With the VegTrug Planter, You Don’t Need a Yard to Grow Fresh Veggies

Updated: Dec. 01, 2023

Stop bending over to tend to your garden! With the VegTrug, your plants sit at waist height to save your back and maximize ground space.

If you’ve always wanted to start a vegetable garden on your patio, terrace or porch, look no further. We found a compact, wall-hugging garden bed ideal for narrow and small spaces. The VegTrug Elevated Planter is a pre-constructed garden bed made for areas with limited growing space, and it doesn’t require a yard to function. Fill the VegTrug Planter with potting mix, grab your vegetable gardening gear, plant your veggies and boom—you’re eating fresh fruits and veggies before you know it!

Even if you have yard space for a garden, raised garden beds are great for posture and for keeping out slugs and other pests. The VegTrug Planter sits about waist height, so no bending or kneeling is required. Plus, VegTrug makes cool accessories like this greenhouse cover and cold-frame greenhouse top. You can also look into some wheelbarrow planter ideas for leveling up your plants game. Keep reading to learn more about this growing solution for small spaces and beginner gardeners, and pretty soon, you’ll have a salad garden of your own.

What is a VegTrug Planter?

Wood Elevated Planter with vegetables growing in a courtyard via merchant

The VegTrug Planter is a V-shaped, raised garden bed designed to allow deep-rooted plants to be grown in the center and plants with shallow roots around the edges. It’s made of 100% cedar wood and is treated with a water-based preservative, which makes it both durable and weatherproof. The planter also comes with plastic feet covers and a pre-formed liner that’s self-draining and designed to bio-degrade over time.

Tired of fussing with weeds and pests? With the VegTrug Planter, you don’t have to! The combination of fresh soil or potting mix and elevation from the ground makes this easy to care for while keeping pests at bay. It’s also great for beginner gardeners to test their hand at growing fresh veggies with minimal effort and for those without a yard.

The VegTrug warms up quickly against a sunny-facing wall so that you can start your growing season a little earlier than usual. You can also move your VegTrug into a garage or backyard greenhouse when the weather gets too cold and keep growing your produce over the winter months.

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How to Use a VegTrug Planter

The VegTrug Elevated Planter requires some simple at-home assembly, but once you have it built and lined with the pre-formed liner, you’re ready to begin. Consider moving the VegTrug where you want it before filling it because it gets cumbersome after it’s filled with soil and water. If you use garden soil instead of potting mix, it will be even heavier.

We recommend using potting mix in the VegTrug because it’s lighter than garden soil, less prone to pests and disease, and easier to work with.

Once you’ve added potting mix, you can start planting your veggies. Those with deep roots, such as tomatoes, onions, peppers and carrots, work well in the center where the VegTrug is deepest. Shallow-rooted plants like herbs, lettuce and strawberries grow well around the edges. The plants around the edges will likely dry out faster than those in the center, which you’ll want to remember when watering.

Water drains from the VegTrug Planter, so you’ll want to place it somewhere water can safely run off without damaging anything.

Where to Buy the VegTrug Elevated Planter

Wood Elevated Planter via merchant

Spring is almost here, meaning it’s time to grow the garden of your dreams! For around $200, you can pick up the VegTrug Elevated Planter at Wayfair or Pottery Barn. If you’re looking for VegTrug accessories, we recommend shopping at Pottery Barn specifically for the best and most comprehensive selection of products.

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