9 Inspirational Vertical Garden Ideas for Your Home

Updated: Aug. 08, 2023

Do you have a small yard or balcony? Look up! Vertical gardens can grow all your favorite plants and vegetables without taking up space.

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Self Watering Vertical Garden Courtesy @watex.greenliving Via Instagram
Courtesy @watex.greenliving/Instagram

Self-Watering Vertical Garden

Create your own self-watering familyhandyman.com/project/diy-vertical-garden/ like this modern succulent garden from @watex.greenliving with its Expandable Green Wall system. The kit includes wall panels with interchangeable plant pots. Pipes run behind the panels for a clean look, delivering water to drippers positioned at each pot for healthy maintenance-free plants.

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Pallet Vertical Garden Courtesy @mac.home.project Via Instagram
Courtesy @mac.home.project/Instagram

Pallet Vertical Garden

All you need is an old wood pallet to recreate this simple vertical garden by @mac.home.project. Remove a few boards to create space for the plants, paint it whatever color you choose, then apply a couple of coats of a water-based outdoor sealer to protect it from the elements. Attach the pallet to a wall or fence and add your favorite potted plants.

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Ladder Vertical Garden Courtesy @in Need Of Vitamin Sea Via Instagram
Courtesy @in_need_of_vitamin_sea_/Instagram

Ladder Vertical Garden

Ready for one of the easiest vertical garden ideas? Grab a ladder and a few hanging pots like these — instant vertical garden!

That’s what @in_need_of_vitamin_sea_ did with an old ladder she wasn’t using, filling this blank wall in her yard with color and charm. Plus, the ladder is easy to move as needed. The hanging pots let you rearrange the plants as they grow.

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Affordable Vertical Garden Courtesy @kalakleindesigns Via Instagram
Courtesy @kalakleindesigns/Instagram

Affordable Vertical Garden

Here’s another one of our favorite vertical garden ideas. This garden is made from pallet wood. @kalakleindesigns loves gardening and says her husband built this as a surprise. He took an old pallet and cut away sections to create the alternating layout. Then he added other wood boards for the bottoms of the planter boxes.

Flowers and herbs now fill the space. If you look closely, you’ll see a metal “Don’t Die” sign that urges the plants to thrive! Here’s a similar option.

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Indoor Vertical Garden Courtesy @meginwonderlnd Via Instagram
Courtesy @meginwonderlnd/Instagram

Indoor Vertical Garden

Here’s how @meginwonderlnd created this gorgeous indoor vertical garden:

“I really wanted to create a relaxing environment in our living room so when you lay on the couch it’s almost like you are relaxing under a canopy of plants in a jungle.

“This plant wall was super easy to achieve. I just found what plants work well with the amount of natural light that we get in this room and just started filling up the space [with wall planters]. I used little nails to help guide the trailing plants to fill the gaps.”

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Terrace Vertical Garden Courtesy @viridverticalgardens Via Instagram
Courtesy @viridverticalgardens/Instagram

Terrace Vertical Garden

Dream big and fill your whole balcony with vertical gardens like this one by @viridverticalgardens. These living walls bring color and texture to the space while offering privacy, blocking unwanted views and protecting against sound and heat.

The automated Virid Vertical Garden System is built to last, with aluminum powder-coated honeycomb panels and recycled plastic hanging pots.

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Stairwell Vertical Garden Courtesy @normanleigh Via Instagram
Courtesy @normanleigh/Instagram

Stairwell Vertical Garden

A moss wall like this one, created and installed by @normanleigh, features preserved moss. Though not technically alive, preserved moss is specially treated to maintain its healthy green color.

A moss wall doesn’t require water or light. That makes it a perfect option for those low-light or hard to reach areas in your home.

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Diy Vertical Garden Courtesy @stacybeamfineart Via Instagram
Courtesy @stacybeamfineart/Instagram

DIY Vertical Garden

To build this vertical garden, @stacybeamfineart took scrap wood he had on hand and attached paint can liners to create the plant pots. A large vertical garden like this requires a lot of plants, but he saved money by buying species easy to divide into smaller plants. His recommendations include monkey grass, hanging asparagus, creeping jenny, sedum and purple heart.

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Leaning Vertical Garden Courtesy @carcassonnetownhouse Via Instagram
Courtesy @carcassonnetownhouse/Instagram

Leaning Vertical Garden

This vertical garden of edibles from @carcassonnetownhouse features a ready-made vertical planter that leans against the wall, so there’s no complicated installation required and no damage to your walls or fence. Set up this planter in your outdoor space with easy access to the kitchen, and you’ll always have fresh herbs for your next meal.

Here’s a similar option.