10 Fun Outdoor Seating Ideas for Your Backyard

Updated: Sep. 29, 2023

Transform your backyard into the perfect relaxing hideaway with these cozy outdoor seating ideas. Now all you need is a fruity drink!

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Versatile Outdoor Lounger Courtesy Home Sweet Morris Home Instagram
courtesy @home_sweet_morris_home/Instagram

Versatile Outdoor Lounger

Sometimes you just need a place to take a seat in your backyard. Other times, you might want to fully stretch out with a book. You can do both with a versatile outdoor lounger (this is similar to the one shown) in this backyard space by @home_sweet_morris_home.

This can be set up in the standard clamshell design (with a retractable sun shade!) or separated into four chairs and a table for guests.

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Modern Furniture Set Courtesy Stephc.style Instagram
courtesy @stephc.style/Instagram

Modern Furniture Set

Whatever your interior design style, it can be translated to your outdoor furniture for a cohesive look between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

This backyard from @stephc.style features a white, streamlined furniture set — great for minimalists. Remember to invest in furniture covers to protect light outdoor cushions like these from rain and sun exposure.

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Platform Outdoor Sofa Courtesy Terrasoldesign.co Instagram
courtesy @terrasoldesign.co/Instagram

Platform Outdoor Sofa

The simple lines of this sofa by @terrasoldesign.co work well in this streamlined outdoor space. This particular sofa was a DIY project, consisting of a wood platform and a thick cushion for the seat. Of course, you can never have too many throw pillows for cozy seating. Here’s a similar platform sofa if you’d rather buy than DIY.

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Built-In Bench

Integrate your backyard seating into the landscape design with a built-in backyard bench. In this outdoor space by @stonelotuslandscapes, they tucked the dark wood bench into a corner and surrounded it with greenery. It feels like you’re sitting in a secret garden.

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Mismatched Outdoor Seating Courtesy Harvey House Austin Instagram
courtesy @harvey_house_austin/Instagram

Mismatched Outdoor Seating

This poolside seating from @harvey_house_austin proves that mismatched outdoor seating can look chic with the right choices. The modern round chairs and the striped bean bag chairs feature playful silhouettes, coordinated for an eclectic yet pulled-together look.

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Fire Pit Seat Wall

If you enjoy lounging around a backyard fire pit, consider a seating wall like this one from @lavender_landscape_design.

Unlike traditional freestanding outdoor furniture, a concrete and tile seat wall offers a permanent solution with little maintenance. The wall reflects heat back toward the fire pit, keeping those seated on the bench nice and toasty. Add a few throw pillows for added comfort.

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Stylish Chairs

Give your outdoor space a big impact by choosing chairs with an unexpected silhouette. These rounded chairs favored by @devintaylordesigns don’t look like typical outdoor furniture and add panache to this seating area. By limiting the seating arrangement to one type of chair, the space looks neat and sophisticated.

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Diy Outdoor Furniture Set Courtesy Paula.fagiani Instagram
courtesy @paula.fagiani/Instagram

DIY Outdoor Furniture Set

This DIY wood outdoor furniture set was a labor of love by @paula.fagiani, with advice from Unite Contractors. The traditional chairs and sofa combined with the hanging hammock chair give the space a welcoming vibe with plenty of room for friends and family. Here’s how to build similar patio chairs with a few power tools and intermediate woodworking skills.

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Outdoor Dining Chairs

Of course, when enjoying your backyard you sometimes want to do more than just sit — you want to dine!

This stunning outdoor dining area from @daighrick.la includes 10 blue chairs for eating al fresco, playing games or chatting with friends around the table. The vibrant blue against the natural wood and greenery demonstrates you should never be afraid of a pop of color in your outdoor spaces.

For an impressive DIY outdoor dining table, check out our Viking table with matching benches.

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Outdoor Daybed Ecomm Lowes.com
via merchant

Outdoor Daybed

Why sit when you can lounge? This outdoor daybed with canopy features a sling seat that comfortably curves to the shape of your body. The curved based, crafted from weather-resistant teak, provides durability. Throw on a few more colorful cushions for a relaxing getaway in your backyard.