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10 Enchanting Fairy Garden Kits

It doesn't matter if you're looking to lure magical fairies or just want to add some fun to your garden, a fairy garden kit can help you create an enchanting spot either outside or indoors. Whether you're just getting started or are already a fairy garden expert, here are 10 enchanting fairy garden kits you just have to see.

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#1 Best-Seller Fairy Garden

A best-seller on Amazon, this six-piece kit is a great start or addition to any fairy garden. We especially love the teapot-shaped house and cobblestone path. Each piece is hand painted and is made of a waterproof and sun resistant resin. “These little fairy sisters are absolutely adorable! I placed them together with a large plant as a decorative addition and they are exactly what I was looking for! They are very well-made, the detail on them is great and they are super cute,” said one buyer.

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Believe in Fairies Fairy Garden Kit

Create your own magical village with this nine-piece fairy garden kit. The hand-painted pieces include two fairies, a cottage with swinging doors, a tea set, a leaf tray, a table and a flower chair and bench. “Beautiful colors and details, right down to fairy cottage swinging doors. I was so impressed with the cute design I kept this gift for myself,” said one buyer.

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Fairy Garden Village Kit

This fairy garden kit is perfect for fairy gardening newbies, as it has 26 pieces, including houses, fairies, gnomes, animals and moss. Buyers on Amazon noted the quality of the pieces. Set up your village and then have fun adding plants and more accessories. Plus: Have you ever heard of solar garden fairy lights? They’re not what you might think. Check out even more amazing fairy garden supplies.

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Fairy Garden Kit With Pets

Give your garden, or a special corner of your home, a magical feel with this sweet fairy garden kit. It includes a fairy house with a stony finish, pine cone roof and a door that opens, two garden fairies and a welcome sign. This kit would be a perfect addition to a current fairy garden or a great starter kit. “The details on the garden house and figures are far better than depicted in the photos online. Tiny flowers and vibrant colors on the house as well as the details on each figure are absolutely charming,” said one buyer. Plus: Check out more creative fairy garden containers.

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Woodland Swing Fairy Garden Kit

This miniature fairy garden will help you, your children or grandchildren believe in magic. The six-piece set can be used inside or outside and makes a great fairy garden starter kit or addition to any existing fairy garden. “I bought these to add to a little fairy garden that I am working on with my granddaughter. Will definitely be ordering from this seller again,” said one buyer. Add a house to this fairy garden kit.

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Fairy Garden Kit with Stream

Bring a water feature to your fairy garden! This kit comes with 28 pieces, including a house, blue sand to create a “stream,” boats, trees and ducks. Buyers noted the versatility of the pieces. “These are so adorable, great quality and perfect for small crafting or decorating,” said one buyer.

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Schoolhouse Fairy Garden Kit

Whether it’s a hobby for your child or a magical decoration for your outdoor space, this fairy garden kit will be a great addition to your collection. It includes two fairies, their home, a bench and a bunny. “Amazing little house for your garden, my girls are absolutely in love with it,” said one buyer.

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Complete Mini Fairy Garden Kit

This kit includes everything you need to start a fairy garden, including a container with four faux trees and 30 pieces for your enchanting garden. Use the box to plant succulents or herbs, right alongside your fairy garden. “All the pieces are lovely and well done. I have several fairy gardens and I will add these to the others and use this great box on my desk. Of course, this would make a perfect fairy garden as is, especially for a child’s room,” said one buyer.

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Swing & Squirrel Fairy Garden Kit

This kit would make a great addition to any fairy garden, as it includes two fairies, a swing, furry friend and mushrooms. Fun for young and old, this fairy garden kit would make a great gift as many buyers noted. “This set was adorable and the painting was wonderful. The little fairies faces are beautiful and I loved the colors,” noted one buyer.

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Beachy Fairy Garden Kit

Give your fairy garden a laid-back, vacation vibe with this seven piece kit featuring a pineapple house (where the fairies are applying their sunscreen!), palm tree, surfboard with sign and lounge chair. It may make you want to relax right alongside your garden. “This is as cute as the picture. Exactly what I was looking for,” said one buyer.

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