Top 8 LEGO Tables You’ve Got to See

Parents know the struggle to keep LEGOs contained in one area of the home. Whether you build your own table or purchase one, here are 10 LEGO tables any kid would love.

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LEGO Woodworking Project Table

LEGO Woodworking Project Table

Blogger pwgmyk took on his first woodworking project to help his 7-year-old son get excited about moving to a new home. The lego table has plenty of space for LEGO projects and storage underneath. Photo: Courtesy of Imgur
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LEGO Containment Table
Photo: Brenda Porter-Rockwell

LEGO Containment Table

This DIY lego table posted by Douglas Lumpkin keeps LEGOs contained, in a moat/trough around the middle, so they don't fall on the floor. And try using an old over-sized drawer attached to a table that has been sanded down. Photo: Courtesy of Imgur
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LEGO Activity Center

LEGO Activity Center

Talk about the ultimate LEGO workspace. This activity area featured on Heram Decor not only features lots of space to work, but plenty of built-in storage. So try your hand at building a simple desk to use as a LEGO activity center. Photo: Courtesy of Heram Decor
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LEGO Play Table

This LEGO Play Table from Kidtoys features a double-sided playboard as the tabletop surface so you can convert it to a smooth surface for art projects. Also, this lego table has two convenient storage bins underneath.
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Multi-Purpose LEGO Building Table with Storage

Kids can explore multiple activities and use their imagination with the Multi-Purpose Play Table from Childcraft. The removable base's top allows for plenty of building space, while the raised edges keep pieces from falling off the table. Cubbies underneath provide lots of storage.
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Personalized Homemade LEGO Table

A woodworker on the blog Little Wood Workshop personalized this LEGO table with the child's name in the corner and applied a finish to protect the table from scratches. And there's plenty of room to build and a built-in storage spot to keep LEGOs contained.
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End Table Turned LEGO Table

This DIYer from the blog Through the Eyes of the Mrs. found an old end table at a resale shop and refinished it to create this LEGO activity center. It features a small tabletop for building and a built-in basket for storage.
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Coffee-LEGO Table Duo

This table posted on Brickset Forum works not only as a coffee table in a family room, but also as an activity table for the kids. Cubbies with baskets underneath work great as a storage solution for LEGOs.

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