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12 DIY Flower Towers

Add some color to your patio, garden or deck with a vertical garden. Whether you have a lot of space or just a tiny balcony, here are 12 DIY flower towers to inspire you.

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Tipsy Pots Tower

Create a space birds will love to gather with this tipsy pot flower tower. The lower pots are used for flowers while a small bird bath is at the top. See photos of the project here.

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File Cabinet Tower

Instead of selling that old office file cabinet in your next garage sale, move it out to the patio or garden. Fill the drawers with some potting soil and use them to display your favorite flowers. See how some other DIYers used cabinets for planting here.

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Wire Fence Tower

This flower tower uses rolled wire fencing that is placed in a planter and then wrapped with some fabric to contain the soil. The tower can be adjusted depending on the size of your space. For a video tutorial of the project, click here.

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Metal Plant Tower

If you have a metal plant stand, trellis or shelves, you can try this design from Lemon Slide. Just add some wooden garden boxes to plant herbs or try some cascading flowers, such as petunias.

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Bottle Plant Tower

Bottle towers are a popular option with gardeners and can be used to grow vegetables, herbs or flowers. For inspiration, see photos of a bottle tower at Container Gardening.

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Pallet Plant Tower

Here’s another use for an old wooden pallet: Prop it up against a wall or fence and use it as a flower tower. You’ll need some landscaping fabric or paper, along with some potting soil and a staple gun. For instructions, click here.

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Small Pot Tower

Use some small flower pots and thread them through a wooden dowel or pole with a diameter that fits through the hole in the bottom of the pot. Then use the pots to display your favorite flowers. For instructions and materials, visit A Million Moments.

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Step Ladder Tower

If you have an old step ladder in the garage, try using it to support some cascading flowers. To add even more flowers, you can super glue small pots to the rungs. For inspiration, visit Balcony Garden Web.

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Flower Tower Wall

This flower tower can double as a privacy fence. Attach some old bottles to some wire fencing and then plant flowers or lettuce and herbs in the bottles. Go as high as you want for added privacy. Instructions can be found here.

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Hanging Tower

If you live in an apartment or condo and have limited space to garden, try this hanging flower tower. Use the pots for container gardening and to add some colorful flowers that will attract butterflies. To learn more about the project, click here.

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PVC Tower

Try using some PVC pipe to build a flower tower. This planter is used for growing strawberries, but you can also use the holes to plant some flowers to brighten up your backyard. You can see instructions for the project here.

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Balcony Plant Tower

This flower tower is made to sit on a balcony or patio and mixes flowers with sweet potato vines. Use as many pots as you want stacked on top of each and held in place with a metal rod. For instructions, click here.

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