8 Wheelbarrow Planter Ideas

Don't throw away that old, cracked wheelbarrow just yet. Here's inspiration for how to transform it into a beautiful container garden!

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Succulent Wheelbarrow Planter
Courtesy @make_it_liveable/intstagram

Succulent Wheelbarrow Planter

This wheelbarrow planter by @make_it_liveable got a makeover with a fresh coat of white paint. The matching white river rocks and variety of succulents give the planter a stylish look, perfect for a more modern style outdoor space. Bonus points for that fabulous multicolor fence! This whole space shows what creativity and paint can do to update your yard.

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Antique Wheelbarrow Planter
Courtesy @thegreenhouseheathfielduk/instagram

Antique Wheelbarrow Planter

An antique wheelbarrow might not be best for hauling supplies, but it looks great as a planter. This one from @thegreenhouseheathfielduk, built by hand with heavy metal in the 1930s, is full of character.

Fill the container with potted plants, like the daffodils seen here. You can easily switch out the pots for different seasons.

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Wood Wheelbarrow Planter
Courtesy @_ck_interiors/instagram

Wood Wheelbarrow Planter

Here’s another vintage-style wheelbarrow planter from @_ck_interiors, crafted from metal and wood. Before planting, be sure to line the bottom with plastic or landscaping fabric to avoid rotting the wood. Drill a few holes through the lining and the wood to ensure sufficient drainage and healthy roots.

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Tabletop Wheelbarrow Planter
Courtesy @charmingsucculents/instagram

Tabletop Wheelbarrow Planter

How about a miniature wheelbarrow planter for your outdoor or indoor table? This cute little galvanized metal wheelbarrow planter (here’s something similar) from @charmingsucculents is stuffed with gorgeous succulents in varying shapes and textures.

When caring for succulents, remember: Do not overwater! Allow the soil to completely dry before bringing out the watering can.

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Rusty Wheelbarrow Planter
Courtesy @lavender_cottage_living/instagram

Rusty Wheelbarrow Planter

Sometimes an old rusty wheelbarrow looks perfect just the way it is!

When @lavender_cottage_living moved into her cottage, the previous owners left an old wheelbarrow behind. After drilling a few drainage holes, it was ready for flowers! She loves planting it with new varieties for each season. The old rusted look adds rich character to her outdoor space.

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Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden
Courtesy @laurakellydesigns/instagram

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

You can make a whimsical fairy garden with your wheelbarrow, like this from @laurakellydesigns. Fill the wheelbarrow with soil and plant small, delicate plants sized for fairies! Seen here: Irish moss, blue star creeper and creeping thyme.

Then the fun part β€” get creative with gravel pathways, blue stone “rivers” and miniature accessories. Check out her full tutorial here.

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Small Yard Wheelbarrow Planter

A wheelbarrow planter is a great fit for a small yard, like this one from @down_mulberry_lane. It doesn’t take up much space and easily rolls out of the way when needed.

To transform her old wheelbarrow, she filled it with a layer of mulch, then a layer of potting soil. The multicolor flower arrangement includes orange marigolds, purple African daisies and alyssum.

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Pink Wheelbarrow Planter

This wheelbarrow planter by @thehomesteadonoldspring is pretty in pink! After spray-painting the old wheelbarrow pink, she added array of pink and green plants.

Trailing plants like the ones seen here fill out the wheelbarrow and spill over the sides for a nice effect. The wheelbarrow already had a large crack in the bottom, which now works as drainage β€” trash to treasure!

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