers or vegetables have different soil requirements, fill each box with the appropriate type of soil.

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Diy Stacked Stone Raised Garden Bed Fh07apr 476 51 202
Family Handyman

DIY Stacked-Stone Raised Garden Bed

The natural edges of this rough-cut stone raised garden bed gives it an organic look that blends seamlessly into the rest of the yard. This project doesn’t require any special skills, just some muscle to lift the stones. The only specialty tool you’ll need is a diamond blade in your circular saw.

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Diy Corrugated Metal And Wood Raised Garden Bed Fh19mar 592 00 008 Hsp
Family Handyman

DIY Corrugated Metal and Wood Raised Garden Bed

Here’s another raised garden bed you can build yourself with corrugated metal sheets and pressure-treated wood. Keep in mind, filling this planter requires almost a cubic yard of soil. To save money, fill the lower half with another material, like plastic milk jugs (with caps screwed on tight) or plastic buckets placed upside down.

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Nuvue Deluxe Raised Pvc Garden Bed Ecomm Homedepot.com
via merchant

PVC Raised Garden Bed

For a raised garden bed you can put together in minutes, check out this Deluxe Raised PVC Garden Bed. It features an easy snap-in-place assembly system, with no tools required! The high walls (15-1/2-inches), made of durable, maintenance-free UV-resistant polymer plastic, allow for deep-soil gardening.

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Gettyimages 1138524232 Brick Raised Garden Bed
DigiPub/Getty Images

Brick Raised Garden Bed

A raised garden bed or path made from bricks or pavers is sturdy and long-lasting. As the bricks age with time, the material takes on more character, giving your garden space old world charm. The octagon shape makes an eye-catching statement and provides plenty of angles to tend to your plants.

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Gettyimages 175442289 Woven Willow Raised Garden Bed
fotolinchen/Getty Images

Woven Willow Raised Garden Bed

Woven willow garden beds and fences (AKA wattle) transform your basic garden into an enchanting English one. Aesthetically, the organic material blends seamlessly with the rest of the landscape. And it’s great for your plants because the woven branches insulate the soil and allow good drainage and airflow.

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