7 Unconventional Ideas for Greenhouses

Updated: Jun. 16, 2023

From old buses to recycled windows and pallets, these crafty DIYers thought outside the box when building their repurposed greenhouses.

There are lots of reasons why you might want to build a greenhouse. Maybe you want to eat fresh vegetables you’ve grown yourself that you know are organic. Or maybe you’re looking to start a hobby. And for avid gardeners, a greenhouse can extend harvesting season into late fall or even into winter.

Whatever your reason, there are varying styles and sizes (including mini greenhouses) to consider once you decide to build one. Also, did you know there are portable greenhouses? Not all greenhouses fit under a traditional design.

We’ve highlighted some creative ways people repurposed things into their own greenhouse.


A bus conversion is far from a beginner project, but this Pinterest user set the bar high for fun, unique greenhouse designs. Steps lead up to a large retractable door, and the gutted bus fits dozens of plants. Be sure to read our guide on greenhouse gardening.


This Pinterest user repurposed an IKEA glass cabinet for their greenhouse, but any glass cabinet will work. A cabinet greenhouse can serve as a focal point inside your home, or be stored in a garage, shed patio or other outdoor environment.


Pallet project ideas abound, including this creative DIY by this Pinterest user. The pallets support the base of the greenhouse walls, and PVC pipes with plastic sheeting run along the top and sides.


Recycled windows line the walls of this Pinterest user’s DIY greenhouse. This project took four months to build, according to the user.

Dog Kennel

Rather than throw out an old dog kennel, repurpose it into a mini greenhouse like this Pinterest user. Because of its small size, you’ll need to be selective with the plants you grow.

Phone Booth

People have converted old phone booths into some wild DIYs (like a little free library), and this Pinterest user continued the trend with a DIY greenhouse. The plants are arranged vertically, unlike most greenhouses where they’re stacked side by side.


This Pinterest user connected two headboards to form one mini greenhouse. It took three people to assemble, according to the user.