8 Beautiful Outdoor Living Space Design Ideas

Feeling bored with your backyard? Sometimes all you need is some inspiration! Here are eight interesting outdoor living space ideas to consider.

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Mixing Organic Materials Ecomm Courtesy @thegreeneyedgirl Via Instagram
Courtesy @thegreeneyedgirl_/Instagram

Mixing Organic Materials

String lights automatically jazz up just about anything, especially this dreamy little outdoor living space. Plus, everything below them adds to its charm.

The materials @thegreeneyedgirl used — the stone flooring, terra cotta pots and brick pizza oven — add to the organic vibe. One sneaky, yet brilliant, design element: the slatted wall hidden behind the sofa. It’s a great place to hang pots and decor without taking up valuable floor space.

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Making Zones Courtesy @flynnhaus Via Instagram
Courtesy @flynnhaus/Instagram

Making Zones

Mixing furniture and materials can be a challenge. But it’s a lot easier when you thoughtfully divide your outdoor living space into zones based on usage.

@flynnhaus went with different flooring for the conversation and dining areas of their patio. That makes each of them feel like an individual space instead of one large melting pot of furniture. This well-designed backyard also has a rustic built-in retaining wall with lush trailing vines.

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Keeping It Neutral Courtesy @riskinpartners Via Instagram
Courtesy @riskinpartners/Instagram

Keeping It Neutral

This simple outdoor oasis certainly isn’t lacking character. The patterned brick flooring makes the difference, creating a sense of movement that’s interesting and inviting. The landscaping surrounding the patio helps it feel intentional and grand with the subtle slope. Great shot, @jasonrickphoto!

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Small But Mighty Courtesy @ourlondonlistedhome Via Instagram
Courtesy @ourlondonlistedhome/Instagram

Small but Mighty

Sometimes your outdoor living space is no wider than an alley, but that shouldn’t limit your ambitions. @ourlondonlistedhome doesn’t believe in wasted space and their patio reflects that. The light-covered pergola, a small colorful rug and a chiminea transform this nook into a cozy, romantic getaway.

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Double Decker Courtesy @bluebungalowandco Via Instagram
Courtesy @bluebungalowandco/Instagram


@bluebungalowandco‘s two-level backyard maximizes the outdoor living space and adds character. The spacious paver patio offers ample room for the furniture. The string lights that run the length of the yard are an effortless way to make the whole space feel connected.

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High Beams Courtesy @alvarezmorris Via Instagram
Courtesy @alvarezmorris/Instagram

High Beams

Pillars, beams and a stunning fireplace define @alvarezmorris‘ outdoor living space design. Neutral furnishings complement and calm the high contrast black and white. And the matching outdoor light fixtures blend seamlessly with the overhead beams, tying together and elevating the space

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Front Yard Nook Courtesy @witanddelight Via Instagram
Courtesy @witanddelight_/Instagram

Front Yard Nook

@witanddelight’s petite front patio is so simple yet so inviting. Her use of landscaping adds character, but our favorite element is the brick ledge, providing informal seating. It’s also a place for snacks and drinks when entertaining or flower pots and other outdoor decorations so they don’t clutter the floor. Her choice of furniture and string lights make everything cozy and comfortable.

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Diy Decorative Flooring Courtesy @rebekahpoppen Via Instagram
Courtesy @rebekahpoppen/Instagram

DIY Decorative Flooring

We love @rebekahpoppen‘s small but mighty morning coffee spot, outside her back door. She designed it with a vision — in the coming years, the slatted wall will be covered with climbing roses for privacy, fragrance and natural beauty. She stencil-painted the concrete to make a budget-friendly patterned floor.

Zoe Vossen
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