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10 Ways to Use Black and White in Home Decor

A classic combination, black and white can be stunning when featured in your home's decor. Whether you're wanting a bold new look or a small update to your space, here are 10 ways to use black and white in your home.

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Patterned Walls

When it comes to adding black and white to your walls, the options are practically endless. Try a black-and-white wallpaper in a geometric design to create an accent wall, or use it in a small bathroom or home office. This peel-and-stick wallpaper doesn’t require any water or paste and doesn’t leave a sticky residue when it’s time to take it down, either.

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black white gray roomKatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

Work with Gray

Naturally, black and white work well with gray, so think layers. Start with a gray room and add black and white along with various shades of gray. Try a dark gray couch, soft white rug and a black coffee table. Add black-and-white throw pillows and a black footstool. Layers of black, white and gray will create depth in any room.

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black wallKatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

Black Walls

Painting walls black has been a trend for the last few years. If you want to try black paint in your home but still have some reservations about going with such a dark color, try using black on an accent wall. Use white pieces of art and white-framed photos to complement the black. A small bathroom painted black with a white sink and gold fixtures looks classically elegant. In a kitchen, child’s bedroom or playroom, consider using black chalkboard paint on one wall.

Did you know that chalk paint and chalkboard paint are not the same thing?

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On the Floor

Black-and-white floors add a touch of drama to any room. If you’re planning for new flooring, black-and-white tile combinations work well in bathrooms and kitchens. In the living room, try adding a patterned rug in crisp black and white.

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black and white table setting MichellePatrickPhotographyLLC/Getty Images

In the Dining Room

A simple way to use black and white in the dining room is in your table settings. Use black table linens with white dishes. For accessory pieces, stay with the black-and-white theme or try gold pieces or fresh, bright colors, such as yellow or lime.

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Black-and-White Artwork, Accents

An easy way to add black and white to your home decor is to hang black-and-white pieces of artwork. Hang them on a brightly colored wall for a simple and stylish update. Use these black or white vases by Jonathon Adler to hold flowers, or curate a mix of black-and-white pots for plants. Or, hang a dramatic black light fixture with a large white shade.

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Kitchen Backsplash

While white subway tile is a perennial favorite, consider adding a touch of black to your kitchen backsplash. Pair white subway tile with a few pieces of black accent tile for an unexpected look. For a quick update, use these peel-and-stick tile stickers to create a trendy backsplash with ease. The stickers are waterproof, easy to clean and work on any smooth surface without leaving residue or marks after they’re removed.

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black and white table and chairsRelentless_one/Getty Images

Mix-and-Match Furniture

Black and white pairs well with wood and metal, so try using a mix of white-and-black dining chairs around your kitchen table. Or try a white couch coupled with a pair of black chairs around your gold coffee table.

Here are complete DIY how-to instructions for building a beautiful hairpin leg coffee table that’ll fit in with any decor style.

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In the Bedroom

You don’t have to change your walls or your floors to bring black and white to your bedroom decor. Look for crisp, white bed linens with black-and-white throw pillows. Add a black chair or bench to complete the look. A black-and-white child’s bedroom works, too!

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Outdoor Living

Black and white doesn’t have to be just an inside color combo. For outdoor dining, use a black-and-white-checkered tablecloth, string lights with a black cord and black-and-white tabletop lanterns to light up your outside living space. Or simply create a welcoming first impression with a black-and-white rug, black shutters and white planter pots.

Check out this impressive outdoor kitchen pavilion we helped build in Texas:

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