You Can Grow the Perfect Indoor Vines with This Super Easy Hack

Updated: Jul. 21, 2023

You're one step closer to your dream jungle apartment.

It’s no secret that millennials and zoomers are obsessed with houseplants. Whether they’re nurturing near-invincible snake plants or low-light-friendly air plants, young people are increasingly embracing the plant-parent lifestyle. And one of the trends they are constantly seeking to perfect is growing Insta-famous vines to artfully drape around their apartments. These vines can add texture, color and playfulness to any space, but can require lots of attention.

Fortunately for plant obsessives, TikTok user Jackson Eather (@jacksoneather) has a brilliant hack for getting “that Jumanji vibe” indoors. It’s simple, fast and oh-so-satisfying, leading to over 332k likes on Eather’s video so far. Check it out for yourself below.

@jacksoneather @bradcanning look at what you’ve made me do! #planttok #sweetpotato #jumanji ♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

What You Need to Grow Sweet Potato Vines

All you need to grow sweet potato vines in your home is a large Mason jar or another glass container, some water, and a sweet potato. For best results, make sure your sweet potato is shaped and sized so that it can comfortably sit in the glass of water without wiggling around too much.

How to Grow Sweet Potato Vines

Follow these extremely simple steps below to grow sweet potato vines:

  • Fill up your jar with water and place the sweet potato inside so that it is stable and about halfway submerged.
  • Set the jar in a sunny place and watch your vines sprout!

According to Eather, the vines can grow many meters tall within two months. Just make sure your spuds are always halfway submerged in fresh water and drape the vines to your liking.

How to Propagate Sweet Potato Vines

Now for the fun part! Once your sweet potato vines are tall and hearty, you can propagate them to keep expanding the jungle throughout your apartment. Simply cut off a stem at its base, and place it in its own jar of water. Alternatively, you can plant it in a little potting soil and water regularly. Soon, your entire apartment will look like a chic, habitable rainforest.