9 DIY Mini Greenhouse Ideas

Updated: Dec. 06, 2022

These creative DIY mini greenhouse ideas keep your plants happy while adding beautiful decor to your indoor or outdoor space.

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Repurposed Windows Mini Greenhouse Courtesy @thecozycottagelife Via Instagram
Courtesy @thecozycottagelife/Instagram

Repurposed Windows Mini Greenhouse

To protect her seedlings from her dogs and local wildlife, @thecozycottagelife created this mini greenhouse with repurposed glass windows.

Here’s how she built it: “I found four old windows on the side of the road. My husband screwed the windows together using L-brackets. He created a hinged door on one side and attached an old door knob. Then to make the gabled roof frame, he used 2×2 lumber and attached the decorative metal corbels at the eaves.”

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Curio Cabinet Mini Greenhouse Courtesy @goldengateroots Via Instagram
Courtesy @goldengateroots/Instagram

Curio Cabinet Mini Greenhouse

Like many DIY projects, this mini greenhouse by @goldengateroots started with a lucky find on Facebook Marketplace. To convert the old curio cabinet into a greenhouse, she gave the entire thing a thorough cleaning, then added grow lights to each shelf.

For optimal growing conditions, she suggests putting the lights on different schedules with quality outlet timers to meet each plant’s light needs.

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Mini Greenhouse Upgrade Courtesy @num Ber79 Via Instagram
Courtesy @num_ber79/Instagram

Mini Greenhouse Upgrade

After buying a store-bought mini greenhouse (here’s a similar model), @num_ber79 decided to give it a glow-up. First she painted the greenhouse with a soft, sage green (Lichen by Farrow & Ball). Then she added charming terra-cotta roof tiles from a stockpile she had on hand.

Now her garden has a beautiful, custom-looking greenhouse, with minimal effort and maximum impact.

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Mini Greenhouse Lantern Courtesy @krisreneeauthor Via Instagram
Courtesy @krisreneeauthor/Instagram

Mini Greenhouse Lantern

A decorative lantern meant for candles makes a great mini greenhouse, as seen here from @krisreneeauthor. The glass keep the micro environment warm and humid, but you could also add a small grow light to further improve the conditions for the plant.

Group several lanterns together for a collection of mini greenhouses that would look great on a windowsill or as a centerpiece.

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Mini Greenhouse Umbrellas Courtesy @vilalujano Via Instagram
Courtesy @vilalujano/Instagram

Mini Greenhouse Umbrellas

Here’s a clever idea from @vilalujano. Impatient to enjoy his flowers, he went ahead and planted his outdoor pots before the temperatures fully warmed up.

To keep the delicate plants safe from cool nighttime temperatures, he inserted these translucent umbrellas. Such a simple solution that results in instant mini greenhouses perfectly fitted for each pot!

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Ikea Hack Mini Greenhouse Courtesy @stephbplants Via Instagram
Courtesy @stephbplants_/Instagram

IKEA Hack Mini Greenhouse

This mini indoor greenhouse from @stephbplants_ is actually the Milsbo glass-door cabinet from IKEA. The cabinet itself keeps plants protected. But if you want serious growing power, convert the cabinet further by adding grow lights and a small fan for air circulation.

Air movement is important in a greenhouse to prevent mold, which can grow quickly in humid, stagnant environments.

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Cold Frame Mini Greenhouse Courtesy @perennialstl Via Instagram
Courtesy @perennialstl/Instagram

Cold Frame Mini Greenhouse

A cold frame is basically another name for a mini greenhouse. It’s a small structure built low to the ground to protect plants. A cold frame usually features an open bottom so you can set it over your plants during the cold months and remove it as temperatures rise.

This cold frame by @perennialstl was built with a repurposed glass window for the lid and salvaged wood for the frame.

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Sweet Pea Diy Mini Lean To Style Greenhouse Building Guide Courtesy Thehillsidemarket Etsy.com
Courtesy TheHillsideMarket/Etsy.com

Lean-To Mini Greenhouse

You can build this cute little lean-to style greenhouse out of corrugated fiberglass and wood with the detailed plans from Etsy seller The Hillside Market.

The digital download includes a material list, project cost and step-by-step guide with measurements and plenty of photos to simplify the process. It’s recommended for moderately experienced DIYers and woodworkers.

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Washing Machine Door Mini Greenhouse Courtesy @dreambird.studio Via Instagram
Courtesy @dreambird.studio/Instagram

Washing Machine Door Mini Greenhouse

This project from @dreambird.studio proves that with a little creativity, you can make a mini greenhouse from almost anything. The glass dome shown here actually came from the door of an old broken washing machine! The heavy glass keeps the environment moist and warm.